Independent Candidate for President 2016:








What happened?

Don’t we care?

   2 8  November 2014..


   America falling apart as the situation in Ferguson, Missouri explodes.

Of all the stupidity as usual, the city government waited until after sunset to announce, Police officer Wilson will not be prosecuted for killing 18year old Michael Brown last August.


Our leaders with plans to destroy America, must be thrilled.

Obama was picked and elected to divide America based on RACE.

There has been constant unrest between White and Black citizens

since his election.

Constant Racial turmoil in America.

This is Divide and Conquer.

I am afraid this will explode all over our nation, as protest groups in city after city are demonstrating.

Will this lead to more looting, burning, and racial anger all over the nation to further destroy us???????

The police are outnumbered and cowards when it comes to really protecting our citizens and property.

Our cops are great at killing kids, with toy guns, adults looking at toy guns in Walmart.


A local grocery store and a McDonald attacked, the grocery store is on fire,

A tire store being looted, and AutoZone store on fire, a Taco Bell broken into, then a local Personal Property Storage facility is on fire, gun fire in the same community, no apparent out of control fire in other cities, YET.

Where is the ONE fire department, fighting the grocery store fire.

Why do Black citizens destroy personal businesses? Why Why Why.

Then Black citizens expect respect, sorry you lost me.

Do Black citizens commit more crime and then cry,

they are being attacked unfairly!


Who was Michael Brown, an 18years old, 6’2” 300lb young man, who had just robbed a local liquor store, walking down the middle of the street, when office Wilson ordered him to get out of the street, Brown attacked the officer in his police car. Then Brown walked away, turned around to re-attack the officer, that’s when officer Wilson fired enough rounds to stop Brown.

                        Are American police to ignore Black Crime?

The police and news media ignore Black on White crime all the time.

Are we to have out of control Black attack on White citizens and businesses, and sit back defenseless? This will further destroy our nation, while those who want to take over our nation under Communist type rule?

Will we even have another election in 2016? Obama is a Narcissistic Clone, he is not an American citizen, he is a nothing, placed in power to destroy America.


Will we rise up and defend our nation, or just surrender like cowards?

If I had a private business, and anyone broke into my business to loot

my property, I’d kill “anyone and everyone” that entered my store.


I have always believed in equal rights, regardless of color, but unfortunately

I don’t think Racism will never end in America, so where do we go from here? That’s the plan.

Will you surrender to total Military Control all over our nation? WHY?


Our leaders for the last 170 years have never surrendered to equality.

Governments work slowly so you will accept surrender, if you are unarmed.

       Study the “Fall of Rome”, and you will see history being repeated.



       His majesty Obama tells Congress, he’ll make all the laws

   from now on, since he changed our Republic to a Monarchy.

It’s a shame what happened to the Male electorate in our nation,

                          they no longer have a Backbone.

Obama loves you, he authorized 3415 new Regulations for 2015.

Many of them I’m told related to controlling Carbon pollution.

Shame on you for driving that car when you could walk.

Remember Obama flies the skies of America at our expense.

                    What a SCAM. This is TREASON.

Remember: Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE.


Obama has been retiring our most knowledgeable military leaders,

   and just retired our Secretary of Defense, Why? To surrender?

             Obama has been screwing us since 20 Jan 2009,

                while Congress and the Senate do nothing.

                                   It’s time to ReVote.


Our leaders finally admit, they believe they can do what ever they

      want. Because: they believe we are stupid, are they right?

          Since the average election only attracts about 30%

          of the registered voters, who don’t even study the

  candidates pledges, it’s just too much trouble to be bothered.

  WHY? I’ll tell you WHY! Every candidate is so full of shit,

       why waste your time: Voting for bullshit assholes.

       Vote for X get shit, Vote for Y get shit. What to do?

  We had better start Electing Patriots to run our nation or quit.

   IF we don’t make drastic changes running our nation in 2016

                      we will have lost this nation FOREVER.

    I’ve been studying our politics since 1936, we are in trouble.


           Nov. 10th American’s celebrated Armistice Day

                 To honor all Americans who fought and

                          the many who gave their lives

                                to end WW I in Europe.

                            The War to end all WARS.

                           To bring: Peace to the world.


Now we call this Veterans Day, to honor the sacrifice all the Americans who served and died to preserve Peace since 1918.

We’ve failed as our Military are still fighting endless wars.


            Our leaders forget our Veterans who need help

                when they return to our nations shores.

       Our Veterans shouldn’t have to depend on Welfare.

               God help us: To protect those who have

              served our nation to preserve peace for us.


Does God still Bless America?

                 All of our Money states: “In God We Trust” does Obama Trust God?

       Our money doesn’t say, Blessed Mohamed, or what ever Muslims worshit.

                 It’s a sad day, when Obama say’s “God no longer exists in America”.

                 When citizens are forbidden to Pray,

                                            what next when our Religious Freedoms are denied!

  When our children are forbidden any Religious items in school, and forbidden

        to pray in school before eating their lunch. Let’s save America NOW.


THE BORDER CRISIS” do illegal alien children attend school with your children? Many of these illegal children are infected with Measles, Tuberculosis, Chagais, and other illnesses.

Does this affect YOU, do you care?    NO AMNESTY, NO Refugee status.

Will illegal immigrants shop in a store near you, for you to become infected?

This is critical. We are being INVADED, DO YOU CARE? I CARE!

Republicans and Democrats have not and will not defend our borders, I WILL.


       (Thank you Google)   EVERYTHING UNDERLINED in this website is a LINK to more information, click and learn, Save our nation, if you love our nation.

         This is formatted for 1024 X 768.  4 X 3 format, Right hand border spacing is wrong if your using a Wide Screen monitor.

         I can’t put all of our problems in 12” of text. So keep reading, learn about the problems of our nation, while we still have a nation.

         I’ve done this using Microsoft Word html, it leaves a lot to be desired. But this is all I can afford, and know how to do this website, please understand.



                Remember the phrase:

“Land of the FREE, Home of the Brave”

Land of the FREE? Home of the Brave?


Not anymore, there are so many laws, that you have broken at least “ONE A DAY”.

Off to jail you go.

Prosecutors love you, that keeps their job, Sending you to jail.

Well, lets stop this crap and restore: America.

    I fear every time I leave my home, that I may be  stopped by police for any reason, and beaten to death. < READ.

    It could be you next time! Equal opportunity America.


When I’ve asked our local MILITARY ATTACK FORCE

         ie/ LA County Sheriff’s for help, they explain:

         They are not here to Defend or Protect ME.


Slowly our local Police departments have been supplied with MILITARY WEAPONS: “case in point” the recent attack on citizens in Ferguson, Missouri, by fully “Militarily equipped” Police. WHY?


I hope the citizens in Ferguson remain calm, if the report on the death of Michael Brown shot by the Police, was legal, and that is not “the justice” the citizens want.


I agree; that the Police in America are killing all citizens without any repercussions over and over.


This must cease, we need to stop the lethal murder of all citizens by our Police. Our Police are out of control.


There are less lethal means to gain control over citizens, IF this is needed for lawful purposes, all to often, the power of the Police is to show citizens,

                   we no longer have rights.


We must get the courts to Restore our Rights,

           and stop the Police Abuse we are all experiencing.

           Let’s retake America with Justice Demanded.


     Every little town in American has been supplied with

                Military Equipment, supposedly to fight:

                             “The WAR on Drugs”.

               (ie. War against American Citizens)

  It’s this simple:

  When you see the Police, do you feel Safe or Scared?


  Study > My Master Menu of America’s problems

          I’m telling you what is wrong in America,

         and WHY you need Me to run your nation.






  have you broken.

     You have no idea how many of These: Someone has decided

                             is needed to control how you live, “or else”!

For instance, did you let the water  run while brushing your teeth,

     shame shame, the Environmental People will deal with you.


    America has 10% of our population in

   prisons, MORE than any other nation in

      the world, WHY? “Secret Prisons

Prison Camps, Detention Centers, no matter

what you name it, our Government is ready

                              for YOU


             2011:   The SenateObama” passed the: “NDAA” for Homeland Security?

                          About midnight 31 Dec 2011, when nothing was stirring, (not even a mouse) except Obama in a black robe, pretending to be a Senator.

Obama says: That even though he signed this bill, he doesn’t intend to detain American Citizens, he doesn’t intend to raise taxes, he doesn’t intend! What?

                          The National Defense Authorization Act.

                       A wrong new law: To Protect America FROM YOU?


  Our entire nation is now classified as “The Battleground area”:

  So to protect the entire nation, this law “now” gives our Government,

“using the Military”

                 Obama says: This is exactly the law he wants, so hide.

      He wants the right to detain ANYONE, citizen or?”


            without any charges


              Without ANY trial


                       for “INDEFINITE” DETENTION,


                         “Martial Law for YOU”

                  “IF” our Government “Obama” believes:

            You are a threat “to the “leaders” in power”.


          IF you disagree with any policy of Obama, YOU are a racist’s.

The leaders of our nation are not DUMB, they are destroying our Freedoms

an inch at a time, will you fight back? They tell us they can get away with this, because you are DUMB. ARE YOU?          ***************************************************************************** 

Congress and the Senate no: Obama passed legislative language to mandate

“Indefinite Military Detention” of anyone” suspected of present or past

  associations with alleged terrorist groups, “with or without evidence” to prove it.

                      Habeas Corpus protection gone.

                      POSSE COMITATUS Protection gone.


Definition of “Terrorist” = ANYONE, who disagrees with our Government.



The Senate did pass this bill 93-7, with some restrictions. 93 Senators are still planning more action, under SB 1867,

to protect our Government from YOU! Good luck, you’ll need it.


Obama says: Great. Just what he wanted!

It’s true; we have Traitors in America; that should be in prison. Where are they? > In “Washington D. C.”


If I’m elected President, after firing many government employees, IRS, BATF, etc, I’m going to investigate the legality of Obama being in our nation, running  our government and prosecute him for misrepresenting himself as an American Citizen, then deport that bastard from our Nation, and cancel every crime he committed against the citizens of our nation. Medical Insurance scam, every little crime that phony has committed cancelled.

                       NO MORE FEDERAL TAX ON ANYTHING.


In 1933: Hitler did “exactly the same thing”, ?to protect? Germans, as the citizens were


     “Their nation was under attack, Citizens Rights must be cancelled, as necessary

to protect German Freedoms”.  HELLO!  Wake up and see the repeat of History.


So IF the Government “thinks” “without any proof” that you may be against anything the Government is doing, you can be DETAINED. For the duration of the war? Or:?

Will they be knocking on my door?


Are you Brave enough to Demand your


Elect ME



            Republicans seem to have won the 2014 elections.


   Now we can sit back, secure that  America will be Restored!


                         WHAT? You believe that shit?


Dream on, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both parties plan on surrendering us to the UN.


Both parties have worked to Destroy this nation since 1908.

President Bush was an example of the destruction of America’s future, by a Republican.


When all of us were in school, we were told we had Freedoms,

and God given Rights.

Now children are taught that the government gives us Rights that can be cancelled if we don’t play ball.

Now those RIGHTS can be denied us.

A case of reality, you can’t drive a car anywhere,

                                      unless the government gives you the RIGHT.


The very, very, very, very RICH have plans to take over

     the entire world, and America is part of their plan.


                 On to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

So don’t celebrate yet, wake up and study politics, before

you are escorted to FEMA camps, under a total dictatorship.


I struggle everyday, hoping somehow I can reach all of you,

to see the danger our nation is facing.


“We the People” must retake control of “OUR NATION

                                                ? the DOW ?



American population: 10% (31.5 Million) very Rich.


Of the other 90%, the Federal Government admits,

50% (150.5 Million) live in poverty, that leaves

40% employed, living the Middle Class? lifestyle.

For how long?

Remember 10% of the 100% is in Prison..


That’s for all Americans?

What percentage of poverty for minority citizens?

I’ll return manufacturing to America, re-open our factories.

Make it in America, (by American citizens) will be my pledge.


                               Read this: “America, What went wrong”?

                This is the book: That finally started my quest to save America.

   I knew I couldn’t put this off any longer; our nation was struggling for survival.

How to end America. Read every page of this book, online.

                  Every day there are more restriction on our Rights,

                            I keep trying to report on all of these,

                       and analyze, what to present to you.



Did  you know, our government leaders spent 16 Trillion Dollars to bail out the banks in the United States,

Great Britton, Germany, and Switzerland since 2008. They’ll expect you to pay this debt. HOW?


               Can “WE” retake this nation, for

                “We the People”,

         “or” have we surrendered all Rights?


Wake up America, we are being destroyed,


       Divided we Fall, United we Stand,

                                        will you Stand with me?


I do a lot of bitching about what’s wrong in our

Nation, But what you’re interested in,

is what will I do IF I’m elected as your President!


What is the job of our Government?

Protect our nation from Invasion

Protect our borders

Protect our right to travel freely in our nation.

Protect us from Imports that compete with America.

Protect us from Evil.

Defend our Constitutional & Bill of Rights

Issue Monies that are legal tender.

Protect citizens rights to own and use property.      *****************************************************************************

Our Government has lost it’s way.

I’ll protect you from an out of control Policing.

That’s all that is needed to Restore America.


What will happen to the economy of China when

we can no longer afford to buy Chinese products?

90% of the products in our stores, are imported.

The RICH don’t buy Made in China.

The Chinese don’t buy, Made in America.


     Don’t get fu/screwed:

     Don’t buy any Norton AntiVirus software, useless, not worth 5 cents.

     DO NOT buy anything from Staples Office Supplies on the internet.

  Staples adds are phony, as soon as you click on BUY, the price changes.

    You’ll have to read this “entire website” to see what’s in it.
     “Where have you heard that before”?
           Well this is not a Nancy Pelosi Obama-care report:
             This is about your entire nation at risk, from Treason.


Did you know that we send Military Reserve members to the Iraq/Afghanistan action because:

They’re only paid 25% of the pay of full time troops. I know some have been resent up to 4 times.

AND did you know, the Reserve members “must pay” for their own FLAK Jacket equipment.

Reserve troops are not worthy to be protected from deadly Gun Fire.


I would have a limit as to how many tours of duty the Reserved can be called back in to action,

over a period of time. I think all troops facing death should be paid full Military War time pay.


How much would they have to pay  you to be there, under fire.

While Congress and Senate are paid $174,000/year for sitting on their asses.

Of course, I know, it’s really dangerous in Washington DC.


Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi returned to So. California for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) treatment, he accidentally didn’t notice the poorly marked U turn on the Freeway, to go North, and found himself at the Mexican Border, he was arrested last March 2014 because he had “legal in America owned guns” in his pickup truck.

He was not allowed to return to the American border.

He said, his war duties were less strain than Mexican Prison.


He was finally released on 31 Oct. 2014 from the Mexican Prison.

                                                 Apparently without his truck or Guns.


No one in our government was concerned that our Marine Veteran was in Prison.

It’s time to close our Mexican border completely.

I would have sent a Battalion of Marines into Mexico to rescue him, no holds barred.

Mexico is not our FRIEND, MEXICO is our ENEMY. Screw MEXICO.


What is the latest Big News? EBOLA, a disease in Africa, causing uncontrolled deaths.

We are sending 1500 of our Military to help the Ebola infected nations of Africa,

what protection will our service persons have from becoming infected?

Or does our Government care?


What bothers me?


Since our own Government paid for the development of the AIDS Virus,

(?to reduce the population of Africa?)

“That backfired” or did it, it came to America by just One Man,

or was it an accident that it came to America, To solve the Gay Problem?

You know how AIDS spread.

There is still no real prevention for the AIDS epidemic, people still die from AIDS.


Did our government invent Ebola? To reduce the population of the AFRICA/world?

Once again we are told there is NO CHANCE this Virus would infect America.


It only took ONE MAN to enter our nation with Ebola to start this epidemic.

Is this the end plan, to reduce the world population to about 500 million.

Do I trust my own Government? “NOT ONE INCH”.

Do you trust our Government?


Think, and think again, is this the plan of our own Government to kill us?

Do you think I’m overreacting?


The more you study the information in this website, the more you will understand,

the destruction of our factory jobs was to destroy the middle class.


The 48+ million citizens surviving on Food Stamps and Welfare.


Our nation is at the cross roads of destruction of our way of life,


I will reverse this plan.


There are professional jobs on, are you a  professional employee?


  When did the systematic plan to destroy America start?

                   In 1913 with the formation of the




   Watch this video ^ and see how we’ve been screwed.


   There is NO LAW that you have to pay INCOME TAXES!


Every penny you pay in personal Income Taxes goes to

 The Federal Reserve Bank, “NOT TO RUN OUR NATION”,

    But to pay “blackmail” to the bankers.


We’re told it’s payment on our “national debt” that we owe the Federal Reserve Bank.

YOU do not have United States money in your pocket, look, it’s Federal Reserve Money.


If the Federal Reserve Bank fails is your money worthless?

I’ll abolish the FRB, IRS, BATF, and all agencies against us.

I’ll put United States of America money in your pocket.


                                        Timeline 1946:

                                  Our government decided:

                     The way to solve the worlds problems:

                   Invent the UNITED NATIONS

                    We built the UN building in NY City,

       We funded the UN billions and billions and billions of US $

           For what? If there are any disagreements between nations,

               the UN would step in and solve these problems!

                        No more Americans going to WAR


           So: Tell me, what has the UN ever done?

                                      Did the UN step in for Korea? NO

                                     Did the UN step in for Vietnam? NO

                                    Did the UN step in for Kuwait? NO

        Has the UN stepped in to stop Russian aggression?  NO

       What has the UN done for the $ Billions we’ve spent?



               Why have we put the lives of our Military in Jeopardy?

                Why do we spend X Trillion Dollars

                                           on Wars that we won’t win?

                            THINK SUCKERS.

             We’ve been had.

       How many of our Military have been killed for “NOTHING”


Now we have a government that attacks us, every day in

our communities, killing unarmed citizens of various ages,

beating an elderly woman on the Los Angeles Freeway.


                             I told you so”, and you didn’t elect me in 2008.    

                              Then you got a second chance, in 2012!

When did America go wrong? 1840” 1872” 1908” 1913” 1918” 1929” 1941” 1948” 2008”?

 It was a great experiment, “Freedom for All”, a nation run: By it’s Citizens!

My ancestors came on the Mayflower in 1620: to find Freedom “from Government”.

Have we forgotten that phrase: With Liberty “and” JUSTICE for all?


I’m knew that if you did not study this website, you would reelect Obuma,

who will continue the destruction of the economy of our nation “as planned”.

 Do you care? I DO!

   Our leaders wanted to know, just how much attention you really pay to whom you elect: Shame!

     Our leaders gave you Obama, just to see how naive you really are, and you fell for it: Shame!

       I have no ulterior reason to run for election, other than to Restore America for YOU, not for me!

        I’m just a simple American guy, who worked 9-5 for 50 years, and now I’m stepping up to bat!

        FOR YOU!    Isn’t that what you want a President to do for America

       .“I love fighting for America, do you? Will you?.


In case you want to peacefully assemble to demonstrate against the government, the newly equipped Police are now ready to arrest YOU.

YOU will submit instantly to any arrogant stupid Police person, or be killed.      WHY?

    Refusal to immediately Surrender to the Police is a

              CRIME. Innocent of any crime or not.


                The new term for Demonstrations:

                All Demonstration’s are now called a:

  Civil Disturbance:

               AND: That’s “against the law”. WHY?

        It disturbs our government leaders:

                 That you Citizens have the nerve to defy them .

          WHY? They want to destroy America, that’s why!



Obama promised he’d Militarily equip America’s

                  Police: To defend “the government”,

                 “From You”, not Defend YOU: WHY?

TO protect Obama’s government “from CITIZENS”.


             Military Veterans let’s join together to

                            “Save our Nation”!

        Our Government already fears our Veterans,

                who know how to fight the “enemy”.



Why did Billionaire George Soros put so much money in

the campaign to convince you to elect Obama in 2008?

      Who is George Soros? Research “George Soros”.


               Who was Obama    Who is Obama?



What about ISIS


Obama says: We have NO plans to stop Russia invading

Ukraine, as Russian President Putin marches into Europe.


Obama says: We have no real plans to stop ISIS in Iraq.


Obama, a day late, a dollar short, agrees to use air power

to attack ISIS locations, so maybe in 30 years ISIS will quit, good luck with that.

Putin says: Russia will defend ISIS.

Muslim President Obama says:

Screw America: “We will not” be at war with Islam.

ISIS is the picture of real ISLAMIST’S/TERRORIST’S.

ISIS brags, America is weak, that we can’t stop ISIS.

It starts with protecting our Border from invaders.

Is ISIS right, are we “to lazy to protect America”?

Have we elected Traitors to protect America?


IF you read all of this website it will preserve your life.


IF we can’t restore America by Re VOTING, then as the Declaration of Independence claims:

We have the Right/Obligation to REVOLT,

                     to retake control of “OUR NATION”.

    Will it take Ballots or Bullets to Restore America?


   1776 ?

OK: 2016 it is time for another REVOLUTION?

“Let’s ReVote”:



    You had no idea how many problems we have; study these:

  1. New World Order: Bilderbergs         26. Military Personnel                                51. Golden Parachutes

  2. Homeland Security ?                          27. Military Income Taxes                         52. Inheritance Taxes

  3. Illegal Aliens Invaders or:?                28. Your Money                                           53. Property Taxes

  4. Anchor Babies                                      29. INFLATION !!!!!!!                                     54. Highway Taxes

  5. Criminals in Mexico                             30. SS Inflation                                            55. Taxes / Pork 2009

  6. Alien Workers                                        31. Social Security  Broke or Fixed          56. Panama Canal

  7. Legal Immigrants                                 32. Supplemental Security Income        57. American Debts

  8. English is our language                     33. Congress/Pay   Rich?  $14,600/mo.    58. Religious Freedom

  9. Health Care FREE? If you pay.         34. Gangs                                                      59. Police Action

10. Protecting America                              35. Graffiti/Gangs                                        60. Court System

11. American Safety                                   36. Political Correct Speech                    61. Jury Pay

12. Eminent Domain                                   37. Post Office My way, or highway       62. Guns 2ndAmend. 87-297

13. Electoral Collegeelects Pres”.       38. Federal Lands                                       63. Criminal Defense

14. Foreign Aid                                            39. Welfare Conditions                              64. Illegal Entry, Police see #65

15. American Jobs                                      40. Married Living                                       65.  Civil Asset Forfeiture scam

16. Foreign Products                                 41. Birth Control                                          66. Drunk Drivers

17. Exports                                                   42. Global Warming, Cap and Trade>     67. Environment

18. Labor Unions                                        43. Medicare Broke                                      68. Racial Relations

19. Education/Schools                              44. GAS $10/gal. or $1.29/gal                    69. Racial Quota’s

20. Student Safety                                      45. Changes in Taxes                                70. Voting Rights

21. Child Health                                           46. Sales Taxes                                            71. NATIONAL I.D. Cards

22. Employment                                          47. Excise Taxes                                          72. Drugs, Legal, Illegal

23. Civil Rights                                            48. Other Taxes                                            73. Container Cargo

24. Bicycles                                                  49. Income Taxes IRS blood suckers    74. Railroads, Electric

25. WAR/Armed Forces                             50. Double Taxes                                        75. National Disasters


                                                                       More subjects of interest

1620 Pilgrim invasion                                9/11 (Building 7?)“INSIDE JOB”   BORDERGATE =CIA Imports Drugs

Aids Invented by us, for Africa.              Habeas Corpus                                          North American Union?

America after 1948                                     Headlines  “Nov. 2012”                           NAFTA AMER-Mexico Super Highway

Homeless Seniors on TV                         History of Muslims                                     Other Candidates

American Truckers                                    History 1776, w/Guns                                OBAMA

2 Tons of Free Money  for Iraq                How to take over a nation                        Republicans or Democrats ?

Border Security a Joke?                          I have an anger problem                          RFID Chip in your arm/National ID?

B. OBAMA Economy? Sucks                  Independent Candidates                         Sedition Act 1797/1918

Change, you want Change?                   Imports STOP                                              Some Solutions

Customs, Border Security                       I’ve had enough, have you?                    Starving Nations

Un-Change, and Restore                         INDIANA                                                        Stars and Stripes

Congress guilty of Murder                       INFOWAR                                                     TENNESSEE National Guard

Children No future jobs                            JUSTICE?                                                    Terrorism in America

FREE SPEECH, is DANGER                   John F. Kennedy Murder                         United Nations

Declaration of Independence                 Liberals                                                         United States SOLD

DISARM? You, then our Military?          Global Warming (Judy Cross)                Veterans Honored

Do We run the Government?                  Money, free money? For whom?           What am I trying to do ?

Do you want a free nation?                     My Biography >>>>>>>>&>>>>>>>>>   Who am I ?

ECONOMY, in the dumps                         My Foreign Policy                                      Who is the Government ?

ENERGY, you can’t afford                       “My Political Aims”                                    *Who shot Reagan, Why?

Executive Orders, for Martial law           “MY PLAN”                                                  Youth of America

First Amendment, NO Free Speech      Their PLAN                                               What is a Hoosier ?

FEAR, and lots of it                                    Political Books. Buy, Read’ LEARN      UNEMPLOYMENT

Foreclosures, still in 2014                        No more Religion allowed?                     Seychelles


PLUS: Video’s Yes! You must watch and learn from these Video’s.

LEARN ABOUT who murdered child Jon Benay Ramsey           


The above items are just a start:

       Keep reading and viewing for more discussion of our problems,

Check these: revealing video clips.



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                 “You won’t believe this”.


                                         Our highways sold. All Freeways, to become PayWays.


                   Explore new revelations daily.

                The Cato Institute revelations.




                                       you will get vaccinated, or jail.

         Ben Stein reports:


Our borders are open to all that wish to destroy America.

Come one, come all.

WHY? Only Obama knows!

Hundreds of Africans are attempting to enter America.


Do you trust your Congressperson to represent you?

Do you trust your Senator person to represent you?

Why not?       Do you think you’re being screwed?


Ladies and Gentlemen, and every child in America

We’ve got a problem, are you ready to fight back?

   We are at WAR, only it’s our Government vs. US

      Do we go down in defeat after 238 years?



*Please take a moment to review my: Opening Statement, to see my original starting information,

  if you want to preserve America. “Be patient” as it loads, so you can see my concerns for YOU.

  I know this is a lot of information, but: Do you care what happens to AMERICA?      

 Additional problems in America: Continue:   Page 2,   Page 3,   Page 4,   Page5




      9/11/01 Report, the Inside Job?




                       I’ve been analyzing facts since 1936. 

                  A lot was going on in America at that time

                               The GREAT Depression:

I hope you listen to me, because: I WAS THERE,  I speak from experience.

Let me guide you, to RESTORE our RIGHTS, TO RESTORE AMERICA.


I’m more aware than you can imagine, because I’ve studied everything happening to America, before “and” since 1936.


I was only 9 years old in 1936.

But I was being trained about our Politics by my step-father.

Why were we hungry, day after day?

Why was there NO food in many house for days?

Why were our neighbors hungry?


We lived in Detroit, MI at that time.


I started watching and studying what had and was happening to America.

I hoped: That some leader, would stop the destruction, and Treason.

I knew what was happening; but that hasn’t stopped.

There is a reason why I know what is going on, as a child:


I had inside training about the “PLANNED failure of America”.

 I was studying the plans of Roosevelt to turn America into a Socialist Nation.

 I analyzed the action of the Federal Reserve Bank that crashed our economy

 in 1929.

 I was analyzing that suddenly “it was a Crime to own GOLD” in America!

 The Constitution said the only legal money was Gold and Silver coins.

 They finally took our Silver coins out of circulation between 1964-1968.

 Now we have Copper/Nickel coins/slugs worth about 2 cents each. WHY?

 When will it be illegal to own Silver? If you buy Silver as a investment to

 protect your future, you pay Sales Tax on the purchase, then when you

 sell your Silver, you must report,

and pay income taxes on the profit you make.


 Do we have RIGHTS? Keep reading.

 I remember watching the cops beating striking Auto Workers, I was there.


 In 1936 I remember the campaign for “Workers Unite”, “In Detroit, MI”.

 Who was telling Workers Unite?

      “The German Bund/Communist Party”.


How do I know this? My step father Truman Neff was of German ancestry.

Truman was a spy for the FBI, as we attended the German Bund meetings in Detroit.

I WAS THERE. I learned:

I went with my stepfather Truman and Walter Reuther to attend these meetings.

We looked like any father and son, attending a political meeting.


Truman and Walter Reuther (also of German ancestry) were Tool and Die Makers, working together, for the Detroit Aluminum and Brass Company in 1938-1940,

Where he assisted Walter with the forming of the

                                           “United Auto Workers Union”.


Walter was proof that ONE citizen can make a difference,

                                                                                   can I make a difference for you?


Americans: “I was there”, I was 12 in 1939 when we lived one block from the factory.

I know what was going on, as workers met in our home, to start the struggle for American Workers Rights. I didn’t realize the total impact of what was going on then. I do now.


I’ve prepared for this day, now it’s time for me to lead our nation to Recovery, not Surrender!


As a child, I was told then, “America had to change”. I said “Bullshit”, my ancestors had

a plan, and it did not include accepting slavery.


In 1936 I said to myself: WELL! “IF I were President!” Meaning: What I’d do.

I’ve been saying that for the last 78 years, because I’ve seen poor President

after President, EACH further destroying our nation.


I never did well in school, because I rebelled at being forced to Submit.

I had the nerve to “ask questions”, and I wanted answers, I was told to sit down and shut up.

“You will learn only the Government’s version of our history, because it’s good for you”.


I was not a good student in school; because (shall we say: I was a smart ass)

“I questioned everything   I was being taught”.

1936-1944. I went to libraries and got other books on history; that told me there were different versions of our history. Hmmm, would my teacher lie to me? Yeah!


The teacher had a book supplied by our Government; that said: This is what you will teach the students in 1936. This somewhat came about; since my stepfather was so involved in what was happening in Detroit, MI, the start of the auto unions, and Roosevelt running for re-election.


It was an active time, and I picked up on what was wrong, what was going on, and I had my own opinions, I often spoke my mind. (I was not appreciated; I was supposed to accept what I was being taught, and keep my mouth shut,  I don’t work that way.

Didn’t win any respect from the teachers either)

We were told it was Herbert Hoovers fault that our nation was failing, NO WAY. I knew better.

I believed in standing up, to demand: MY Rights, and YOUR Rights, to be Heard, and to  Disagree.


When I questioned variations in what I was being taught, I was told other authors were wrong.

My mother had a history book, that I was reading at home, that had a different version of our history, it turned out that this book was written by  A RELATIVE of OUR FAMILY, the author was, Professor Charles Beard, a Quaker Professor in Indiana.

(Requires Adobe Reader to open)

This was our history; before the Federal Reserve banking system took over our nation.

It begins here.

(This file is 22 Mbytes, takes a bit of time to load).

Read Page 124, Progressive/Socialist beginnings.

          Page 126 The development of the Party Machine.

                          The Spoils; have spoiled America.


Now our children are being told:

                          We must stop America and, accept a NEW WORLD way of life.

Ain’t gonna happen, if I’m in charge. I resisted being told to accept “their version”.

I’ve always been independent as hell.

I am listening to our present politicians, and all I’m hearing is a lot of lies, and Bull Shit.


  “Constitution Day” on 17th day of Sept. 1787 some very determined men

   gathered in Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, to sign a very important

   document, the foundation of the laws of our nation.

                      Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights,

No more: Sorry, there are Regulations, you must be controlled, “to make sure you are safe”.

When our Government wants to, they can find you guilty 99.9999% of “something”, all the time.      

We have lost all of our Freedoms, and it is time for someone, to stand up and Restore our Freedoms. Remember: COPS LIE “LEGALLY”, IF YOU LIE, IT’S A CRIME


American’s can only be pushed so far, I hope we can rise up, and retake control of our nation.

 If it means the people rising up to burn down Washington DC so be it. (Figuratively speaking)

 “We must Restore”, not surrender our Constitution, NOW.

  “We the People” MUST retake control of OUR nation.

       Again and again: One nation, under GOD, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.


    You do want to be SAFE don’t you? OUR Government is here to ensure you are SAFE. OR?

      Illegal immigrants do not fight to save our nation, they don’t understand what it took to give us

    this unique nation.


Be careful!

Study this website, and join with me, to bring Justice back to all of us.  If you are out for an evening walk and pause too long in one spot, “guilty of lingering, or loitering”, you must keep moving, and do not take any pictures as you walk, you may be guilty of interfering with someone’s rights to privacy, if they are in your photo. Sorry you can’t take a picture of that nice looking building or house without a permit, and paying a fee.


And sure as hell, don’t take a picture of a cop, “major crime”, cops are protected from prying eyes, they don’t want any proof of what they may be doing “wrong”, “they are allowed to film “you” for evidence”, but not of them. You thought the Police were here “to protect you”?


Wrong pizza breath, they are here to protect themselves, and the Politician’s Government. Not YOU or ME

         *Do you want America turned off, for “New World Government” control?

  Well, that’s what our leaders have planned for you. Does our Government own you?

                                          You see it happening everyday.


Pastor Hernan Castano in Houston has now been told, he must give the Mayor copies of his Sermon’s, and any emails and other church related messages he’d already preached to his congregation members, or face legal actions.


What next, religious leaders must submit the Sermon for approval, before the service, and have spies attending the service that will arrest the religious leaders if they vary what was “Approved” to preach to the members at church services.

Do you want our Government/IRS censoring/controlling our Religious Services?

Of course Muslim services will not have to obey this order.


*Our Government can and do Confiscate anything you have, any time they want,

Martial Law.

Obuma’s Martial Law Coup, for you, coming to your city for YOU, are you ready? SLAVE

                              8 minute video, Alex Jones

Total surrender by you:


Obama invented a new Constitution” (Executive Order to enact Martial Law takeover

of the nation, “even in time of Peace”), just for you, Obama promised:

                                 “He’d: Change America”.

Obuma is a man of his word: If it’s on his teleprompter.

“The end of any Rights”: so “you will conform to HIS plans”, aren’t you lucky, “SLAVE”!

Obama: and our NEW Government so loves SLAVES!


Remember: Obama is only following orders from the Democratic Party Leaders.


Corruption in Washington DC? What do you think? WHAT DO YOU WANT?  SLAVE!

                               I want Justice for you. FREE American Citizen’s:



     The facts add up to TREASON against AMERICA.

   WHY? I keep asking “WHY is this happening to us”?


We the People” MUST retake OUR nation.

   If you want only Welfare, elect a Democrat.

   If you want a One World Government, elect a Republican.

   If you want a “We the People” government, elect ME.


                    I will stand up:

                 “To protect you”,


        I need you standing beside me,

                 to show the world,

          We have not surrendered


The people we elect, do not run the IRS, ATF, CIA, FBI, TSA, DOJ, EPA, NSA, Homeland Security, Social Security, name any Bureau of Government, these are the “hired help”, not beholden to us.

In fact every Government office is against US.

These people have been empowered to overrun our Rights,

                               TO CONTROL US.

Agency after Agency developed originally, to protect our nation, now are destroying our nation.


Obama’s new plan to inoculate every citizen, to protect YOU?

IF you refuse, you will be held in jail until you submit.

It’s just to protect you and all other citizens.

What do they want to inject in to you? None of your business.


       They’re from the government and here to help you?

Scary HUH?


Do you want (Consumer protection)? I list business’ that I believe screw us.

I want to protect we consumers from FRAUD. There are many sites on

the internet that report this, view my list of companies I believe screw us.

My list grows.

Google: “Don’t buy “__________”  insert name of any Brand or product.



Sept 2014: Obama agrees with Mexican President to

protect all Mexican’s in America, legal or illegal.

The state of California, voted to give Free Care to all

Illegal Aliens, but If you don’t pay for Obamacare?

Obama agreed to feed and house, educate, & medicate

all Illegal Aliens for FREE: Why?

American’s Screwed?


  As your President, I’ll serve “YOU

   I won’t take one minute of Vacation, until you can finally afford to go on Vacation.

               I consider being your President a full time job, 24/7/365/for 4years.


        I love what our nation was:

                  A Nation with       

        Opportunities for everyone

          to Advance and Prosper.



    GOD: cancelled by Obama, as Mythical fantasy

  Farm owners Robert/Cynthia Gifford fined for saying NO, to lesbian wedding

Minister sent to jail for preaching: It’s OK to spank your child to teach behavior.


Obama is cleaning up America, he has tossed

 the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Bible in the

 Trash. His new America. A new day in America


American cops kill citizens with no fear of reprisal.


I’ll tell you why, to force citizens into total surrender!


My analysis:



How much Treason will we permit, before we rise up

and retake our nation for Liberty and Justice?

Would it be OK for the Government to decide what church you are allowed to attend? Muslim?

Would it be OK for the Government to decide what your Religious leader could preach?

Would it be OK for the Government to decide what newspapers would be allowed to print?

Would it be OK for the Government to decide what TV, Internet, etc your allowed to use?

Would it be OK for the Government to decide they must protect you by searching your home,

to make sure you don’t have any offensive objects.

Would it be OK for the Government to decide you have no free speech rights because:

Free Speech is Subversive and a Hate Crime.

Would it be OK for the Government to decide you have no need to defend yourself from

the Government? Guns, Knives, any heavy object illegal. All weapons ILLEGAL.

Would it be OK for the Government to demand, you get on your knees in the presence

of any Law Enforcement Officer, for the officers safety?


If Law Enforcement Officers arrested you, you must be guilty, or why did they arrest you.

The Government could save so much money presently wasted on Courts and Judges.  

Our government only wants to ensure your safety. Just follow orders NOW.


IF 50% of Americans live in Poverty.

IF 50 Million Americans depend on Food Stamps to live.

What happens when:

   The government rations: Food Stamps?

   The government rations: Medical Care?

   The government rations: Electricity?

   The government rations: Gasoline?

   The government rations: Food?

   The government rations: Freedom?

   The government rations: Your Rights?

   When our government has you on your knee’s, then what?



   Do YOU trust your leaders in Washington DC?

   IF NOT: What are “YOU” going to do “NOW”?


What will you do if your Electricity bill goes up 400%?

Remember when Gasoline was 29 cents/gal   < 1974

Remember when Gasoline was 89 cents/gal      1984

Remember when Gasoline was $3.89/Gal           2014

    What are YOU going to do when Gasoline is $9.98/Gal?

            What are YOU going to do when Beef is $9.99/lb?

In 2012 I could buy 1lb of Hamburger (72% lean) for $1.49,

that is now $4.00lb.

I searched all the grocery adds in our area, not one offers

a nice Standing Prime Rib Roast for sale. I wonder why?

Maybe that’s in the Home Loan area at the BANK!

You keep believing this can’t happen, it is happening,

                                what are you going to do about this?

Remember when Milk was 70 cent/quart?, what are you

going to do when it’s $5.00/quart? Feed your child Water?

In 1979 Chedder Cheese was 69 cents/pound

Now Chedder Cheese is $4.00/pound.

Don’t tell me this won’t continue, IT WILL


The Printed money I get from Social Security buys less and less.

I get a 3% raise, in 3 years groceries went up 38%.


Citizens are demonstrating, to get a raise in the minimum wage,

BUT in 5 years that raise won’t buy anymore than the current wage buys now.

My Social Security won’t go up 50%, I’ll get a 3% raise,

and starve because food went up another 50%.

How can the elderly survive if prices go up 50% to 100%?

What about parents on Minimum wage, trying to feed kids?

What citizens need are jobs that are worth more pay,

not “Minimum wage jobs”.

Let’s bring production back to America,

and put Americans back to work.


Our nation is being destroyed, WHY? By Whom?

         Our nation has been stolen from us, WHY?

                   For a One World Government!

                                   Let’s Re Vote.

Let’s put America back to work, with American employees.



of the SUPREME COURT. This is “OUR” nation.


IF America fails, the entire world fails, America is the life line to any restoration of the world, or we’ll have dictatorial control of every one, in every nation in the world.


New words in American Dictionary

Global Warming     = TAX

Carbon Pollution    = TAX

Balance of Trade    = TAX

Highway crowding = TAX

Equality of races    = TAX


You name it, someone in our government is planning on

collecting: more TAXES.


Why are members of Congress and the Senate: Millionaires?

Who do they serve,  “you” or Millionaires?


It’s time to clean house. Close and protect our Borders.

Let’s put Americans back to work.


Dec 2008 GMC closed a truck assembly factory in the suburb of Dayton, OH, laid off 800 American workers.


July 2014 a Chinese company has bought that GMC factory to make window glass for automobiles.

They may hire some Americans.

China taking over America? Inch by Inch?

China loves America? Just not American Citizens!

Washington DC leaders love America! Just not US Citizens.


28 August 2014

Palmdale, CA sent a letter to all water users, claiming Water Prices will rise 35% each year for the next 5 years UNLESS users write

before 14 Sept 2014, demanding “NO raise in price”.

In other words, if you didn’t read the fine print at the bottom

of Page 2, and write to complain, your rates are going up.

Our new voting system. IF you don’t say NO, it’s YES.


   Obama is not stupid, he only sounds stupid.

      He has a goal: The destruction of:

              The United States of America.

     Who says: Obama was reelected in 2012?

       I believe his re-election was Fraud.


         What in the hell is going on Americans?

“If” we are not allowed to Demonstrate “Peacefully”.

                              Then what?

    Armed insurrection like Americans did in 1776?

         Our Constitution gives us this “RIGHT”


             America is a Police State:

To Protect & Serve The New World Order

A 2hr video ^ that will chill you to the bone,

         our “NEW AMERICA” “IF” you don’t elect me.

Let this Video spell it out for you, we’re in trouble.

You owe it to yourself to understand the Treason coming “from our government”.


I have lost all respect for every elected Representative

in every elected office in America. Why: TREASON!


I don’t believe there are more than a hand-full of

Representatives, that are honest and Patriots.



Insight: We have the best Congress, money can buy!

  Read all the above quotes, it will change your life ^                     > Will Rogers

Other important quotes.


             The truth is AGENDA 21,

Government plans: Confiscate All private Property.

Government plans: Convert Citizens> To subjects/slaves.

Government plans: Genetically modify our Food.


Don’t worry that Genetically modified food tests show birth defects in test animals, it probably won’t show up

in humans for 2 or 3 generations.

Maybe having 3 arms will come in handy.


Do you worry about the Genetically Modified food now coming to you’re grocery?

Do you want to be able to buy and feed your family, vegetables grown safe for YOU.

Remember Monsanto Grain Fed cattle and fowl.

Cows that will give you Genetically enhanced MILK, for your babies to enjoy!

From Cattle fed Genetically Modified Grain that is:

Thank you Monsanto, we owe you our nation, if not now, we will owe Monsanto soon.

Monsanto, who’s only existence is to modify the foods we eat, world wide, for YOU.

Don’t mind giving birth to children with 3 arms, or half a brain, that’s OK,

thank you Monsanto. Monsanto invented Agent Orange, to kill crops.


I will stop “Monsanto”, I will stop patents on any modified food; I want natural foods

for our safety, and health, for YOU and your children, and you will get it from me.

Many of our elected officials in Washington are on Monsanto’s payroll.


FRAUD? Keep reading, there’s a lot more about MONSANTO.

Our government is concerned about our future, they are stockpiling 3 person

Plastic Caskets to bury us in style. In gross quantities, to save the earth. From us.

It’s all about saving the earth, how can we complain about that?


    Our elected Traitors plan to destroy America.

                        Investigate NUMBERS


The cops wont kill us, Deadly Virus’s will be distributed to spread illnesses to destroy us, clean, simple, low cost.

These Traitors mean to win, and you’ll do what?

Government death plan: FREE Cremation, in mass.

Our government believes in cleanliness, they are stockpiling millions of plastic burial caskets to hid your death, under the ground. Must tidy up the communities.


IF you are tired of this shit, then it’s time to elect me.


The United States is being sold, to The New World Order.

I want to repeat this statement a Thousand times:



Over 48,000 factories closed in America since 2001.

I repeat:

Over 48,000 factories closed in America since 2001.

I repeat:

Over 48,000 factories closed in America since 2001.




Where are those products now made? Not in America!

Why? Where do those unemployed now work?


News item:

The killing of Mr. Foley and Steven Sotloff, news Correspondents beheaded by an ISIS Muslim on camera, shown to America as the beheader brags:       ISIS will be coming to America.

Bragging, they will fly their flag on the White House, as they take over our nation.

Where is our leader (traitor) Obama: Playing Golf.


As your President, what would I do? I’d start bombing Syria and continue up the ass of ISIS to cut their supply line until I drove them into their graves. Kill every ISIS terrorist.  NO Sympathy.

If we can’t co exist with Muslims, then we’ll live without any Muslims.

What a leader we have?

Ask yourself, why was Muslim Obama placed in the White House?



                    HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.


To be our President, a candidate must be a NATURAL BORN CHILD.







   Regardless: Supreme Court Justice Morrison Waite in 1874 Minor. V. Happersett

   Gave a ruling that:

                         Only a Natural born American can be elected President.


   Citizens of America: We have traitors running our nation, it’s time for a revolution.

            Every thing Obama has done, is illegal, he is not our legal President.


Obama birth certificate?” WHY FRAUD?

So far I’ve seen 4 different birth certificates, which one is real?

New revelation:

That Hawaii Birth Certificate is typed with Proportional TYPE, “not available on any Typewriter in 1961”, “only by computers”.



Obama “is not” an American citizen; he was a citizen of Indonesia. Do you care?


Obama “IS NOT” a natural born American citizen?

Obama “IS NOT” a natural born American citizen?

Obama “IS NOT” a natural born American citizen?

Obama “IS NOT” a natural born American citizen?

Obama “IS NOT” a natural born American citizen?


Over and over America v. Obama, and we’d better win!

So regardless of where Obama was born, (birth certificate) (??????) “listen”

Obama “is not” a “Natural Born” American citizen”.

Obama “is not” eligible to be our President, so how & why is he?????

Obama was not even qualified to be a U S Senator, why was he?

Watch and hear him admit it “in PERSON” “He is not an America citizen”.

 Obama is an “ILLEGAL” alien. Obama is a Muslim traitor.

Why is Obama our President, “if he is not an American Citizen”?

The only thing the Media seemed to tell us was “Obama is Black”.

 ANY other questions about Obama’s past, and “You are a Racist

    Some say: It doesn’t matter! Does it? YES it MATTERS!

      4 more years with Obama at the helm, leading our nation to disaster.

       It’s time to stop Obama’s destruction of America, do you care?

      I told you in 2008 that if you didn’t elect ME, you’d be in trouble.

·                                       You didn’t listen: See what a mistake you made electing Obama.

            Are you ready to stop the Obama-nation?

          Wake up: The RepubliCONS and DemocRATS,

       WILL NOT” restore jobs.

      The Government is in your pocket, stealing, $ by $. Enough?

     I’ll return manufacturing jobs to America, I’ll RESTORE America.

   It’s time for “us” to RESTORE FREEDOM for American citizens.

  2016 (or sooner) this is your chance; don’t make the same mistake again.


After my election, I will reinstate

     Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin, who was

     dishonorably discharged from the Military because he challenged the legality

     of Obama’s Presidency right, to send troops in to battle.

    This is travisty of Justice.

I only have one Social Security Number, Obama seems to have many, one obtained in Connecticut, he never lived in Connecticut, Obama has many different numbers,

for one of his SS numbers that person was born in 1890! WHY?

The failure of the Supreme Court to investigate Obama’s birth: is Treason.

  If you are confused by facts, don’t bother reading any further.

    Because there is no hope for you:

      To understand the need to: “Restore America

Keep reading, you’re not there yet!

      Why does the Supreme Court refuse to investigate Obama?

Because; when this nation totally fails, they will tell you:

It was Obama’s fault, you elected a Black man!, “what did you expect”?

Obama is trying hard, but Obama is the fall guy. It is not Obama’s fault.

        : I’m keeping you informed; Changes are taking place every day in America:


   First, lets start right here: Believe me!

    I had a picture from Globe   magazine here, but whoever scammed my website on

  Nov 10 locked it out. Click here to see that picture


LISTEN, as Obama tells you himself:

                     “He WAS NOT BORN in the United States       

    Part 2 Is this real, or an edited lie?                                                                                                                            

 >> We’ve told you so! Now what do we do?              


I remember Obama telling us: He loves his Muslim faith.                               

Muslims are telling us: They will destroy the West.                              

 If the intentions of Obama, are to destroy America! It’s working

We have a Communist in the White House!

This comedy routine is slow to load, patience.

 Everything that Obama has done is Illegal.

   Obama is not RUNNING America; Obama is > RUINING America.

     Impeach Obama NOW


Have you had enough of Obama’s destruction of America?



If I were your current President? I’d explain to the Muslims, that if you kill an American, the next day I’d eliminate a Muslim City completely, I mean, destroy everything, gut the entire community for a radius of about 20 miles. Kill another America, another city, until they catch on,

Don’t screw with America. Try ME: and I’ll eliminate MECCA.

Tell me: Who needs a single Muslim in the world? I don’t.

Now, I believe in Live and let Live, if they don’t, then they won’t live.


This battle has been going on since about 800 AD, time to complete the  task. How many of these assassins have already entered our nation from our open borders. Are they waiting for you as you walk down the street?


There are a lot of problems going on in America and abroad, that

I’m not commenting on every day, but I analyze and think for the solutions I’d use, IF I were your President at the present time.

Until then:

                 WE are in DANGER, and who defends our nation?



                  IF I’m not your next President,



Who runs our Politicians, the Political Party, who are the members of the Parties?

There is not ONE Republican or Democratic candidate that will close our borders.

Let’s face it America: Our nation is in trouble.

If you trust me, I can save us.

I use “Down to earth” language, no sweet talk, but the truth:

Do you want the truth?

Can you stand the truth?


RIGHTS! You don’t have any stinking Rights, (your) the Government claims you

don’t need any “Rights”. This is now a Police State, and you will submit, or ELSE.

When stopped by any COP, tell the COP, “YOU have RIGHTS”. Sure you do!

Remember to tell the Doctor or Undertaker, you had RIGHTS.


Our Local Law Enforcers are now MILITARILY EQUIPPED to demand surrender,

              they are no longer here to Protect and Serve but to demand total subservience,

NO more Bill of Rights crap.

IF you show any disrespect to a COP when you “an innocent civilian” are stopped for

any reason, and display any Contempt for the arrogance of the officer, you are going to jail, or be killed if it so pleases the cop. Our cops have the power of life or death, legally.


The Arrest

29 year-old Miles Kristan was on his way to Wisconsin State Assemblyman Peter Barca’s press conference when he ran into Mr. Barca on the way. Kristan asked him a simple question: Was Barca aware that Robb Kahl -- a state assembly candidate Barca endorsed -- was a Republican who had once shared the stage with controversial Wisconsin governor Scott Walker?

Barca is seen on video ignoring Kristan’s yes-or-no question, then sending a staffer named George Aldrich into the hallway to confront Kristan. The staffer refused to answer Kristan’s question on Barca’s behalf, and closed the door. Moments later, seven Wisconsin State Capitol Police officers arrived on the scene, some of them with their hands on the butt of their guns, and detained Kristan against his will, without telling him why.

Kristan was then arrested and taken to the Dane County Jail and charged with:

Criminal Disorderly Conduct and Harassment”.


This is our new government policy, shut up, ask NO questions, or you go to jail?

WOW! Click on The Arrest to read how the entire action occurred it’s even worse.


The Department of Homeland Security has armed itself with many Billion rounds of ammunition to use to kill many of us, if we resist the armed takeover of our nation. 



Wounded Warriers, Disabled Veterans: begging for money to care for our injured

Service persons WHY?

The Veterans Administration is here to provide care for our injured servicepersons?

Why do our wounded service persons have to beg for donations to aid their lives?

Why do our wounded service persons die, waiting for the Veterans Administrations to

give them an appointment? I told you: All Military personnel will be screwed

one way or another, sooner or later.