Independent Candidate for President 2016:




                ONE NATION, under GOD,







                    30 March 2015



Our coins and paper money contain the phrase:

                                 In God We Trust

Is this now:            In Government We misTrust

We’re being told that Judea/Christianity is based upon Mythology.

We’re being told that Judea/Christianity morality is wrong.

Do our leaders mean, we should only worship Mohammad,

by Government orders, so we worship, as Obama does.

Our elected leaders tell us our religious moral beliefs are stupid.

Since our elected leaders have no morals, we’re in trouble!

The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State

is a Dead One. Will  you Resist or Comply?


What happened to America?

Don’t we care anymore?

Bring pride back to America, let’s ReVote


                Do want to more Poverty, or

      America returned to Prosperty?   


   We must constantly fight to remain



        A new word “Net Neutrality”,

        So the US Government will now

        control the Internet, to censor

        what we are allowed to Post,

                        or READ?

        One more Right LOST


       Government leaders demand

         Submission and Surrender.


         We have elected Traitors,

          who have sold our Nation

           to The New World Order.


  Are you angered enough to stand up

   with ME & FIGHT for your


       Or, wait for SOMEONE ELSE DO IT,

         because you can’t be bothered.


          Are you feeding your children dangerous

      Monsanto Genetically Modified Food?

          Do you even know what is in our food?

          I do.

         Read the labels, look at all the added chemicals, dyes, preservatives, etc!


Did you know our food is being poisoned, by Monsanto. A previous executive of Monsanto is now the head of the FOOD and Drug Administration, other executives and attorneys of Monsanto are running our government.


When citizens have tried to get Warnings on our food, Monsanto pays Millions to fight any restrictions on “your right to know”.


Our food in being poisoned as it is grown, tests of Monsanto grown food  have proven GMO food causes tumors in Test animals in just a few months, how long before it causes tumors in YOU?


Monsanto the inventor of Agent Orange, now uses this to kill weeds on the farms.

Our food has been modified to resist Agent Orange type chemicals, and to kill

bugs that infect food plants when the vegetables are being grown.

If that chemical kills bugs, will it kill you eventually?


Monsanto has been run out of other foreign nations, but not sucker America. WHY? Does our government want us sick and dying? With Obama care what else are they willing to do to us. Is our Government planning on killing us?


In my community NE Los Angeles County, CA our water now contains Fluorides, the same as added to our toothpaste, the same as: We are warned not to swallow this toothpaste as it is poisonous. What other chemicals is our government willing to put in our water to control us? Do you have any idea? Do you trust our Government?


We are warned not to use tap water for our aquariums as it will kill our pet fish.

This is the water supplied to us by our government.


Is this what you want to drink and feed your children?

What are you willing to do to fight this poisoning of Americans?

Does our government want us dead or dying?


Use “Ctrl F” to search for the word Monsanto, in this webpage for more information.



The Sky is falling, the Sky is falling, the Sky IS Falling.

OK, so you are willing to believe all the rest of the shit Al Gore claims,

so you might as well believe The Sky is falling too.

Wake up and realize this is a plot to turn off the use of energy in America,

to ready us for the takeover of the New World Agenda.

To excessively tax our use of energy, to turn off America.

It’s time to stand up and save our nation from the Treason

  by the leaders “we elected” who are trying to destroy

     this nation of “We the People”


   As your next President,

    I “President Don”

     Will protect your Rights,

      Will protect our borders from

        Invasion, and Imports.

         American workers

          are no longer needed.

            I want America back to work

              to make: “Made in America


I’ll protect your religious rights to

                 worship as YOU believe.


I promise to protect us from our police.


The courts tell us; If the police make

a mistake, they meant well! So it’s OK.


If you make a mistake, you go to JAIL.

There are 1000 pages of small print in the Penal Code book.

       How many to you Penal Codes do you break every day?


It is time to protect us from Bull Shit.


I’m “Fighting for our Freedoms”,


Will you join my “Fight for Freedoms”?


WE must continually Fight:

                   to remain FREE



             A word of advise: When you stop learning, you stop living



   *Please take a moment to review my: Opening Statement, to see my original starting information,

    if you want to preserve America. “Be patient” as it loads, so you can see my concerns for YOU.

    I know this is a lot of information, but: Do you care what happens to AMERICA?      

   Additional problems in America: Continue:   Page 2,   Page 3,   Page 4,   Page5



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         EVERYTHING UNDERLINED in this website is a LINK to more information, click and learn, Save our nation, if you love our nation.

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         I can’t put all of our problems in 12” of text. So keep reading, learn about the problems of our nation, while we still have a nation.

         I’ve done this using Microsoft Word html, it leaves a lot to be desired. But this is all I can afford, and know how to do this website,  please understand.


Revelation: Folks, it’s not just the DEMOCRATS that are wrong, remember 1986

President Reagan (RepubliCon) gave the Illegal Aliens Amnesty, and did not protect our borders.

President Clinton (DemocRat) did not close or protect our borders.

President’s Bush (RepubliCon) did not close or protect our borders.

President Obama says, We don’t need borders, or to deport Illegal Aliens.


NO ONE has protected our borders, the RepubliCons or DemocRats have worked towards

Globalizing our economy, to end the Sovereignty of our nation.

Obama has opened our borders, offering asylum to our invaders.

Wake up voters, the Republicans are also: NOT the ANSWER.

                                                        So who to elect? ME of course.


  Obama wants Illegal Aliens:

  Equal to American citizens.

  Equal Right to Jobs, needed by American citizens.

  Obama wants to legalize Illegal Immigrants in America.

  Obama wants to help “each” Illegal Alien with $25,000.

  Obama orders 30,000 Hispanic criminals released.


  Now Obama talks about giving Amnesty to about 5 million,

  read (about 40 Million) Undocumented (ILLEGAL) Aliens.


  IN 2006 George Tenet, (retired INS Director) told “ME”,

  the INSanity” believed in “2006” there were over 30 million

  illegal aliens “at that date”, in America.


  It’s now 2015, how many Illegal Aliens are in America?


  That means, it has now been 28 years, so how many

  have invaded America since 1986?

  Congress has admitted that at least 5000 make it into

  America every single day, Congress doesn’t care.

  That’s about 1.8 million every year.

  Any Illegal Alien now under 28 was not here in 1986.


  These invaders “do not” Love America, as other legal

  Immigrants do.


  In fact:

  Illegal Aliens: “Hate America”.

  They don’t want to be American citizens.

  They don’t want to assimilate.

  They want to extend the border,

  so all of the United States would be Mexico!


  If the “United States of America” were part of Mexico.

  Where would Hispanics go for A BETTER LIFE?

  Our government tells Hispanics, you don’t need to learn

  English, we’ll kiss your ass and serve you in Spanish.

  Enjoy your invasion of America!


From 3 March 2015

In politics, it is always about power.  It is never about principle.


We've all heard them on the campaign trail when the political candidate says; "When I get to Washington I'm going to do this, this and this."  They might even mean it at the time, but when they do get to Washington, they are sat down in a closed-door session with the party elite and the "system" is explained to them, in no uncertain terms.  The new, idealist politician is told to either tow the party line, or lose any chance at committee assignments, or more importantly, money for their re-election.  So like good little boys and girls who are addicted to the elixir of power, they tow the line.

Mavericks, idealists, or those guided by principle, don't last long in the "system", no matter which party.


If they aren't addicted to the elixir of power, they soon become addicted to the elixir of money.  Part of "towing the line" is working with the lobbyists. Since 1998 the amount of money spent on lobbying in Washington DC has more than doubled from $1.45 Billion in 1998 to $3.21 Billion in 2014.  That's billions folks.  The number of actual paid lobbyists in Washington DC, although the number has decreased in recent years, was as high as 14,489 in 2006. The natural question to ask is, where does all that money go? (Source:


My Comment: I’m an Independent, and you still want to elect another Democrat or Republican? WHY?


In1776 A well meaning group of 56 men decided that People deserve

                                      FREEDOM FOR ALL.

We drove the British from our shores, to end Tyranny in OUR LAND.

The Declaration of Independence claimed that from then on, “WE the PEOPLE”

had the right, “to determine how our nation would be run”.


The Bill of Rights of our Constitution gave us the RIGHT, to own and use GUNS

To ensure These RIGHTS.


BUT: over the last 238 years those we’ve elected had given us Tyranny again .

WE have elected the ENEMY. TYRANNY now in our own nation.

So of course the ENEMY is trying to take our GUNS, AND our Ammunition.


10 years after the Constitution was signed our new wonderful leaders passed a new law that “ANYONE” that voiced any Negative remarks about the new leaders would be arrested and jailed, that was called the Sedition Act.


Not a very good start for our new Nation with Freedom for All,

with “Freedom of Speech”. 





Our local police forces are now “the enemy”, they have been

Militarily equipped to take our Freedoms from us.

The US Military are practicing how to take over our cities, with orders’ to kill ANY and ALL Resistors/Trouble Makers.


Citizens are now being killed on our streets, by our own police,

            to remind us, we are the slaves to those WE’VE elected.


Did you know, any Military Chaplin, that preaches about GOD or Jesus, will face Courts Martial, and be discharged, for failure to follow orders?


No military base building can show any religious symbol.


Military personnel, are forbidden to wear any visible religious symbol.


WE must rise up and RE VOTE, to Elect Patriots to restore our




Many gave their lives to change how OUR NATION was headed, to accomplish this dream.


We have fought this battle for 238 years, but now it looks like the concept of One Nation, United

is failing. Many have given their lives, to maintain our Freedoms through out these 238 years.


Powers that be, in the entire world have decided to destroy FREEDOM for everyone.


Certain “WORTHY ELITE PEOPLE”/DICTATORS have decided, they should run the entire world?

                                                 Since FREEDOM FOR ALL,

                                                 is not fair to the VERY RICH

                                                 That’s the plan so far.

                                                 NO WAY IN HELL, LET’S STOP THIS NOW.


After WW II ended, in 1946 some American leaders told us, we citizens believed

                   All the WORLD” deserved to live in Freedom, THIS HAD FAILED.


What has happened is: The VERY RICH/DICTATORS have now decided to destroy

                                                  all FREEDOM, and to restore SLAVERY.


The so called Bilderberg group will take over running the entire world, and all of us will live in captivity, forced to live as SLAVES, beholden to serve the VERY RICH.


The population of the world will be reduced to only those SLAVES “NEEDED” to serve the Very Rich,

who will decide who deserves to live, to serve them.

To conserve resources needed for the very rich in the future.


What we thought, were our “Freedom loving representatives, that we elected” to protect our Right of Freedom’s, instead mislead us for the last 100 years, as bit by bit our Freedoms were erased, law after law passed by our elected representatives to Destroy this nation, to force us into a

                                                        ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,

“not elected by us”, but instead: Self Appointed/ DICTATOR/Leader’s for the entire world.


The only way to accomplish this was first to destroy the United States,

the only world power capable of spreading FREEDOM in the entire world.

“We the People” thought that was where we were headed. WRONG


We have been turned off, our manufacturing removed from employing the Millions “in this nation”,

in the belief that we were bringing prosperity to the other nations of the world.

Well, the people of those nations still find themselves living in SLAVERY,

“To enrich the leaders of these other nations”, not the little people.


      Our ELECTED Leaders turned out to be TRAITORS.






IF the people of this nation elect “another” Republican or Democrat this nation will cease to exist,

and the result will be DEADLY.




      Why DID the people of America elect Obama? It was a plan to use us, in the belief that to show

                                                “We were no longer a RACIST Nation”,

                 that we would elect OBAMA “BECAUSE he was BLACK”.

Well, it worked, Millions were spent to show the world we were not RACISTS,

that we had moved beyond RACISM.


It’s not that we elected a BLACK PRESIDENT, but the wrong BLACK PRESIDENT, there are many

BLACK POLITICIANS in AMERICA that would have been worthy: Unfortunately OBAMA was not the one.


What the Political party wanted, was a BLACK PRESIDENT, that would follow orders.

Some one, So naïve, So controllable, So Narcissistic, that:

He and Americans would not realize what was/and is happening to “our” Nation.

Like Father, like Son: Obama’s father was a Muslim, Obama was raised as a Muslim.

Who does Obama worship?


Now Congress is considering Repeal of 22nd Amendment that limited Presidents to only TWO TERMS,

so Obama can run for a third term in 2016, so Obama can finish the destruction of America.


We “MUST NOT” elect anyone who is controlled by the Republican or Democratic Party,

or we will have “More of the same”. TOTAL DISASTER.


The unemployed/homeless can’t afford to see this website, so you must be doing OK, if you are reading this.


Obama care is the plan for total government control of our medical care. NON Medical personnel

will decide: If you deserve care, versus how long you have already lived and how worthy you are to society.



Remember one of Hitler’s first challenges was to get rid of the undesirables, the elderly, the ill, the gay, the mentally ill, to clean up societies useless. Then he went after the Jewish population.

When will they come for you?



There is no Politically Correct Speech anywhere in this website:

I call it as “I” see it.

                 I give you the Truth,

                       the whole Truth,

       and nothing but the Truth,

                      so help me GOD.


2015:  Obama: State of the Union speech: All’s well!

That Traitor doesn’t have a clue about the State of our Union.


       “ISIS warrior’s” shame America.

         What is Obama going to do?

Why have we funded the UN for 60 yrs.

     What is the United Nations doing?



Muslim ISIS commits atrocities.

Obama claims Christian Crusaders committed atrocities.

So Christians were also terrorists.

Well! The Crusades of the ancient past 1000-1300AD

Were to combat the Muslim Atrocities in Europe.

Muslims wanted to destroy Christians, to spread Islam.

Those Crusaders were my ancestors.

Those Crusaders were defending Christianity,

                                        I’ll defend Christianity

                                        I’ll defend America, will you?

                                                       OR, don’t you care?


Muslins attacked a Jewish Deli in France, Obama says: 

It was not a racist attack, just robbers attacking a business.

Obama will never ever use the words Islamic Terrorism.

                                       Screw Obama.

I want Obama protected to survive, so we can put him in prison for 100 years in solitary.

I want to see and hear him suffer.



 Study the NEW TSA Passport Federal ID plan for 2016,

 1200 new Inspection Stations on our highways will be Legal

 as they demand you show Federal ID or you don’t proceed.


 Owe any taxes, sorry until you pay, you may not Pass Go

 A new low.

 You may not obtain an ID if you owe any taxes, fees, Etc.

 Pay up the ass, as you get shafted. Do you understand?

         Illegal Alien will not need any ID, they are special!


OK: In 2016 It’s time for another REVOLUTION?

“Let’s ReVote”:


      For 100 years: You have elected Democrats and Republicans.

       “IF” you want America’s economy restored? 

           who do you expect to elect in 2016?

             Do you want to continue with “more of the same”?

                If so, elect another Republican or Democrat

                  Or: Demand that the vote of Citizens

                    “will elect the next President”,

                        not the votes of the Electoral College.


How long would “you survive”:

    If YOU lost YOUR job”?



  Not enough problems in America! Now Obama is importing

  100.000 Muslim refugees into our nation, for each of the last 3 years.

  And if that is not enough, some 30,000Muslims

  Have been sneaking in from our Southern Border

  pretending to be Hispanics.

  Isn’t Obama a wonderful leader?

  Remember, Muslims promise: To destroy our nation!



     Our leaders finally admit:

    They believe, they can do what ever they want”.

       Because:  “We are stupid”,   are they right?


     Since the average election only attracts about 30%

      of the registered voters, who don’t even study the

        candidates pledges, is it just “useless to vote”.

         Americans, get your head out of the Sand. Wake up.


    OR, I’ll tell you WHY! Every candidate, is so full of shit,

       why waste your time Voting for bullshit assholes.

          Vote for D get shit, Vote for R get shit. What to do?

            We all know SHIT when we see it.


We just elected a Republican Majority to Congress,

what are they doing? NOTHING


We are told that the Democratic and Republican candidates

are in total control of our nation, and YOU will “only elect”

a candidate of the appointed Democrat or Republican Party.


So VOTE and keep these parties in office, or else!

Do you have the right to elect anyone you want?

Are you sure? NO WAY

We had better start Electing Patriots to run our nation or quit.


   IF we don’t make drastic changes running our nation in 2016

                                        we will have lost this nation FOREVER.


  I’ve had so many people tell me, they vote straight Party Ticket.

   That way, they don’t have to think.


  I’ve been studying our politics since 1936: We are in TROUBLE.

   Wake up!

     It’s not going to get any better if we don’t stand up and fight.


Hunger in America! 1 out of every 6 Americans hungry, Why?

 Children in America, the worlds greatest nation, hungry,  Why?

  Father must leave family, or NO Welfare for Children. Why?

   Will you still elect a Democrat or Republican in 2016?    Why?

    Made in ?????????, not “Made in America” factories, Why?


                          Food Banks beg for Donations?

                             You are begging for Welfare?

                          I demand “Jobs for Americans”.

  America can no longer survive on WELFARE.


  This nation will not become the “United States of CHINA

   as long as I’m alive and become your President.


           Obama wants Loretta Lynch as our new Attorney General.

           Loretta Lynch says: Illegal Aliens deserve jobs in America just like any citizen.

           Loretta Lynch believes we don’t need borders that we are all “North American Citizens”.

           What do you want?



I’m fed up with the Abuse and Injustice American Citizens face

every day in our nation.


Cops are out of control, they kill citizens every day

and claim “they are justified”.


LEO’s claim: It’s within the policy of their department, and

they know  they’ll get away with killing us 99.999% of the time.

For the innocent: LEO = Law Enforcement Officers

The Police are supposed to be our Protectors, not our MASTERS.


Well! I’ll protect our rights, and send some of these cops to prison where they belong. There is NO other Presidential Candidate that

will make that promise “and” carry it out.


I want JUSTICE, and we will have our  GOD given


  When we surrender our Right to own and use guns,

              we have then surrendered “any and ALL Rights”.





                            “RIGHT TO KILL YOU”.


Are Police here to protect US, or to protect the Government from us.

    We must defend our Rights, or we will lose them forever.


         Study My Menu of America’s problems

          I’m telling you what is wrong in America,

         and WHY you need Me to run your nation.



    You had no idea how many problems we have; study these:

  1. New World Order: Bilderbergs      26. Military Personnel                                51. Golden Parachutes

  2. Homeland Security ?                        27. Military Income Taxes                         52. Inheritance Taxes

  3. Illegal Aliens Invaders or:?             28. Your Money                                           53. Property Taxes

  4. Anchor Babies                                   29. INFLATION !!!!!!!                                     54. Highway Taxes

  5. Criminals in Mexico                           30. SS Inflation                                            55. Taxes / Pork 2009

  6. Alien Workers                                     31. Social Security  Broke or Fixed          56. Panama Canal

  7. Legal Immigrants                               32. Supplemental Security Income        57. American Debts

  8. English is our language                   33. Congress/Pay   Rich?  $14,600/mo.    58. Religious Freedom

  9. Health Care FREE? If you pay.      34. Gangs                                                      59. Police Action

10. Protecting America                           35. Graffiti/Gangs                                        60. Court System

11. American Safety                                 36. Political Correct Speech                    61. Jury Pay

12. Eminent Domain                                37. Post Office My way, or highway       62. Guns 2ndAmend. 87-297

13. Electoral Collegeelects Pres”.    38. Federal Lands                                       63. Criminal Defense

14. Foreign Aid                                          39. Welfare Conditions                              64. Illegal Entry, Police see #65

15. American Jobs                                   40. Married Living                                       65.  Civil Asset Forfeiture scam

16. Foreign Products                              41. Birth Control                                          66. Drunk Drivers

17. Exports                                                 42. Global Warming, Cap and Trade>     67. Environment

18. Labor Unions                                      43. Medicare Broke                                      68. Racial Relations

19. Education/Schools                           44. GAS $10/gal. or $1.29/gal                    69. Racial Quota’s

20. Student Safety                                    45. Changes in Taxes                                70. Voting Rights

21. Child Health                                        46. Sales Taxes                                            71. NATIONAL I.D. Cards

22. Employment                                        47. Excise Taxes                                          72. Drugs, Legal, Illegal

23. Civil Rights                                          48. Other Taxes                                            73. Container Cargo

24. Bicycles                                               49. Income Taxes IRS blood suckers    74. Railroads, Electric

25. WAR/Armed Forces                          50. Double Taxes                                        75. National Disasters


                                                           More subjects of interest

1620 Pilgrim invasion                             9/11 (Building 7?)“INSIDE JOB”  BORDERGATE =CIA Imports Drugs

Aids Invented by us, for Africa.            Habeas Corpus Cancelled                     North American Union?

America after 1948                                   Headlines  “Nov. 2012”                          NAFTA AMER-Mexico Super Highway

Homeless Seniors, on TV                      History of Muslims                                   Other Candidates

American Truckers                                  History 1776, w/Guns                              OBAMA

2 Tons of Free Money,  for Iraq            How to take over a nation                      Republicans or Democrats ?

Border Security, a Joke?                       I have an anger problem                        RFID Chip in your arm/National ID?

B. OBAMA Economy? Sucks               Independent Candidates                       Sedition Act 1797/1918

Change, you want Change?                 Imports STOP                                            Some Solutions

Customs, Border Security?                  I’ve had enough, have you?                  Starving Nations

Un-Change, and Restore                       INDIANA                                                      Stars and Stripes

Congress guilty of Murder                    INFOWAR                                                   TENNESSEE National Guard

Children No future jobs                         JUSTICE?                                                  Terrorism in America

FREE SPEECH, is DANGER                 John F. Kennedy Murder                       United Nations

Declaration of Independence               Liberals                                                       United States SOLD

DISARM? You, then our Military?        Global Warming (Judy Cross)              Veterans Honored

Do We run the Government?                Money, free money? For whom?        What am I trying to do ?

Do you want a free nation?                   My Biography >>>>>>>>&>>>>>>>>> Who am I ?

ECONOMY, in the dumps                      My Foreign Policy                                    Who is the Government ?

ENERGY, you can’t afford                     “My Political Aims”                                 *Who shot Reagan, Why?

Executive Orders, for Martial law         “MY PLAN”                                                Youth of America

First Amendment, NO Free Speech      Their PLAN                                          What is a Hoosier ?

FEAR, and lots of it                                 Political Books. Buy, Read’ LEARN    UNEMPLOYMENT

Foreclosures, still in 2014                     No more Religion allowed?                   Seychelles



PLUS: Video’s Yes! You must watch and learn from these Video’s.

Discover who murdered child Jon Benay Ramsey in Colorado


The above items are just a start:

       Keep reading and viewing for more discussion of our problems,

        Check these: revealing video clips.



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The following are some of the most important links you will ever research

Daneen G. Peterson Ph. D. presents: TREASON “You won’t believe this”.

                               Our highways sold. All Freeways, to become PayWays.


                Protect our borders from Invasion

                    Explore new revelations daily.

                The Cato Institute revelations.




                                   you will get vaccinated, or jail.

            Ben Stein reports:


You need to watch this Science and Conspiracy Report and

LEARN what our Government is capable of doing, then join with me to Save America.

If you believe the Warren Report, and the 911 report produced by our government,

don’t bother reading any further.


If 18 of the 19 so called Hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, why did we invade Iraq?


Remember President Bush told you: He watched the plane hit the North Tower on TV: BEFORE

he entered that class room to speak to the children, the problem with that is the TV showing of the

plane hitting the North Tower wasn’t on TV until the next day. Think that over. Why did Bush lie?



I’m trying to get your attention:

              TO SAVE AMERICA.


I deal in Numbers

 How do the numbers add up?

It all began with Numbers that affected history,

dates, historical changes.

Do you want more CHANGES in America?


I ANALYZE the NUMBERS, these NUMBERStell everything”.

Research these numbers on your own:

1776, 1913, REX 84, 9/11, Agenda 21, PL 87-297, AR 210-35?


Now in Plain, or Fancy Words, how do you want this?

  *= Critical dates

          How do things add up? DO THE MATH!

                                         A study of History!

                    At the end of each line, essentially the word WHY, as you study history, and analyze the facts of what happened in History, you’ll understand WHY

1215 Magna Charta signed by King John, to establish Citizens Rights

               (I am descended from King John, and 12 Barons of the Magna Charta)

1620 Mayflower Compact, Pilgrims decided their own laws, to live in Freedom

               (I am descended from George Soule, Francis Cooke, his wife and son John: Pilgrims on the Mayflower)

1622 English PURITANS start arriving, to control and TAX the PILGRIMS.

1660 My Quaker ancestor Katherine Chatham persecuted, Religious Freedom?

1776 Uprising: To start Freedoms, for all Americans: From England.

1787 Independence won, Constitution enacted. Americans free,

         “as long as you follow new laws”, by the NEW LEADERS

1790 George Washington elected President. I’m related to George.

1791 Bill of Rights enacted, (see: 2011 Bill of Rights cancelled).

*1797 Sedition Act: “Illegal: To make negative comments about our  Government”.


1861 War between the states; the federal Government is all-powerful. NO state Rights.

                   My relative Edwin McMasters Stanton was Secretary of War under Lincoln.


*1913 Founding of the Federal Reserve Banking corruption.


*1913 Illegal Income Tax Initiated, to force you to finance Government excess.

         Taxes = Tribute paid to the new Federal Reserve Banking System.

         The beginning of “how to” confiscate the finances of this nation, to destroy us.

              Not to worry; it was only a tax of 1% on those making over $10,000/yr. in 1917. It didn’t affect 99.9% of Americans, THEN

1917 WW I: The war to end all wars”. PS: We were not attacked. Cost $,$$$,$$$

*1918 Sedition Act: Reenacted: Make negative remarks about USA; go to JAIL!

*1918 Attempt to establish the League of Nations”, (One World Government).

 1919 Prohibition: A well intentioned ACT that started the Crime Wave of 1920’s

         Converted to the “DRUG WAR”, starting in 1936 up to NOW > 2015,

          a WAR against US. Possession of “plant leaves” and you go to prison.

1929 Federal Reserve Bank SYSTEM, pulled in the credit, stock market crashed.

   Convert America “to become a Socialist nation” and we’ll all be OK!

1930-1940 The Great Depression, 25 to 40% unemployment. NO Welfare.

1932 WW I Veterans marched on Wash, DC “for promised benefits”, & were shot at.

          By General Douglas McArthur. Would our Government shoot you, “today”?

1939 Americans went to work, to produce War materials, for a war: WE won’t fight.

          Where did they find the money to produce War Materials? America was broke!

1940 Americans drafted, for a War: Roosevelt promised: We would “NOT” be involved in.

*1941 Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor Hawaii attacked to start WW II. (An Inside job)

*1942 Detention Camps used: To immediately “detain” 120,000 American citizens.

          American citizens, of ORIENTAL, GERMAN, and ITALIAN ancestry were detained for the duration of the war,

                 in camps built BEFORE Dec 7th 1941. Note: Those 1942 Detention camps are now being refurbished, Why?

            After 9/11, FEMA Camps built, to detain “citizens” in/after 2014? For Whom? See 2005.

1945 Germany surrendered! Two Atomic bombs ended the war with Japan.

1945 WW II ended. We “Won the WAR”, so the losers will pay us taxes?

         What did we win? Do we own Germany, Japan, Italy? Korea?

*1946 United Nations established, to enact: A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

1948 Marshall Plan, our $Billions, to rebuild damage “WE” did to WIN WW II.

         What did we WIN? ($13 Billion debt to rebuild Germany, Italy, Japan)

*1961 Public Law 87-297, our Government plans, to disarm our military for UN.

*1962 Kennedy signed Executive Orders for Martial Law control of Americans.

1969 Nixon visited COMMINIST China to tell them: We are “your” friends.


1972 Discovery: Researched that I’m related to 22 of our American Presidents.

               2012 Discovered: That I’m also related to Mitt Romney, he and I have 3 early American ancestors in common.


*1984 REX 84”Plan to detain citizens in FEMA Camps for reeducation, or?


*1990 95% of our clothing manufactured in America, “2011” only 5% made in USA

*1993 BATF “murder” of the Koresh Religious American citizens in Waco, TX

                        Religious freedom in America? Believe properly or?

                        Protection from more Reverend Jim Jones’s or what?

                   * 21 of MY family and Congressman Ryan

               died in Jonestown, Guiana on 18 November 1978. 36 years ago Nov. 2014.

*1993 World Trade Center bombing, Inside JOB? “FBI supplied the explosives”.

*1995 Oklahoma Federal Building bombing; was an Inside Job.

*2001 9/11 WAS an Inside Job. One more step, to total Government control.

                   This is it: for our safety? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

                          The worse Number’s, start here:


*2001 October, Patriot/Terrorist Protection Act passed. (Constitution gutted).

*2005 U.S. Army Regulation 210-35, titledCivilian Inmate Labor Program

         Will you be one of the Civilian Slaves? 

*2006 War Commissions Act. To end Habeas Corpus protection. Jail, No trials.

*2007 POSSE COMITATUS ACT ended, protected us from Military takeover.

*2011 National Defense Authorization Act, the right to detainanyone” Forever.

                       Detain= jail, prison, locked up forever, until death do we part, no trials. To protect the Politicians of America.

*2011 99% Bill of Rights cancelled, to protect the elected leaders: From citizens

                      WHY?  Now we are just waiting for the ball to drop, for total submission to the One World Leaders to take over all operation of our nation.

                      NO MORE WARS, just surrender and you’ll be safe, obey, or death? Just be good little slaves, you’ll love it.


 2012  ELECTION: OBAMA, vs ROMNEY, vs DON CORDELL, decision, decision! 

 201? Being Your President will be a full time job. I won’t relax, until you can.

24/7/52 24hours/day, 7days/week, 52weeks/year: I’ll be on the job for you.

201? No vacations for me, until I’ve Restored our economy for YOU.

          PS: I don’t play Golf, I won’t have time to play games: I’ll have a job to do, for all of you.

2012 Obama re?elected, FRAUD DELUXE? “WE” did not re-elect Obama!


2012 I was not elected, so the next 3 items won’t happen.

2013 United Nations building in NY City converted to Condo’s.

2013 Factories working “2” shifts to produce “Made in America” products.

3AM I’ll be there to answer that phone, to be ready for emergencies.

                   Now; Are you so devastated, that you will submit to anything?

=47 50 Million citizens, now receiving Food Stamps, plus more added daily.

= 50% Americans live below the poverty line, as of the “2010 Federal Census”.

   =25 Million children, living homeless + “CBS 60 Minutes + update read comments.

            My own daughter, and my grandchildren lived homeless 2007-09, until she divorced her husband Marc Ashcroft and got help.

=27 Million unemployed, more added daily, unemployment $ extended for 2013.

=15 Million under employed, that we know of, are you underemployed?

  2013 Underemployed adults “not kids” working for Fast Food, demanding


=40% Unemployment in minority communities.

=1%   of Americans are in Prison = 3.1 million in prison.

 2014 About 2 million more employees lose Unemployment Insurance coverage.

=49% of American men, do not live to retire on Social Security, they paid for.

      Million’s homeless! Children, to Seniors.

      Million’s of homes foreclosed, while citizens live inCars and Tents”.

      Million’s begging at Food Banks, To survive.

      Million’s more, losing their jobs every year.

   1 out of every 6 Americans is unemployed.

      Million’s: No longer counted “as Unemployed”

      Banks charging 10% to 29% interest, while you get 1% on Savings.

 For every $3 you deposit in the bank, they can loan out $97.

When you deposit money in the bank, what you are really doing is loaning that money to the bank, they did

not put that into the vault for YOU, when you want that money back, they have to retrieve that money from

whom they loaned it to.  (That’s called Fractional Reserve Banking System.

The banks give you 1% for your $3, and collect up to 29% on the $97.)

      Million’s given as Bonus’$ to failing Financial organization employee’s

      Billion $ to bail out Wall Street

      Zero $ to bail out Main Street, did you get $ Million bonus when laid off?

+1     Degree C = Global Warming, panic time? 1 degree warmer, time to worry?

900  U. S. Military installations, around the world.

38,000 American Service Personnel “still protecting” S. Korea since 1953. WHY?

*2002-  2010, 48,000+ Factories closed, to move production out of America.

  2002-  2006   32,000 Muslims caught entering America from Mexico, requested Amnesty.

  Only 7% of those Muslims showed up on the appointed court date for legal Amnesty.

            (How many “were not caught”? Note: only 32,000 Muslim MEN, not 1 woman.)

   2013 Chrysler building a new $300 million plant in Mexico, jobs for Mexicans

   2020 The date: The Political Parties promise possible financial Recovery, maybe?

 (-$0.00) Many States and Cities are bankrupt. Feds will just take over, to help!

 30+ Million Illegal Aliens, wanting Amnesty: To take over America!

      $18   Trillion National Debt. Going up $1.5 Trillion/year. How will you pay?
$800 Billion/year taxes collected. ONLY pays the interest on the National debt.

 $85  Billion gift to help the nation of “Georgia”, “in Europe”.

  $1 Billion to help Egypt. Now we are sending them Tanks and Jet fighters?

  675 Registered Voters, in one county of Ohio, =  4600 votes for Bush in 2000.

 ($500) Million to Solyndra for Solar Cell production: “To compete” with

           COMMINIST China?

           Solyndra bankrupt, our money gone. COMMINIST China wins?

           Solyndra executives party with our money.      

$526 Million to a company in Finland to develop $100,000 electric cars for YOU

          April 2013 that company bankrupt, our money gone Bye Bye.

25% Inflation in 2010-2011 = 25% pay cut

 481, 000 NEW applications for Unemployment in Feb. 2011, more since.

$10 Million invested by our Government, to develop the AIDS virus: To infect Africa.

 1%  Americans who own 90% of America

99%   Americans who own 10% of America?

99%   Wall St. Occupiers Told: Shut up and go home, NO RIGHT’S to Demonstrate.

*435 Members of Congress, who don’t give a damn

*100 Senators, who don’t give a damn, plus 1 Vice President.

*1 Current President: Obama who doesn’t give a damn, laughing at you.

   ##    RepubliCon Candidates, that don’t give a damn about these numbers.

*309 Million American citizens; that are worried about our future.

     1 Million Americans who are so Rich, they don’t worry about the future

10 Bill of Rights? 9 cancelled, (+ # 3 when they station the military in your home).

*%? Coming? RATIONING of Food, Energy, & Gasoline: For Equality of life?

2012 The last election allowed?: To elect a President: On to a “One World”

*1 Electoral College “ACTUALLY” “elects the President”. NOT YOU.

    1 Presidential Candidate DON CORDELL, that cares about our future.

___? Total, adds up “to a lot of problems” in America, how does this add up to you?

   Do the MATH.

   I’ll let the NUMBERS speak for me. Did these NUMBERS concern YOU?

There’s more:

From: “Citizens Against Government Waste”

82 Federal programs to improve teacher quality, it isn’t working.

80 Programs to help disadvantaged people with transportation, (to the poor house)?

80 Programs for Economic Development, for foreign nations?

47 Programs for Job Training and Employment, (for illegal aliens)?

20 separate programs to help the Homeless: It isn’t working.

15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws. To protect you, for Monsanto?

     None of these seem to be working for Americans.

 = 1,000,000 laws to control YOU, from FREEDOM?

                     We need to Restore America.


       We can’t sit back and let our current elected politicians continue

               to destroy this nation, because: We will never recover:


To Start:


My Plan:  Screw the IRS

 Fire the IRS.

The power to TAX; is the power to Destroy!


 The 100-year plan to destroy America.

     1913-2013: Taxation to destroy our financial Freedom.


                                       Do you trust the IRS?


                                                 Enough already?


When did the systematic plan to destroy America start?

                   In 1913, with the formation of the




  Watch this video ^ and see how we’re being screwed.


 There is NO LAW that you have to pay INCOME TAXES!





 Every penny you pay in personal Income Taxes goes to

 The Federal Reserve Bank, “NOT TO RUN OUR NATION”,

But to pay “blackmail” to the bankers.

We’re told it’s payment on our “National Debt”

that “we” owe the Federal Reserve BANK. Bull shit.

YOU do not have UNITED STATES money in your pocket,

look, it’s Federal Reserve Bank Money.


If the Federal Reserve Bank fails is your money worthless?

I’ll abolish the FRB, IRS, BATF, and all agencies against us.

I’ll put UNITED STATES of AMERICA money in your pocket.









First on the agenda: *WE/YOU



                 WHO are “YOU” going to elect? NO ONE REALLY:


          The “Electoral College” actually elects our President,

                                           NOT US! Why?

                 That was the ace in the hole, our founders used to make sure

                 “THEY” actually elect whom they want in the White House.

                                                   NOT: Who WE want.

My Sub Menu more truths, and fears.


So how can I win?

                Elect ME, as an Independent Candidate “that is not elected by Party Electoral College patsies”.


 How can you help me get elected?, tell all your friends and neighbors about: DON CORDELL, a real Patriot.


 You have a choice,

                                                 WRITE in “Don Cordell for president”,

                                                 OR: The Electoral College will ELECT A MILLIONAIRE?


It is time for “the people” to actually elect the next President of the United States, to run this nation “for YOU”.


Millionaires, decide how they will run the Government, for them?

Not for YOU!

Millionaires, actually run this nation, and not for YOU/ ME/ US.

The Billionaires of the world banking system run our nation.

Our Congress and Senate members all soon become Millionaires.

Are you a Millionaire?

I’m not a Millionaire:

Do you want to elect a President that actually will lead this nation, For YOU?


Get out there and pound on doors, to spread my information, to get me elected for YOU.

I don’t have the Millions “to buy” the election, only honesty, to run this nation for YOU.


What does America need? JOBS for Adults, at a Living Wage.

A job paying $9-12/hour does not support the Middle Class American family.


Citizens are recently rioting and demonstrating against Police Brutality,

Citizens eyes finally opening to the terrorism on our streets.

The unjustified murders committed,

by the now Civilian / Military Police forces in our nation,

Killing citizens

Without  consequences

Is outright Murder.

Police review boards call every murder “justified”.

The citizen didn’t instantly obey the cop.

The Citizen refused to instantly surrender to authority, so:

Remember more people have been killed by “AUTHORITIES” than any other evil on earth. 


The present economy is leading to the total failure of the Middle Class,

to destroy any hopes of a return to Middle Class family life.


Study History of how nations failed when traitors decide to take over that nation.

First they destroy the economy, then KILL the Educated,

                    to leave Sheep / Slaves to serve the Masters.


Cordell’s Predictions: “for the future”.

Energy must be rationed, there is a finite quantity of OIL.

Food must be rationed, why do you think every bit of food in the store had a code number?

Fuel will be and must be Rationed.

Food production requires massive mechanical operation, with fuel rationing = less food.

Food then must be shipped to the market by trucks, with fuel rationing = increased cost.

Food must be controlled to afford Government Medical care, to control your health.


The central California farms ship 90% of fresh food east of California in the winter.

Now 50% of the water for these foods has been eliminated.

Contaminated food from China is imported to feed you and your children, read the labels!


All of our water is becoming contaminated, because all sewage eventually recycles

in our water, chemical tests find all the medications we take, caffeine,

and all our body excrete, are now showing up in our water supply.


We started the excessive use of medications after 1940, what we thought was magic,

is now coming back to haunt us in our water supply.


You want Fracking stopped, to control contamination, what will you do when the gas stations

are closed, from lack of OIL? I predict the increase sale of motor-scooters, after 2020.


You’ll beg for the Keystone pipe system to be built, so you have gas for your car.


Those cheap imported products in our stores, will cease, since it cost too much

to ship all those products to America.


Cheap oil costs too much to ship to America.


LOOK folks, it’s reality time.

Life as we’ve known it, is going to change, DRASTICALLY


I’m telling you, you “Will Do” what ever the Government orders,

when they turn off your water, electricity, gas, gasoline, telephone, stop delivery of mail

stop newspapers, Radio, TV, close the banks, and road blocks to control your movement.


This is possible, when the Government controls EVERYTHING.



When they decide to depopulate the world, who do you think will survive?

The Leaders want about 450 million slaves to serve the self appointed Masters,

to save the world.

We do not need 7 Billion people, so some must surrender / die  For the good of all

(for the Masters, that is)


Our Government wants two classes of Citizens, MASTERS, and SHEEP/SLAVES.

Guess which one will you be?

Will you surrender as a Sheep, or fight to be a Citizen with RIGHTS.


Adults working for Minimum Wage/Minimum Hours, are listed as Employed,

Sorry, that is not Middle Class.


Our Congress and Senate are paid $174,000/yr, they have no concept of how 50%

of our population are living. America, it’s not going to get better, as long as you

continue to elect Democrats or Republicans, they are the problem, not the solution.


SO if you want manufacturing jobs returned to America,

it’s time to elect a President that will protect our borders,

and control Imports from foreign nations.


How much energy does it take to make all those product you want?


I’ll start our factories producing Made in America again. For YOU.

I’ll cut taxes. I’ll stop Genetically Modified food poisoning us.

I want to see everyone have a place to live, no more HOMELESS.

                      We have to Restore America, or we will be SLAVES.


          I want Americans to have a future,

                                           to be safe from Police Abuse.

         I can do this:

                               IF this is what you want,

                               IF you elect me in 2016.



                          Constant Racial Obama turmoil in America.

                                          To Divide and Conquer.



From the Tea Party website, our government plans:

• Flood your neighborhood with illegal aliens and fill our streets with foreign criminals;
• Grab your guns, rendering you defenseless;
• Outlaw body armor to make you a helpless target;
• Rig elections and silence your vote;
• Regulate your health insurance and deny medical treatment;
• Expose America to Ebola to create mass genocide and decree Martial Law


I am afraid Racism will explode all over our nation,

as protest groups in city after city are demonstrating.

Black citizens are convinced only they are being killed by the police.


WRONG, ALL citizens are being killed by our police,

                                                           ALL over America.

Demonstrations are happening all over our nation,

Black citizens begging for safety, for Black Citizens.


This is backfiring, ending sympathy for Black citizens plight.

Don’t ALL citizens deserve SAFETY?

That’s part of my fight.

I’ll protect you from the police, if you’re innocent.


My message to all of you: Obey every command of a Police Officer,

the cops want total submission within split-seconds of their command.

Fight your battle in court, where, you’ll still get screwed but be alive.


Muslims are reported to be wooing Black citizens to join ISIS to fight

the depressive White population that keeps Black citizens down.


The only thing necessary for E V I L to prevail,

                                       is for GOOD men to do nothing!


We complain, complain, complain, and nothing changes.

    Who runs our government?

         Sure as hell, not, “We the People”.


          Homeless in America is a crime, FEMA Camp or Jail?


      Ignorance is no excuse, surrender or be killed.



When citizens riot: Where are the police?

The police are outnumbered and cowards when it comes to really

protecting our citizens and property. = Police Misconduct

It’s time: To fight for Justice and WIN.


What do you think about Mr. Garner in Long Island, NY killed by the police for selling “single cigarettes” without collecting the NY TAX.

Probably also needed a Sellers Permit, with a business address.

We must follow orders, with government controls or else. 

Can’t allow free enterprise in America.

Will you wait until some cop kills one of your family members?

Then:    It’s…….too…………………late.


Our cops are great at killing kids with toy guns/

or adults looking at toy guns in WalMart.


I have always believed in equal rights, regardless of color,

but unfortunately:

I don’t think Racism will ever end in America.

So where do we go from here?

That’s their plan, not mine!


Will you surrender to total Military Control all over our nation? WHY?

Why don’t you stand up, Join with me, and let’s retake control of America.


We are living in a Police State, where all of us are considered criminals,

“if we resist any cop attacking us”.

Our Police are now Military control.

YOU will submit, or “ELSE”

NO resistance permitted, or you will be killed.

You are GUILTY until the cop releases you, if they release you.

Any resistance to obeying the cop, is reason enough to kill you.

Every Police Department in America had been supplied with “Military Equipment”, needed for the Military takeover of our nation.

All Obama has to do is sign an order to become our Dictator, and initiate Martial Law and We’ve lost all of our Rights, only to surrender

to his Majesty Obama.


Will you allow that to happen, what are you going to do, change Channels on your TV, so the bad news is ignored? WE must stand up and FIGHT.


What is happening to OUR AMERICA?


Governments work slowly. so you will accept surrender, if you are unarmed.

        Study the “Fall of Rome”, and you will see history being repeated.



       His majesty Obama tells Congress, he’ll make all the laws

   from now on, since he changed our Republic to a Monarchy.

It’s a shame what happened to the Male electorate in our nation,

                          they no longer have a Backbone.

                     The Border Crisis



Obama loves to control you, he authorized 3415 new Regulations

for 2015.

Many regulation involve controlling Carbon pollution.

Shame on you for driving a car, when you could walk.


Remember Obama flies the skies of America at our expense.

Airforce One reportedly uses 6 gallons of fuel/mile

                    What a SCAM. This is TREASON.

Remember: Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE.

Unless you’re a cop.

Obama has been retiring our most knowledgeable military leaders,

   and just retired our Secretary of Defense, Why? To surrender?

             Obama has been screwing us since 20 Jan 2009,

                while Congress and the Senate do nothing.

                      It’s time to ReVote.



7 Dec 1941

The date that will live forever in American history

Japan thought we were Cowards, and easy prey.

We were suddenly in a War on both coasts.

Every citizen rose up to produce our defense needs.

We proved to the world, we were unbeatable then.

Do we face a new War, will we surrender this time?


                      American’s celebrate Armistice Day

                      To honor all Americans who fought

                      and the many who gave their lives:

                      To end WW I in Europe.

                      The War to end all WARS.

                      To bring: Peace to the world.


                      Now we call this Veterans Day,

                to honor the sacrifice all the Americans

        who served and died to preserve Peace since 1918.

   We’ve failed, as our Military are still fighting endless wars.


            Our leaders forget our Veterans “who need help”

                when they return to our nations shores.

       Our Veterans shouldn’t have to beg for Medical care.

       Our Veterans shouldn’t have to beg for Wheel Chairs

       Our Veterans shouldn’t have to beg. Period

            God help us: To protect those who have

              served our nation to preserve peace for us.



Does God still Bless America?

            All of our Money states: “In God We Trust” does Obama Trust God?

       Our money doesn’t say, Blessed Mohamed, or what ever Muslims worshit.

                 It’s a sad day, when Obama say’s “God no longer exists in America”.

                 When citizens are forbidden to Pray,

                 what next when all our Religious Freedoms are denied!


                  In Texas schools, the wonders of Islam are being taught,

                  and children are learning the sweet sound of Islam prayers.

                 While discussion of anything about Christianity is Forbidden.


                 Religious morals are no  longer important for Americans?

                 When our children are forbidden any Judeo-Christian Religious

                 items in school, and forbidden:

                 “to pray” in school before eating their lunch. Let’s save America NOW.


                         THE BORDER CRISIS

Do illegal alien children attend school with your children?

Many of these illegal children are infected with Measles,

Tuberculosis, Chagais, and other illnesses.


Does this affect YOU, do you care?   

NO AMNESTY, NO Refugee status.

           Will illegal immigrants shop in a store near you,

                                                                    for you to become infected?


       This is critical. We are being INVADED, DO YOU CARE? I CARE!

       Republicans and Democrats have not and will not defend our borders,

      I WILL. It’s called Shoot to KILL.



                Remember the phrase:

“Land of the FREE, Home of the Brave”

 Land of the FREE? Home of the Brave?


Not anymore, there are so many laws, that you have broken at least

                      “ONE A DAY”.

Off to jail you go.

Prosecutors love you, that keeps their job, Sending you to jail.

 Well, lets stop this crap and restore America.

   I bet you forgot to pray to Obama when you wake up.

Off to the salt mines until you remember to pray to master Obama.


    I fear every time I leave my home, that I may be  stopped

      by police for any reason, and beaten to death. < READ.

48 yr old motorist beaten and killed by 52 cops, after he stopped driving, as he was suffering a Diabetic Attack. 

He probably wouldn’t follow orders, as he was unconscious .

    It could be you next time! Equal opportunity America.


When I’ve asked our local MILITARY ATTACK FORCE

         ie/ LA County Sheriff’s for help, they explain:

         They are not here to Defend or Protect ME.


Slowly our local Police departments have been supplied with MILITARY WEAPONS: “case in point” the recent attack on citizens in Ferguson, Missouri, by fully “Militarily equipped” Police. WHY?


This must cease, we need to stop the lethal murder of all citizens by our Police. Our Police are out of control.


There are less lethal means to gain control over citizens, IF this is needed for lawful purposes.

All too often, the power of the Police is to show citizens,


               WE NO LONGER HAVE RIGHTS.


     We must demand the courts Defend our Rights,

      and stop the Police Abuse we are all experiencing.

      Let’s retake America with Justice Demanded.


      Every little town in American has been supplied

        with Military Equipment, supposedly to fight:

                             “The WAR on Drugs”.

               (ie. War against American Citizens)

  It’s this simple:

  When you see the Police, do you feel Safe or SCARED?


175,000 175,000 what?


Who makes our Laws? Congress “AND”



                                        have you broken.

     You have no idea how many of These: Someone has decided

they need to control how you live, “or else”!

Congress is a piker at making Laws, to Control US.

For instance, did you let the water  run while brushing your teeth,

     shame shame, the Environmental People will deal with you.


Our government generates Department’s, Bureau’s and Agencies

that then make their own Rules and Regulations, without the need

of Congress to interfere. Departments: of Justice, Education, Labor,

Agriculture, Homeland Security, Health, Transportation, State,

Energy, Revenue, Treasury, Interior, Social Services, Commerce,

Veterans Affairs, Defense, Housing and Urban Development,

Interstate Commerce Commission, and  Environmental Protection Agency. Then: Bureau of Labor, Indian Affairs, Reclamation,

Land Management, Mines, Engraving and Printing, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Prisons, Census, Then SERVICES of ?

I may have missed a few, you name it, and our Government has control of everything we do. They make Rules and Regulations.


They Service us.

OH! Did I forget Administrations, such as the Food and Drug Administration, what else? Everyday, I run into more and more

Government control in one way or another. And this is in a nation supposedly FREE of Government abuses. OBEY SLAVE! 

And this is only at the Federal Level, now State, County, City!