1. YES # 1


is part of that plan, so that there is only

ONE government, controlled by the,

One World Government.


Our politicians want to spread the graft around the world.

Our government says “To hell with American workers”.

The recent (French) Airbus contract by America

would have employed at least 50,000 citizens,

and you wonder why I’m telling you

our elected officials in Washington are selling out America.

The uproar about this contract caused our government

to reconsider this contract, and it was finally awarded to Boeing after all.


2019 this is still happening

When are you going to wake up?

On March 8th 2008 our government reports that

at least 100,000 jobs were lost in February 08, 100,000 more lost in March 08,

other reports (Boston.com) listed job losses at over 100,000/mo.

before February 08, and that many, for “3 months in a row”.

That’s another 300,000 laid off November to January,

So from January 08 to November 08, 840,000 more out of work.

In November 08, 533,000, in December 08, 424,000,

11 Million Americans out of work,

your government loves you?

January 09, 644,000 jobs lost, February 09 651,000 jobs lost.

What are we going to do in America?

“America is being sold”.

“Are you outraged?”


There are as many as 30Million unemployed/underemployed

in America as of March 2012, and still unemployed in 2019.

Over 47 Million people on food stamps. Why? NO JOBS


The idea is that if all nations are unarmed, no more wars.

Just “obey” all commands, and “We all live in peace”. 

There will be NO Demonstrating against the United Nations.


We must stop

The “New World Order” now,



The “New World Order” is an organization

led by David Rockefeller to establish

“A One World Government” under control of the:

“Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers.


This is a group of very elite; “very” rich people,

who want to reduce the population of the earth,

to take complete control over every life on this planet,

to disarm everyone in every nation.


Don’t believe this? Well! Go back to my opening page

and look at my listing for Video’s.

View those Video’s and wake up America.


J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director, on the New World Order conspiracy:

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy,

so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”


George H. W. Bush’s comment: “If the American people

knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.

    (Sounds like a good idea to me)


1973 - Humanist Manifesto II: as published:

 "The next century can be and should be

the Humanistic century...we stand at the dawn of a new age...

a secular society on a planetary scale....

As “non-theists” we begin with humans, not God, “nature not deity

...we deplore the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds....

Thus we look to the development of a system of “world law”

and a “world order”

based upon transnational federal government....

    The true revolution is occurring."


2017: Our government calls

Christians, Extremists.

We now have gay marriage,

and attacking Christian Morals

as a threat to our nation.


Notice: the elimination of GOD in the future planning of the Humanist Manifesto


Some reviewers of this website think I’m crazy,

well maybe I am, crazy in believing the United States can be saved.

Can we save this nation?

Do you want our nation saved?

Or do you really care?


This is our future,

“IF” we continue with the present Republican and Democrat administrations?


Do you want to join our nation with Canada and Mexico

 as the “North American Union”,

like the European Union?


Obama has already said we have to join the “have nations”

with the “have not nations”, that the North American Union is our future.


Pay attention to what is planned for our future.


This, plus (read my link) > “Executive Orders”

already passed by our past Presidents

to establish Martial Law takeover of our sovereignty,

to turn our nation over to the United Nations, to complete this treason.


We must protect our nation, or do you just want to SURRENDER

 to the New World Order, with no Constitution, or Bill of Rights anymore,

total domination by the New World Order, and you will “behave or else”?


American jobs are being exported,

Corporate America is moving out of the United States,

closing more and more factories,

for a lot less income taxes for the owners of the factories that leave America.

This started in the 1970’s and millions of jobs have left our nation already,

Will your job be next?


Why? To destroy America? To Complete the “New World Order”.


To give our nation to the “New World Order” of the United Nations?

Or Elect Don Cordell for President


Enough of this crap. Let’s fight back now,

NO more imports from China, or anywhere,

Made in America or else.

Elect Don Cordell for President


Wake up Americans; are you ready to surrender our nation?


Or, Get your White Flag, ready to surrender.


We fought WW II to protect our nation from invasion by Hitler,

and other wars, starting from the Revolution,

to have a unique government unlike any other in the world.

We have advanced science and technology to a degree,

 not even dreamed of 100 years ago.

If we don’t continue to protect our nation, “we will lose it all”.


Have our Veterans died in vain,

to protect a nation that you will willingly submit

 to the New World Order without a fight.

I’m not even asking you to enlist in the Armed Forces,

I was just begging you to vote in the next election

to stop ending our sovereignty, and protect or nation.


You are in total denial, if you don’t believe this is happening to our nation,

you are not paying attention to what is happening to our sovereignty.

We are about to lose our nation, it is time for you to open your eyes

and see what these politicians are planning for our future.


This website is the most important information for you,

 please read and consider all I’m trying to do for “you”.


Even if you were certain that you would not elect me, you need to know what is happening

to our nation, and your future, if you don’t fight back right now.


The rich controllers have been telling us since 1915 that borders are no longer important.

Just open our borders and let millions from “everywhere” take over our nation.

That’s the plan of The “New World Order”.


I hope you love America enough to spend the time

to review what the “Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission” is planning,

to destroy the United States of America.


Now the International Monetary Fund

is worried that the United States will not be able to support all the poor nations.

Aren’t you sad about that?


The “NEW WORLD ORDER” intends to do away with “our” borders,

to have others tell us how to run our country, to tax us to support third world countries.

We continue to give money to the United Nation’s,

a group that intends to end American Sovereignty.

Some of this is already happening.

Do you want that future for your country?

President Obama believed America should shut down

and give everything we have to the rest of the world,

as retribution for the life style we have lived in luxury.

We owe the world?


Their plan is to move people from country to country,

to co-mingle, to convince us that, is the only moral way for society to live,

mixed, under ONE government,

divide and conquer.

It worked for Reverend Jim Jones in Jonestown




Now, I do understand a bit of what they are trying to do.

People from all over the world have immigrated in to the United States,

and we all get along so far. DON’T WE?

Not anymore, new immigrants, Hispanic and Muslim intend to take over our nation.

(I saw this in Detroit when I was a kid, Italians and Polish

wanted to establish their own communities, with their own laws.

Being Catholic’s, they believed "all citizens" should embrace that religion and dogma.)


If all peoples of the world lived in similar mixed communities,

then we would not want to go to war against any other nation.

We would have all assimilated.


You can live like citizens live in Los Angeles;

afraid to go out of your house in broad daylight,

sure you’ll have peace, as long as you stay inside.


We have assimilated so much that we are at each other’s throat:

ready to kill each other, in fact we are killing each other.

Sounds good on the surface,

but unless we have equal employment

and equal living conditions worldwide,

this won’t work.


Of course those in power want to equalize living conditions all over the world,

so you can live in huts in the dirt like others on earth.


Maybe in another 100,000 years it will work, but not in today’s world.

We do not have a perfect nation with different trouble free communities.


There are still problems in some of our mixed ethnic communities.

In the middle of Detroit, MI is a city called Hamtramck,

it was 85% Polish, now it is a Muslim City,

a Muslim Mayor, and City Council,

they love their religion, so 5 times a day,

loud speakers mounted all over the city,

play the Call to Prayer. Don’t like that, leave the city.


Since we have people from Turkey in the United States

and Armenians also here, they want to fight each other in America!

Must be a mistake somewhere, we are all supposed to love each other in America.


Where have we gone wrong?

Where will the United Nations go wrong?

If we move Jewish and Palestinians to the same community,

certainly they will get along with each other!


What! That hasn’t worked?

My goodness, do you think something is wrong with the plan?


We must get out of the ”United Nations”,

the billions of dollars we give them each year go mostly

to countries that hate America.

If in doubt, please check out on the Internet

by entering “search for: “Trilateral Commission”,

it will totally chill you, see web sites below. 


We contribute to the International Monetary Fund,

that money then goes to other countries that need financial help.

These of course, are mostly nations who hate America.

This whole system is crooked, and destroying America.


Then “our government” is forgiving those loans ($89 Billions in 2006),

 since these poor countries can’t afford to repay us.

We take money from poor Americans to send to the rich in poor countries.

Is “The New World Order” for you?


http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/   >>> Read reports:


“Only the One World Government would be armed”, and who are they?

The United Nations troops, who directs all this action?

THEY, are the “Trilateral Commission (Bilderberg.org),”

a group of very rich and influential people

who want total domination of the world, to reduce the population.

The New World Order plan is total Globalization:

Now look at   (active in 2008)


http://www.bilderberg.org     Super important site to check out.

http://www.bilderberg.org/trilat.htm   “David Rockefeller’s mission”


Get MAD! Are you mad yet?



The downsizing of our industry,

The illegal alien invasion,

The 9/11 attack on America,

All that is going wrong financially in our Nation,

All this leads to our planned destruction.


The removal of our borders, the treaties with our neighbors to the south,

all these Free Trade plans, to open and remove our borders.

The financing of other nations to compete with American companies,

all explained as you review the plan to give the United States to the United Nations.

Canada is, or was part of the United Kingdom/England,

but now England is part of the European Union,

so is Canada now part of the European Union, or will it be,

what about New Zealand, and Australia?


WHY? To end the Sovereignty: of The United States.

NO more “United” States of America.


The “North American Union” will do away with

our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and future elections.

The “New Government” will “appoint directors”,


make what laws are needed for the security of the new union.

We would have a sort of Congress from all three nations

to combine the ruling of Canada, Mexico, and The United States.



We will no longer have any need for any Elected Representatives; that was old fashioned.

We will now have the United Nations telling us how to live and pray pay.


Remember the founders of our nation, promised us;

No more “Taxation without Representation!

well “Taxation with Representation” isn’t so great either.


“The power to tax is the power to destroy”, and subjugate citizens,

to those who placed themselves in power, because you let them do so, why?


That will of course, include Canadians, and Mexicans

now telling us how to run the North American Union.

Our Congress and Senate can now retire,

and just sit home collecting full retirement pay.


Do you want our law to be “Guilty, until “YOU” prove your innocent”,

like they do in England? Coming soon to a court near you.

Makes it so much easier for the prosecutor to send you to jail.

Remember the cops arrest you, because they think you are guilty.

Now you are in court, and they interview the police officer,

and he says: You are guilty, who do the Judge and Jury think is Guilty?

They don’t have to prove anything, and if you can’t prove your innocence,

you’re guilty.

Remember the Jury already believes the cops too, why would cops lie?


Wake up citizens! While you still have the “United States of America”.

I know you won’t really believe what I’m telling you until you read these 3 sources.









If you don’t believe me, Search Google for:

“New World Order”

    Many of you have not bothered to read about,

or understand what is happening in our Country.

Well! It’s about time you do, this is real serious,

we are about to lose our Country’s Borders, our Sovereignty,

and our way of life.

Our manufacturing is leaving our country.

Almost everything we go to buy is made out of America.

Are you concerned? 

I AM, please read my presentation, and ponder as I do,

where is your America headed?


Study these statements to see how they have planned to do this:


*1. "If we do not follow the dictates of our inner moral compass,

 and stand up for human life,

then this lawlessness will threaten the peace and democracy

of the emerging “New World Order”

We now see, this long dreamed-of vision we've all worked toward for so long." –

President George Bush  (January 1991)


*2. "How I Learned to Love the “New World Order”"

 -- article by Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in the Wall Street Journal (April 1992)

Senator: Biden was at that time as a Democratic candidate for President,

then our Vice President.


*3. The "New World Order, that is in the making

must focus on the creation of a world of democracy,

peace and prosperity for all." –

Nelson Mandela, in the Philadelphia Inquirer (October 1994)


*4. "Gun registration is not enough"

 --Attorney General Janet Reno--12-10-93--Associated Press


*5. "Waiting periods are only a step.

Registration is only a step.

Congress now debate passing HR 45.

         The prohibition of private firearms is the goal" -Janet Reno: 


*6 “Public Law 87-297” passed to enable:

Disarming Americans, and our Military.


Still don’t believe in the “New World Order?”

Read these comments: Just a few more of many I have on file.


*7. “We are not going to achieve a “New World Order”

without paying for it: in blood, as well as in words, and money”.

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. In Foreign Affairs (July/August 1995)


*8. Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles

to restore order, [Referring to the 1991 riot].

Tomorrow they will be grateful!

This is especially true,

if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond

[i.e. an extraterrestrial invasion] whether real,

or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.

It is then that all peoples of the world will plead

to deliver them from this evil.

The one thing every man fears is the unknown.

When presented with this scenario,

“individual rights will be willingly relinquished”;

for the guarantee of their well being

granted to them by the World Government.

“Dr. Henry Kissenger, at the Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France 1991


Benjamin Franklin said:

“They that can give up essential liberty

 to purchase a little temporary safety,

deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”


*9. GEORGE WALKER BUSH, Sr. stated:

“The world can therefore seize the opportunity [Persian Gulf crisis]

to fulfill the long-held promise of a “New World Order”

where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause

to achieve the universal aspirations of Mankind”.

(Doesn’t that sound great?)

Welcome to the “New World Order”,

 just what Hitler was trying to do, eliminate borders,

and one huge national government under his control.

We just didn’t understand Hitler,

he just wanted a nation of good people,

unarmed, so that only he had guns,

and you would behave, under his laws, or else.

With a little ethnic cleansing included.


*10. IN THE NEXT CENTURY, nations as we know them, will be obsolete:

all states will recognize a single, global authority.

National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Said: “Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State,

as quoted in Time July 20, 1992”.

Author of “The Great Experiment”


These quotation; and the following – and – many others like them –

clearly demonstrate that the words

 “New World Order”

are deadly serious, and furthermore, have been in use; for decades.

This did not originate with President George Bush in 1990.

The “Old World Order” is the one based on independent nation-states.

The “New World Order” involves the elimination of the sovereignty,

and the independence of nation-states,

for “Some form of One World Government”. 



First we had the League of Nations up to 1918,

then after WW II, the United Nations was formed

to continue the quest of the One World Government.

Our government constantly attempts to unite all nations of the world,

into one worldwide nation.

Go to Google, and search for “New World Order”

learn what is going on in our nation before it’s too late.


     This means the end of the:

    United States of America:

   The US Constitution: and,

  The Bill of Rights: as we now know them.


Most of the “New World Order” proposals

involve our conversion to the United Nations,

and it’s agencies into:

A One World Government, complete with

A One World Army. The UN

     A One World Parliament: not elected by you.

  A One World Court; that will make all laws.

  The return of “Guilty until proven innocent”

     Global Taxation, you won’t get a chance to vote on these taxes.

     The World Government will just tell you what you owe, and you “will” pay, or else.

     The Government owned bank, will just automatically deduct taxes,

our government needs.    

     Remember, they have your number.

     Then the numerous other agencies to control every aspect of human life.

     This is the drive of the Rockefellers, and their allies, to create, a

     “One World Government”, for the rich. Remember, The Tower of Babel.


No more exclusive English language in America,

everything in 160 languages,

so as to make all immigrants feel like they’re still in “their” country,

and they will be.

It will no longer be The “UNITED” States of America.

How are you going to organize any action against the government

when you can’t find many that speak English. Divide and Conquer still works.


Our election officials are ordered to make sure

all Ballots are available for elections in all languages

in use in each community.

I thought this was the United States?

To become a citizen you had to prove you could Read, Write, and Speak English.

I guess that was too much trouble for immigrants

who just want to take over our nation, and not join us.

I’m sorry but if you do not speak English,

and you have been in our nation more that 5 years

I would deport you, and you would not be allowed to return to America

under any circumstances.


“1915” In March 1915 J. P. Morgan interests;

the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interests,

and their subsidiary organizations,

got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world,

and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States

a sufficient number of them

“to control generally the policy of the daily press”.

It was only necessary to purchase control of 25 of the greatest newspaper producers

to control most of the political news in the nation. The end of truthful news.


     EVERY TIME I’ve tried to send a letter to the editor of any newspaper,

and mention the “Trilateral Commission”, or the “New World Order”,

my letters are completely ignored.

Upon questioning why? I’ve been told:

 “We won’t touch on that subject, at all.”


Newspapers publishers bought, and paid for,

so much for real freedom of the press.

Advertisers really control the Press,

our local newspapers charge for delivery,

but that amount in no way is enough to support the Free Press,

so what you pay just pays for physical delivery, nothing else.


   What World Leaders didn’t figure on, was the “Internet”.

Now we can gather data, correspond with each other,

and bypass the Newspapers.

We are becoming more educated about our governments operation.

I hope you will read all of my website,

and see why we have to make changes in America,

to save our sovereignty, and our way of life. 

I assume the Internet will cease to exist under the New World Order.

NO telephones, no more communication between the unwashed.



Do you want to be part of the “New World Order”,

to give up our nation to the United Nations?

We “can stop this if you join me to save the future,

of our country, to save the sovereignty of our nation.


I know you won’t believe any of this, until you check things out for yourself.

Now if you still don’t believe me, check out

“REX 84” on the Internet, an eye opener. Treason.


This is Title 22 USC 2552 (a). PAGE 654. It states as item (a) "control, reduction

and elimination of armed forces..." and as Item (d)" ...Elimination of armed forces...."

[What you need to know is they want our armed forces eliminated

and relinquished from national control,

which, in turn, wipes out our sovereignty as a nation].

In two stages, we will have no more Army, no more Navy,

no more Air Force. In the third stage, we shall have a "zero" military.


Before “Stage 1” closes, all citizens owned guns are to be banned.

HR45 Bill when passed means Federal Registration of all weapons mandatory.


     If the President and Congress can promote a "Constitutional Convention"

you will find yourself with two new constitutions (communist in structure) which in one states in:

Article VIII, Section 12:

"No person shall bear arms or possess lethal weapons

except the police and members of the armed forces....

" While you are at it, look up Public Law 101-216.

"Freedom From War:

The United States Program for General

and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World,

also known as State Department Publication #7277"


Keep Reading:

SUPER, SUPER, IMPORTANT, The end of American Sovereignty


This is really what has caused the Illegal Alien problem in the first place.

Since 1974 there are a group of about 360+ very wealthy,

and influential people in Europe, America, and the Orient

called the “Trilateral Commission” who intend to establish a


They are the ones I’ve been telling you about.

They started the European Union.


    The “NEW WORLD ORDER” intends to do away with “our” borders,

to have others tell us how to run our country,

to tax us to support third world countries.

We continue to give money to the United Nation’s,

a group that intends to end American Sovereignty.

Some of this is already happening.

Do you want that future for your country?

President Bush in 2005, gave the United Nations even more money.


    We must get out of the ”United Nations”,

the billions of dollars we give them each year

go mostly to countries that hate America.

If in doubt please check out on the Internet by entering

“search for: “Trilateral Commission”, it will totally chill you.

    See #32


Are you mad yet? Get MAD!