11. AMERICAN SAFETY: We have very little safety for our many industries.

Terrorists have access to these locations, and love our open country, waiting to hit us, to destroy us.

We have no protection, even for our nuclear facilities, a small plane could cause widespread damage that would last for 10,000 years.

We have no defense for this kind of terrorism.



*** Now our present government wants to set up a file on every “American citizen”,

and be Big Brother to watch over “you”, not illegal aliens.

                                                                                       For the last 50 years our government has constantly denied you more, and more the freedoms of the “Constitution”, and the “Bill of Rights”. I will protect our citizens from this abuse.


With the present computers that our government has, they want to do more tracing of all of our personal life.

What magazines we subscribe to, what books we check out of the library, and whom we call on the phone,

all of our spending that we buy using Credit/Debit Cards.

Remember, the Post Office delivers most of our magazines,

so they know what you subscribe to.


Our government openly admits using wiretaps on our phones, for “our own protection” they say.

They can, and do access our emails, can scan what sites we log on to on our computers, and monitor our first class mail.


The government claims they will only do this with a search order signed by a judge,

well how many judges do you suppose will refuse any police request for a search order? NONE.

They openly use external scanning of your home for heat, sound, etc to spy on you.

This is wrong.

You do not have to be guilty of any crime to be under surveillance,

as our government just monitors you in case you might be planning to commit some crime.


You can be arrested, and imprisoned for even thinking about committing a crime;

just uttering an intention that you might want to do something now comes under

“Suspicion of Conspiring to commit a crime”.

How many of you remember the movie “1984”

I want to end that law; you’re not guilty until you actually commit a crime.


Now some of you complain that: I’m spouting Conspiracies in our government,

well when Bush bragged how he was going to combine three nations in to one borderless nation,

The North American Union, that is a real conspiracy, better believe that.


The invention of computers now allows such an inexpensive ability to trace everything you do.

Citizens have no idea how much data, and surveillance is going on that invades your rights.

Those discount cards now used by some grocery stores, have been used to track all your purchases

that the government might want to use against you,

such as the purchase of alcohol, or over-the-counter medications.

Could your health insurance company be interested in your grocery purchases?

Could our government demand that all grocery purchases must be made with an Identity Card?

Why not?


Your Social Security number is now used for all financial surveillance,

and they want to use it more in the future.


The more information the government has on you, will give them the ability to deny you,

(unless you use “cash”, and drive in your own car)

 (why do you want CASH, what do you have to hide?

You will make all expenditures using your Bank Debit Card,

so the government knows exactly what you spend on WHAT!)

Want to be able to use public transportation to go to “Political Demonstrations” in other places in the country.

Such as the “NO FLY” list they now have on citizens names at the airports.

They can expand this to control your ability to be involved in the political process.

Right now there are more that 1,000,000 name on the “Do not Fly” list, Why?

Will we have inspection stations at every state line, to stop you

from interstate travel? They can do this, as we have to enter California.

There is already conversation about:

If you are on a No Fly List, you should not be able to buy or own a gun.


Could our government demand you submit identification in order to buy gasoline?

Why did your friend buy gasoline to put in your car, as the computer shows he didn’t own your car?

So now to buy gas, you would have to show a valid ID, and the license plate number of your car, all computer controlled.

That can keep you under control of our government to restrict your ability to leave your home area


Believe me, the government would love it if we made all purchases by some sort of bank card,

they would be glad to do away with all cash,

so they can monitor all your income, and spending

to know exactly your financial status.

That would certainly make buying illegal drugs harder,

back to barter exchange to buy things,

like trading a stolen computer for drugs,

without government knowledge of the transactions.


Now, they can start to automatically extract taxes directly from your bank accounts

without any control on your part, just to keep you honest,

“of course”.

Think this can’t be done?

How do they extract your income taxes now?

By taking it from you as your employer pays you.


Withholding taxes; was started during WW II, since people were now being employed,

and making more money after the Depression.

The government decided that they wanted more tax,

by taking it from you during the year,

made it easier for the employee when taxes then became due on March 15th.


This was the start of Socialism in America.


Out of sight, out of mind, your government in action, all heart. As long as you pay your taxes.