On June 23, 2005 when the Supreme Court decided that you don’t really have the right to your property,

when some government entity wants it for other commercial uses.

That makes this a really first in importance to you as a citizen of this country.


As your President, I’ll stop this crap, it’s time to Restore our Constitution,

and execute any elected person who denies us our Rights.

WE must retake control of our nation, because our current crowd of traitors have taken over.

Property Rights are part of the 4th Amendment,

Stand up with me and fight for Freedom.


With the “New World Order”,

the government will be empowered to decide what is the best use of all property.

You will only be a leaseholder, not owner.

If your home is capable of holding more people,

the state will assign who is going to live in your home,

so all citizens will have a decent place to live,

unless you’re the really rich, who have special rights.

Of course after all we non-native Americans descendants are deported,

then the rightful citizens of this land will take over, and there will be a lot of empty homes,



Right now in, 2017, there are an estimated 25 million empty homes due to foreclosures.

In 2010 the government considered burning down,

or other means of destroying empty homes, to clean up the community.

Empty homes that we should put some homeless people in, to Recover our nation.


July 2010: A case in NY state, where Columbia University wanted the state to condemn Private Property

so the University could expand, was deemed wrong by one judge,

then on appeal a higher court decided that Columbia University

is more important that the rights of the previous business land owners.

Read the court case.

This is patently wrong. Are you next, when some developer

wants to build apartments/condo’s on your property?

Sure that brings in more tax revenue for your city, and you should just move on.

Right? NO WAY.


Montgomery, Alabama:

Leaders found a new way to take property of citizens,

destroy the home, bill the property owner for demolition, under removing “Blight”.

No trial, no rights, and then the city forecloses on the land

and sells it to wealthy land developers,

the original owner ends up with nothing,

 in many cases owes the city for the demolition.

Is your home next?

I know they did practically the same thing in Palmdale, CA,

where we now have a new apartment complex, next to City Hall.

Where are the original owners of those modest older homes? Gone to never never land.

This is treason, to the highest degree, citizens have no rights?

Screw Montgomery, Alabama leaders.


In Norwood, OH (Cincinnati) the mayor demanded citizen around 2641 Atlantic Ave.

surrender their property to the city, so a Shopping Mall could be built on this property.

Well! Go to Google Maps and look at that address, now a vacant lot. NO MALL,

no citizens in beautiful middle class homes that Mayor Thomas Williams wanted removed.

I wonder how much the Mayor was being paid to clear that land?

Private property taken to sell to other Private owners

to build stores that will bring sales tax to the city.

By the way Columbia University had a hand in this.

The Gambles lost their lovely older home they’d lived in for 35 years,

where they raised their family, thrown out for Corporation takeover.

I have the review of their home on Videotape, as this fight started,

so I know this was a very nice middle class home they loved.






The Gambles June 2006, won in the courts of OHIO to get their home back,

after fighting the government all the way to the state courts.

The city wanted to have a Mall built on the land on that street.

Somehow I suspect the city will still go ahead to build something to surround that landowner,

to punish them for fighting City Hall.

That’s the way the politicians work.

How dare you fight what THEY want?

Of course while that homeowner was out of the property, it was vandalized,

and now needs about $50,000 of repairs.

From looking on Google, that home is also gone,

since the entire block around their home was vacant land

This is your government at work.


Now the government is planning to control even more about your property

when you try to sell your property,

the government may demand your property must be upgraded

to meet environmental restrictions,

they may demand you home have Thermal Windows, be Insulated,

only Copper pipes, a heating system that meets Green savings plans.

You may find, you are not allowed to sell your home,

that you must turn your property over to the government for upgrading the community.

Your home must be destroyed and new community (apartment) homes be constructed

on your land, to handle the needs of immigrants who are invading our nation daily.


You do not really own anything; do you understand that?


Our all powerful government now will say “They” own all the rights to all property,

and “they” will decide what is the best use for your property,

and throw you off of your property to sell,

or give your property to the highest bidder (buddy), without a bid, of course.

That is the way the King’s use to control all the land in the country; the land belonged to the Crown.

Well, we threw King George out of America in 1787 when we won the Revolution.


Now “Kings of the Supreme Court,” say you can be thrown out,

and the government will confiscate your property for BETTER USES, (election supporters).


I will STOP our nation from using Eminent Domain,

to steal property from our citizens for commercial purposes.

Check out this site, and then Item #65 in this Menu:




All over the nation the government has condemned land “to sell, or GIVE” to other

“More” deserving owners for commercial exploitation.

Article 4 of the “Bill of Rights” states:

“Nor shall private property be taken for Public use, without just compensation”,

notice it says for PUBLIC USE, “not” to give to other private users.

To giving your property to other private owners for whatever construction of anything other those “government needs” is illegal.


Because of abuse by the British, Our nations founders originally included Eminent Domain

as part of our Bill of Rights, to “limit the taking of citizens property,

to allow obtaining land for the use of highways, schools, government buildings

needed by the citizens for government use”,

the government has expanded this law to steal your property,

by condemning the land, then paying the owners a mere pittance,

this is theft of the citizens land.

Regardless of how much they pay the citizen for their property,

if the citizen doesn’t want to sell, the government “does not take”. Period.


The “Constitution” says any government official who denies you your “Rights” may be arrested.

When I’m elected I will personally arrest those members of the Supreme Court

who decided you don’t really own your property, and charge them with “Treason against American Citizens”.


I will condemn, and destroy the homes of every member of the Supreme Court

who made this decision, and turn their property in to parkland, “for the children of course”.


To be a real American I will pay them “ONE U. S. Paper “Federal Reserve” (not Silver) Dollar” for their property,

after all their homes look distressed to me.

I just want to clean up their neighborhoods.

It’s time for we citizens to fight back.

Just one more of our “Bill of Rights” denied to us.


Of course the landowner is usually not paid

what would be the appreciated value of the property.

In Lost Angeles the usual technique was to tell land/homeowners about 10 years before condemnation;

that the property “will be taken”,

of course owners stop upkeep on what they were going to lose eventually,

so that after 10 years, it was more run down, and the government says,

it is now distressed property, and only worth a minor amount.

I will demand the property value be based upon the value on the day condemnation was announced,

plus the increase in value that this property would have had

if not in Eminent Domain condemnation, up to the actual time of being legally stolen from the owner.


Not only that, any desire to sell the property to anyone else, comes to total stop.

The government is not ready to buy, you can’t sell, guess what, YOU are SCREWED AGAIN.


I also want owners compensated for a decrease in value,

if the government places, or uses adjacent land to the landowner,

that decreases the usefulness, or attractiveness of said property.


The government has taken many a farmers land, paid them what it was worth as farmland,

then partitioned that land in to lots for homes at residential value,

and the city pockets the huge financial gain, smiling all the way to the bank.

Note: the farmer was not allowed to partition, only the city.


In 1776 we had to use Violence to get our freedom from the British,

do we now have to resort to Violence again to rescue us from the present government confiscating our property?

To be a free America again, I hope not. Do not let our police confiscate your weapons, fight this


If our government wants your property for another use,

they just confiscate your property (by using Eminent Domain),

to sell to the highest; (best political contributor) bidder, and you are out.


Like hell! That crap will cease “now”.


If I own property and you want it, the price is negotiable, “if” I want to sell.

If not, I do not want any local government entity trying to change zoning or any other way

to make me sell my property or make any changes required on my property,

to keep you from taking my property.

If someone wants my property, we will negotiate.

No way is the government going to force me off of my property if I do not want to go.


Some of this is called the “Community Redevelopment Agency”,

nice sounding name to take your property from you, at minimal cost,

and sold to developers to build expensive new construction.

Cleaning up the community and put you out.


When I’m elected, the politician of any city, county, or state

that has taken any citizens property for the use of “any non-government” reuse is in trouble.

Someone is going to jail.

Monrovia, CA is in trouble when I’m elected,

as are many politicians, in other communities in America.


In Lost Angeles in the 1960’s land was taken from many poor Hispanic families,

by force, to make way for the construction of the Dodgers Baseball Stadium,

certainly not a needed government building.

Also an area near there on Temple and Beaudry was condemned to remove small stores,

so the city could build a new High School.

The High School was built, then and only then did they discover

that this was previously behind the stores an area of oil wells,

 the out gassing was still happening to such a degree, that occupancy of the class rooms

would be dangerous to the students.

The engineers tried covering all the ground with plastic sheeting to control the gasses.

That property is still sitting empty 10 years later, and unused.

After MILLIONS spent to build this high tech school.


Our government will claim your community is distressed,

that they are just cleaning up the community.

NO matter how they do it, they force you off of your property

for someone else to build something new on your property.

IN 2017 THIS IS HAPPENING IN Jeffersonville, IN,

many homes designated as underquality, so must be replaced with New Apartments.


This kind of action has been going on all over the country.

Our wonderful politicians in action, WOW, Aren’t we lucky?


"The Institute for Justice" has been fighting these battles for property owners,

with a lot of success.

We need to protect private property from the politician who believes

your property is only waiting for them to use for some more profitable use.

Check Google for: "The Institute for Justice"



More about the Supreme Court: http://www.bushwatch.com/supreme.htm


I’ll protect your property rights.