Yes I know, this is covered by the Constitution,

but we must change the use of the so-called Electoral College,

to elect our Presidents, in today’s world we must let the VOTERS directly elect our president.


The so-called story was that this gives even small states an equal voice in the election is fraud.

If that were so then each state would have an equal number of Electoral Votes, this is not so.

Larger states still have more votes.

We are not voting for states, we are voting, as a nation, for the President for all of us, in all the states.


California has 54 electoral votes, RI has 3 votes how is that equal representation?

In Reality, the voters in about 5 states actually elect the President, as soon as you get a plurality of Electoral count,

the president has been elected by only those states,

the rest of America’s votes don’t count.

That’s why Obama was announced as elected, within minutes of the polls closing in Hawaii.


In the election in 2000, about 50,000 votes of our Military Service Persons were reportedly “not counted”,

because they didn’t arrive with a “Post-Mark” from overseas,

what a disgrace for those serving “Our country, out of the country”. 

Thanks to the Florida Republicans, for that stunt.

Oh! Did I forget to mention, George Bush was running for President,

and his brother was the governor of Florida!


Most of the average citizens at the time of the Revolution really were not knowledgeable about voting,

and being a free society, so the planners of the new United States really wanted to protect their advantage

of keeping this just their way.


The whole idea in “1787”, was to make sure only the “Correct” person was finally selected

by the Political Leaders”, and not by the unsophisticated individual citizens.


Demand that “your” vote has an equal count in the election.

Royalty selected rulers in Europe.

The rich in America started the Revolution.

In 1787 we were then controlled by the rich

who of course knew who would be the “proper” President.

Money has always decided who would be President It’s time to change that.


Now I’ll admit the Constitution is a very complex really thought out document

 with a lot of legal thought involved,

Thomas Jefferson was a very intelligent person,

and he tried to add all contingencies he thought were important at that time.

Fortunately adding the Bill of Rights later gave us a document that could grow with the citizens needs.


At the start of our new nation, “only Landowners” were allowed to vote,

limiting by “financial status,” those who were allowed the luxury of voting to elect our government rulers.

We have had to fight all these years to get the right for ALL citizens to have the right to vote, use that “right”,

VOTE for me. It took us until 1963 to get voting rights for all citizens in the United States.


Some of our citizens are still cheated out of having their vote count.

Let's change that, limit voting to US citizens ONLY, in English.  No ballots in other languages.

It took us until 1920 to give women the right to vote; now lets include only, "legal citizens".