“NO WAY, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NONE, not one (Copper coated Zinc) red CENT”.

For an eye opener, go online to Google, and search “Aid to Mexico”, Aid to Russia”

plug in any name of any country in the world, and you will see where our money goes.

You will grit your teeth as you see how our government gives away our money


About 1995 America Loaned (gave) Mexico $40 Billion to prop up the Peso,

we will never see that money again.

Doesn’t that make you sleep better at night knowing we are helping that poor nation.

A nation that says, “Screw America”. 2017

now our leaders want to give Mexico $100 to $300 Billion for education and ?


From 1949 to 1997 America gave Israel $84 Billion in Aid,

then since 1997 we are giving Israel $2 billion a year, or more in aid.

Up to 1997 that equaled about $14,630 per Israeli citizen.

This goes on, and on, and on, nation after nation, dollar after dollar.


Israel won’t need aid when I get rid of the Muslims.

“Christians marching forward, with friends.”