15. JOBS: NAFTA, CAFTA, NFAA, WMF, and WTO, and the UN.

The day after I’m sworn in as President, those boats coming from China,

can turn around and take that stuff back to China or elsewhere.

Huge reduction in imports: Make these products in America,

build that new factory here and make it here, hire Americans.

Lets restore the Balance of Trade,

I understand China does import items from the United States,

but I fear they will import, then copy our products to sell at a lower price

to put the American manufacture out of business.


What is happening to our Blue Collar workers? Yet still you elected a Democrap?

Our nation finally hemorrhaging from outsourcing, and the end is coming.

We can’t continue to destroy our job base without total bankruptcy.

I want every American to have a job. With more jobs than people.



The “North American Free Trade Act”,

The “Security and Prosperity Partnership”,

and various versions of these acts,

are to facilitate duty free trade between us and other countries.

The idea was to enhance trade (remove jobs) from the United States,

move jobs to Mexico, Central American, and other Third World nations.

What that really means is that American manufactures can ship production to Mexico,

and then bring those products back to the United States

without paying any duty on products assembled, or manufactured in Mexico.


We were being told: Exporting jobs would raise the income level of other nations,

to match the living standards of Americans.


what it’s doing is reducing our living standards to that of the poorest nations.

We are being sold out, to break American, to destroy the living standard for the 99% of the people of the world.

The 1% will exist in luxury, while we live on survival life only.

Let’s put America back to work!


The WTO, (“World Trade Organization”), is also the typical “lets help other countries produce what use to be made in America”.

The whole intent of all these bills is to help other poor countries, have access to American Markets. America must get out of these organizations.




From 2002 to 2006 more than 48,000 factories closed,

more than 800,000 American workers were laid off, and new factories were built in Mexico,

hiring Mexican workers to fill those jobs.


The Commerce Department, and the State Department have encouraged the movement of these factories,

and jobs to other countries, convinced this was best for economic benefits of America, and Mexico,

and other Central American countries.

Along the Mexican border in Mexico were factories for

General Motors; Fisher-Price; Trico (makes windshield wiper blades); Parker-Hannifin (use to be in Culver City, CA);

Xerox; Ford; Kimberly-Clark; IBM; Samsonite; General Electric; and Rockwell.

Then in Reynosa, Mexico factories for Zenith; Sylvania; Motorola; Admiral; Philco; Sunbeam; RCA;

Quasar; and Magnavox opened.


Now all of those factories are closed,

and all of our Electronic Products are made in the Orient.

So the Hispanics have invaded America looking for more of our jobs.

You won’t find any of these brands for sale in America anymore.


By 1991 only one company was still making TV sets in America.

After 1992 no factory was making TV sets in America.

Now you don’t find any American manufactured TV sets, or other electronic products.


Don’t buy any products from any of these companies.

Stop buying anything "not made in America" if some company in America makes it.

If you don’t buy foreign, someone in America will make it again.



On October 22, 2009 I viewed a documentary TV program,

and recorded it for reference, called “Rags to Riches to Rags”,

the story of the Garment Industry in America.

Stating that in 1990 85% of clothing was made in the USA, in 2006 only 5% of our clothing is made in the USA.

This reported the use of child labor in these foreign plants,

some being paid $5/week, working 12hour shifts, with no environmental controls in their plants.

Fire hazards, workers not protected from injury,

and then those products shipped in to the USA and sold for 10 times the manufacturing costs.

I want duties on these products to equal the cost of production in America,

so buy “Made in the USA, by Americans” Or else.

Do you remember the Mode O Day clothing stores all over America,

Teen fashions at reasonable prices, made by Americans in Los Angeles, CA.

Try to find any clothing made in America now,

what happened to the industry that hired Americans? Our government shipped our jobs overseas. Thank YOU!


30 July 2008, the Federal Government claimed that America

has lost 2.3 Million jobs since 2001,

just from trade with China; we have had enough haven’t we?


December 2008, over 11 million Americans applying for unemployment insurance,

By the end of January that increased to at least 12 million.

Many of our retailers are going out of business.

While we have a temporary bailout for the Auto plants,

that’s just enough until March 09, then what?

If you don’t buy American cars, then why make more,

even if you want an American car, either pay cash, or good luck trying to get a loan.


July and August 09, Congress enacted Cash for Klunkers,

giving buyers a rebate to buy a new car,

so what did Americans buy, mostly foreign cars to help foreign manufactures financial help.

Do I agree with this? Well in July I wanted to buy a family member a used car, what to buy?


I looked at a beautiful Pontiac Montana SUV, drove it, liked it

at a price I felt I could afford, then discovered technical problems with that model from 1998 to 2006, so what to do?

I actually felt like a traitor, buying a Hyundai SUV for a friend,

after researching and not finding one complaint on the Internet about that vehicle.

So I know the challenge many of you make when it’s time to buy another car.

Why can’t we make cars Americans want? Detroit has been building crap.


Our government is disassembling our manufacturing structure, and your jobs are going elsewhere.

Review the index to this book,  “America: What went wrong”: by Bartlett, and Steele.


Economy: In the Los Angeles Daily News Sunday 7 Oct 2007

report by Julia M. Scott about the economy in Los Angeles, CA states

research by the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy,

reports that 40% of the people living in Los Angeles don’t have enough food, clothing, or housing.

How many kids in Los Angeles are going to school each day, hungry?

If it’s like this in Los Angeles, what is it like in the rest of the world?

By the way 79% of those kids in Los Angeles schools are Hispanics.

How many of their parents are in our nation legally?

As of April 09 there are over 560,000 unemployed in Los Angeles County, CA. Where are they?


This is America, not Timbuktu, or some place in India.

America “was” the land of Golden opportunity.


Where are the good times? I guess in China where everything is now being manufactured.

Don’t these companies realize if we have no jobs anymore,

we won’t have the money to buy anything from China?


If we don’t turn this nation around, there will be no nation.

Housing market at a dead standstill, and all the economy that goes with being a homeowner, now dead.

Foreclosures may not have happened to your home (yet), but the so-called “Trickle Down” economy will hit you too.

If you are a small business owner that deals with the public, soon your public can’t buy your product or services.

You lay off some employees temporarily, and then they can’t pay their bills either.

We are all in this together folks. HELP.

I suspect these same conditions are happening in other cities of America. I know it is in Elkhart, IN.


Home building down 28% in America as of Dec 2007.

Homebuyers are not buying furniture for these new homes,

not buying any other items new home owners normally would buy,

our economy is shot, let's not continue this, lets save our nation.


No more American jobs; In Industrial Water World magazine, Nov 07

a report by the editor of The Tooling Manufacturing & Technologies Assoc.

remarked about the cost of Free Trade to America,

spokesman Brian Sullivan noted:

There are 36,000 fewer US “factories” than there were Eight Years ago.

One in five manufacturing jobs has been lost in the last 10 years.


Our government’s solution; Learn to live with it, foreign nations are more important.

We have to help other nations by downsizing America, learn to live on welfare, for 6 months.

There are some great cardboard boxes down on Main St. for you, when you are homeless.


OR Don Cordell’s plan: Stop importing anything,

hire Americans at American wages,

so Americans are paying more Social Security taxes,

while Illegal Alien employers have avoided paying any of these taxes.

Fire the illegal aliens, hire Americans,

and return all those products from China, back to China.

Do not import anything from Mexico until every single illegal alien has left our nation.


Our government is telling us we can’t support Social Security in the future,

that Social Security is broke;

of course we can’t, when so many non-Americans are employed in our workplace.

Homebuilders hire very few American citizens in that industry anymore.

Our auto industry is on the doldrums; while manufactures move production out of the country.


Lets restore America; lets hire American citizens,

and show the world we can survive the traitors ruining our nation now.

American manufactures can produce a great product

if they have equal costs of manufacturing. 

We have to restore our nation, or everything dear to the American way of life will end.


Our nation is about to be destroyed so we will no longer be a threat to any other nation.

Disarmed, economically destroyed, millions out of their homes,

our schools dumbed down, our youngsters untrained to do the skilled work of today,

while we have foreigners asking for H-1b Visa’s to work in our nation,

to get these jobs at half the wages Americans would be paid to do the same job.

That makes sense doesn’t it?


Our Government says; Send work out of the United States or bring in foreigners to do the work in America,

anyway to avoid “Americans” having jobs.

That’s treason to me, how about you?


I can’t believe our government is allowing this to happen.

Can you?

I know why they are doing it, to end the sovereignty of the United States.

Then telling us how America can’t pay our retirees in the future because we are bankrupt,

of course we are, why? Are you ready to stop this treason?

I want some of the past Elected Officials in prison, and Border Guards out of Prison.


I intend to stop NAFTA, FTAA, CAFTA, the WTO, WMF, SPP, and any other treaty

that comes along to end control of our borders,

used to force America to deal with foreign imports, and illegal immigration.


My policy is “If you make it in Mexico, sell it in Mexico”, do not bring it back in to America to sell to us,

when it use to be made in America,

 Black and Decker, Sunbeam, listen up.

When I go to buy a simple thing like Windshield Wipers for my car, and all of them are labeled,

“Manufactured in Mexico",

I’m mad.

I am also mad that often you can’t buy replacement blades,

you have to buy the entire arm assembly.

I know better what we have to do, join me folks, lets retake America.


It’s criminal that American companies transfer all their production out of this country,

lay off Americans workers,

Then; want us to believe they are only interested in providing us their product at a cheaper price.

The prices don’t go down, the company profits go up, up, up, at the expense of American workers.


The present administration reports more jobs being available,

yes, but at half, or less of the pay they received before.

More, and more minimum wage pay offered to skilled workers

who were laid off when the companies moved to some other country.


In April 2007 Circuit City Stores decided to lay off all employees earning something like “more than” $9/hr.

Then offered these workers reemployment starting at minimum wage, what a disgrace.

If you lived near any Circuit City Stores or their affiliates I would hope you would boycott this company.

(Thank goodness, Circuit City went bankrupt and closed forever.)


The financial stress on families is destroying our middle class way of life.

Inflation caused by fuel costs,

runaway inflation, is destroying America.

The depression of the 1872-1878; 1928-1941 will be a picnic in comparison.

Massive depression is on the way, unless we stop this exporting of our jobs, and manufacturing.

Our Balance of Payments, are negative at 9 Trillion dollars. Most of that for OIL, and products from China.


In Walla Walla, and Dayton, WA The Jolly Green Giant, (Seneca Foods) Asparagus factories were closed down.

Del Monte closed plants in Toppenish, WA,

as our benevolent government passes the Andean Trade Preference Act in 1991,

eliminating trade tariffs on products from Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, and Ecuador,


Then our government sent Billions of dollars in loans, credits, and grants through the World Banks to these nations.

We sent $3 Billion to Peru, to establish Asparagus fields in Peru, so now Peru can pay workers $5 a day/or less,

versus American workers earning $7.35/hr.

So now all our Asparagus comes from Mexico, Peru, and China.

Thousands, and thousands laid off in America to aid Central, and South American nations prosper.

When is America going to prosper?

I’ve bought things made in China, before I realized what was going on.

Now I do not buy anything made in China. Never again, if we don’t stop this rape of America.


This country is bankrupt over, and over.  We must change this, or America is done.

Don’t buy Green Giant®, or Del Monte® products, “made out of America” Read labels


From the White House, Council of Economic Advisors.

The Outlook, and Policy Responses  (from your President):

“At the same time, it is important to recognize that trade can cause dislocation for some workers”.


President Bush has proposed a number of policies to help people affected by such economic changes.

Notably, he has supported expanded trade adjustment assistance to help displaced workers gain,

or enhance job-related skills, and find new jobs, including assistance with career counseling,

training, income support during training (for 6 months), job search assistance, and relocation allowances.


The Presidents innovative proposal for personal reemployment accounts

will provide resources to workers most in need

to help with the costs of training, and adjustment.

The proposed reemployment accounts would then offer a cash incentive

for individuals to find work quickly, aligning public support with private incentives.


Unions, I want our unions to get middle class income for our middle class workers making products in America.

I want workers to get middle class income, so they can afford to support a family. 

Detroit has built some of the best cars in the world.

Detroit can’t compete with minimum wage employees desperate for work

at any wage hired by the other foreign companies in America.


The President has also worked with Congress to ensure that unemployment insurance benefits

are available to people in need (up to an additional 15 weeks, after that you are screwed).

These benefits provide important support for household incomes during difficult economic times.

We are told we now have less unemployment, yeah, except you lose your job at $18/hr,

now you’re working for $ 6.50/hr, in fast food joints, great employment opportunities.


In most states now, you can’t even get a job pumping gas, mostly self-serve.

Wash your own windows; check your own oil.

As you prepare to drive to the unemployment office.


I know we need big business, but we also need small businesses.

It use to be “What is good for General Motors, is good for America”,

now it’s “What’s good for the United States is good for General Motors.


For auto manufactures there are probably 50,000 other businesses that supply,

and support the manufacturing of an automobile,

these small businesses hire millions of citizens, and that supply’s many other jobs for our citizens.

Excello® makes many of the cardboard panels, and spacers that are door panels,

all the inside kick panels, the trunk inside panels.

Excello® was One of the inventors of the cardboard Milk cartons back in the 1940’s.

When cars are not made in America, Excello® has to lay off employees.

Just one of the many suppliers to the auto industry that you never see the product name,

but it’s in your American car.

Libby/Owens/Ford®, makes window glass for cars.

Saginaw® makes power steering units,

Bendix® makes brake parts,

Delco® makes alternators and electrical parts,

other companies make the light bulbs, rubber parts,

Timken® bearings, lubricants, cloth for the seats,

and head liner in the roof of your car, over and over

 there are so many suppliers for the auto manufacture to assemble in to that American Car.

Support America; buy American.

Or help build the poor house in town, because soon you will be living there!


Farm Subsidies: We need farmers, but we don’t need huge farm conglomerates

that are paid huge payoffs, to not farm the land.

I will limit help to only “individual farmer/cooperatives”, to a reasonable amount

since farmers are at the mercy of the weather.

Then these huge farm conglomerates know that over production of any food will be bought by our government

who has established price controls and this surplus food is shipped to other countries

at a cost less than the local growers in those countries can produce,

putting those local farmers out of business.

No wonder people in other countries hate the United States.

We are not helping other countries with our food policies.

While American homeless go hungry.

Something wrong here, when farmers that don’t farm, get your $$$$$.


I’m not stupid, and we are going to stop the rip off of the taxpayers by “landowners”

who are not actually farmers “in fact”.

NO farm subsidies, or payoff to any farmland owner/operator

who doesn’t live within 10 miles of the land in question.

We paid $20 billion in 2005 to non-farmers with your money.

Beverly Hills, CA has 136 subsidized farmers. NO MORE. No food grows in Beverly Hills, CA.


“That’s Outrageous”, Readers Digest® March 2007 Farmers in small towns in Mississippi

and other small towns in America receive next to nothing

because: they have such small farms, or are renting the land,

while the more elite are paid so much more, we need to help these distressed farmers,

not farmers in Peru, or in Beverly Hills, CA.

Sorry, growing Tobacco is not a food crop.

Although Marijuana farmers seem to think so, HA.


February 2007: Report again, from Chrysler that they have to lay off 13,000 more,

called the Valentine’s Day Massacre,

closing an assembly plant in Newark, NJ, another in Del.,

reducing shifts in Warren, MI, and St. Louis, MO.

and a parts center near Cleveland, with reduction’s at other plants.

How can this be happening in America?

Our American auto manufactures have made some great cars,

now they’re being undercut by imports with unfair competition.

June 2008,

I expect to see many more layoffs now, with the recessions, and inflation that will destroy our economy.

May 6, 2009

Chrysler now bankrupt, out of business, taken over by Fiat of Italy. What a shame for Americans.


This is exactly what happened in the Stock Market crash in 1929, failure after failure,

as the economy crashed.

Millionaire one day, pauper the next, many committed suicide from disgrace.

Banks closed, our government in crisis, well we are that point again.

Are you going to let this happen out of apathy?

Our Dollar is fading in value in the world market.


Why build Electric Hybrid cars, when you will not be able to afford to buy one.

You know! Eventually, we won’t be able to afford any new car, if this keeps up.

America is in real trouble if we don’t stop this now.

This is snow-balling, YOU have less money to spend, so YOU buy less, stores close,

factories close that made the merchandise YOU can no longer afford,

those workers now have no money to spend, and this spirals down, and down.


1929: happening again? You had better believe it. I was born in 1927,

I know the depression life that you are about to experience, and it isn’t pretty. It’s sad.


The United Nations will promise to save our nation, when they take over,

and you will hope they’re right and invite them to takeover our government.

Do you have money in the bank, bank closes, money gone.

Insured by the government? HA, Government can say, SORRY Sucker.

Now your government is the United Nations and that money is gone, then what are you going to do?


We must start fighting back before our nation is turned over to the UNITED NATIONS.