Most of the products we now find for sale in our stores about 90% come from other countries.


“Why do I find canned food from China, in our markets?”

I find frozen Salmon fillets Product of China in my local market right now. A disgrace.

Canned Asparagus from Peru,

Canned Asparagus from China.

Canned Corn from Thailand.

Canned Pineapple from Thailand, what next,

Yes Apple Juice from China,

Not one brand of canned Tuna from America.

What in the hell is going on in our nation?

Let's go on strike, buy American only.


This must end; we use to be the pride of the world with our manufacturing ability.

Now all of these products come from Asian countries. RCA, GE, Philco, Motorola, Zenith,

Admiral, Emerson, Westinghouse, hallicrafters, National, Dumont,

many major companies are now foreign owned, or non-existent any more.


Metro Goldwin Mayer now owned by SONY?

Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore,

our great American companies are more and more

owned by foreign interests.


What is China going to buy, now that they own America?

What do you think China is going to do with all the money we are spending on products from China?

What is happening to our country?

The Chinese are looking to buy American residential Real Estate,

does that mean we will have a huge influx of Chinese Citizens?

You buy “Made in China”, they buy America.

There are 285 business's in California owned by China.


Lets restore this great nation that offered the best life on earth that mankind has ever experienced.

We have allowed our politicians to sell us out, in the Quest of  “A One World Government”.


I’ll put some teeth into the “Consumer Protection Agency” to stop this.

We are offered so many products that are unsafe trash.

The Consumer Protection Agency reports that they can only test 1% of incoming products,

if we didn’t have so many imports that job would be easier.


Do you have any idea what dangerous products are on the market?

I do.

In the consumer market, manufactures always weigh the cost of some safety, versus price.

Ford considered the price of possible lawsuits to correct a bad gas tank design on the Pinto,

versus the $8 each to correct the design.

It was cheaper to pay any death claims

than to make the Pinto safer for you to own,

that’s disgusting.

Why do we have recalls?

Errors in design can be expected, but when corners are knowingly cut, you the buyer suffer.


Products need to be designed to offer the most safety possible.

For years I’ve been repairing these design errors.

Chevrolet built pickup trucks with the gas tank outside of the frame,

where those gas tanks were a danger in collisions

to the side door areas of the cab.

Stupid design, and you die.

I owned one of these trucks, and became afraid to drive it anymore.


“The Consumer Union’s” publication has been inspecting and reporting on consumer products since 1936,

in a completely independent evaluation, to protect consumers.

I commend them for their honest reporting on product quality, and safety.


Of course that old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make the horse drink.

We can only tell you if there is something poor or wrong with a product,

but we can’t stop you from buying the product, unless it’s a safety issue.


There are various quality products based upon price.

Some items are cheap because they only need to provide momentary use.

We don’t need Diamonds to wear when we do the laundry,

but we don’t want to buy paper-machete, when we need steel products.

Whatever the quality of the product, we have state laws about a product must be able to do the job

it was designed to do, for a reasonable time, Vs the price of purchase.


Recalls need to be enforced much sooner, and to make sure the customer is protected from loss.

Guarantees are useless, if the seller is out of business. This happens over and over.


We have advertisements that tell us about the glorious product, but buyer-beware.


We have to stop the selling of bad products.

I don’t mean products that are just cheap,

but products that do not do the job, that are “dangerous”,

that are totally unsafe to use,

and we have some of this now,

but need more coverage on new products never before tested.


We must help our Consumer Protection Agency to help us.

I am appalled right now about all the products from China,

where China didn’t use the type of paint supplied by the American company

Mattell; toys with Lead Paint, that are chemically dangerous to our babies and young children.

There is absolutely no reason for lead paint on toys for children.

Every time we turn around there are more problems with products from China.

NO more imports from China, Period.


Where are you going to get your next AK 47? Gee things are hard all over.

I believe most citizens should own an AK 47, how does that grab you?


All of this is a plan to disable American production facilities, so we would never again be able to defend ourselves.


If you buy an American Cadillac, the pride of General Motors best engineering (?)

and your “on car” computer module goes out, guess what!

That comes from Germany, and you may have to wait up to 2 months

to get a replacement part for an American car. What kind of a deal is that? Globalization again?

But: Cadillac leaves a lot to be desired, if Cadillac is the best America can make; I know; I own one.


I just had to replace a relay that feeds 12v to the Starter Solenoid,

guess where the replacement relay was manufactured? CHINA.

Cost $25. for what should cost at the most $4., if made in America.


When I go to an auto parts store I find brake drums from China, other products made in Mexico,

only Oil (imported of course), and antifreeze seems to be made in America.

Go to the tire store, tires from Yugoslavia, or Japan, with American sounding names.

Tools, with names like “Pittsburgh”, product after product

with very American sounding names, and place of manufacture (China) in very small print.


If we need Tanks for our military, shall we order them from BMW? Mercedes? Toyota? Hyundai?

Airplanes from “Mattel”? oh! That’s right all those toys come from China anyway.

Military clothing now comes from China too, this is a disgrace.


American flags you Wave to show pride in America, “Made in China”.


We really won’t need the military anymore, since we won’t be able to fight anyone, we will be disarmed.

Part of the safety, of being part of the United Nations.

Misbehave, and United Nations troops will be here to control your misbehaving.

Master Soldiers of the United Nations at our rescue, to shut us up.


Try to find repair parts for a TV set anymore, your choice is mostly buy a new TV set,

they wanted up to $80 for a high voltage transformer for a $150 TV set.

Of course the new flat screen TV’s don’t use that high voltage anymore.

You use to plan on about 2 or 3 service calls a year on your TV set,

now we hardly ever take the back off of any set for years.

New sets have no back, all plastic molded with no chassis as the old TV sets had.

Many TV’s have never been opened until the owner decides to buy a newer TV.

I’ve had RCA’s with a constant repair problem and other brands, with constant intermittent problems,

that are not worth the labor to pay for repairs

when it costs more than 50% of the cost of a newer better product,

that has a warrantee.


There is very little service information for any foreign manufactured equipment any more.

Planned obsolescence, just throwaway, and buy new, not very Green ecosystem as far as I’m concerned.

All too many items are un-repairable, just modular replacement.

I want more and more, “component level” repairs possible.

Of course so many of our technicians don’t know how to repair a lot of today’s high-tech products.

They just keep trying module after module until they become lucky to find your problem.

Of course you will pay for each module they tried,

since once they plug it in, now it’s used. So you have bought it. Hey it’s only money.


In my own car, the window assembly has a small plastic piece that fits in a guide,

when the little plastic piece breaks, my window won’t roll up, electric motor works;

manufactures cure? Buy the entire motor and window scissor assembly for $450 for the part only,

(plus labor), which no less is Riveted to the inside of the door.

All because a little plastic piece 1 ½“ long X ¾“ wide X 1/8th inch thick breaks,

where there is a 3/8 diameter hole for the pin on the arm.

Only “unit reparable”, no repair parts.

Of course I’m going to make my own plastic piece out of aluminum.

That’s Cadillac for you.

I’ve owned a number of General Motors cars, and I’ve never been that thrilled with any of them,

I’ve seen too many corners cut on engineering, to be a happy owner of any GM product.

I’m advising you to buy American cars, but, you know what? They had better start making better cars.


Huge profit in this modular replacement market for repairs,

because the manufacture doesn’t want people to learn to repair at the component level.

Customer rip off deluxe.

Wonder why cars cost so much anymore,

and if you have a minor accident, the car is totaled.


What happened to front and rear bumpers?

Open grill to get mashed in during parking,

Plastic trim where the bumper use to be, that we see fallen off and on the side of the street.

If you have a slight bump, only $6000 to fix.

Hey you’re rich what’s a few hundred dollars for each little piece that falls off.

Plastic radiators, plastic everything. Even Plastic money, but those banks want real America Dollars when you pay the bill.


Did you realize that after Feb. 2009 all normal TV sets no longer worked?

You “had” to buy the new WIDE SCREEN, DIGITAL TV sets, (foreign made),

or you will do “without” TV.

Or buy an adapter box for an estimated $40 discount for “each” (foreign made)

to use any older TV.

When TV sets were made in America, repair parts were available.

The shock will come to the new purchasers also when they buy a new TV with DLP system,

that uses a special lamp with about a “2000 hour life time”, replaceable for about $300.

plus service call.

Fortunately if you are on Cable, or Dish TV your standard NTSC TV set will continue to work.


Notice that expiration date for regular TV reception, corresponded to one month after Obama was sworn in to office,

they want to make sure all of you could see that event.

Now that date was extended to June12, 09, because many viewers had been unable to get coupons

for the converter boxes,

BUT the converter box is not the only answer,

for many, installing outside antenna’s may be necessary, and even then reception may be iffy.


We still have AM radio, and FM radio after all this time (although that too will soon change),

there was no reason to stop NTSC TV, our normal 4:3 aspect TV reception was sufficient,

until 90% of the households have bought the new High Definition TV sets.

Most poor people, and that includes most of us, couldn’t afford to buy a new wide screen TV,

and the extra cost cable charges, when we really have been very satisfied with our standard TV operation.

Both systems could co-exist.

I notice digital glitches, signal dropouts, and blurred effects with fast movements.

We are being sold a package that I’m not sure all of us really need.

No more recording on videotape in the 6-hour mode, in fact “no more recording on videotape or DVD’s”.


Our government claims they want to “SELL” the spectrum space used by these normal TV channels 2-82.


The government claims this space is needed for other communication channels.

They are telling that to the wrong person, there is plenty of channel space for all these other needs.

I know; I’ve worked in this industry for 60 years.


It’s as if the government really owns the airwave frequencies,

we have empowered the FCC to control the usage of these frequencies

to insure each user has good results, and protected from other users

who are suppose to operate only on their assigned channel, nothing else.


The Government does not own anything, but to license and be sure that users operate according to the law

on power and the assigned frequency channel, and not cause any interference to other users of other frequencies.


There is a lot of unused space between VHF Channel 13 and UHF 14, where it is actually a very usable frequency area for mobile communication.

It is marked for Government use. Yeah sure, sucker.


If we actually have another World War, we would not have the ability to manufacture those items we need to win,

(makes you wonder if this is the governments total plan).

We were the pride of the world when our citizens went to work to build the equipment we needed to win WW II.

Now those plants are closed down.

We really are defenseless, without the ability to produce that kind of military equipment.

(We are being disarmed)


Most all imports arrive in container cargo packaging, on ships that use OIL to run the ships.

How much OIL is wasted for shipping “in to, and out of “ our country? “Too much”.

While “WE” are told to conserve oil, this is a huge waste. These ships should be using nuclear power.


Visit our stores, and look where most of the products on sale come from.

Do you want General Motors, Ford, Chrysler

replaced by Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, VW, BMW?  Who won WW II?


Our furniture, and textile industries are now gone, to foreign manufacturers.

The microprocessors in your computers are (were) American made;

“everything else” in your computer is made out of the United States.

Now Intel is building a manufacturing plant in China, why?


IBM sold their PC Division to a Chinese company Linova, can you imagine that?

Yes most of our foods still come from America, but not forever, as we pay other countries to grow,

and ship food to America I realize that off-season, for fresh food,

that we have imports to serve our citizens.

But I want those foods to be safe, grown under safe conditions.

It’s bad enough that we have fresh vegetables grown in America that aren’t safe.


The recent contaminated Tomato scare, and now they say it was Peppers from Mexico,

over some 1400 made ill from this problem, and our government couldn’t trace the source?


Our benevolent government now is in control of all the irrigation water in California, and has turned off the pumps,

so our farms are drying up. Don’t need to feed the nation from the California Bread Basket.


We can just import all of our foods from now on.


The government can tell you instantly where a crop of POT came from. Don’t you feel safer now?

But: our government has a solution, of course, “not caused by a conspiracy of course”,

our government will just close all the farms, and only government sponsored farms will be allows

to ship food to market. Just to protect little old, or young you. Isn’t that wonderful?


Foods from China killing your pets, antifreeze in your toothpaste, from China, but our government is here to protect you?


Of course we still make cigarettes in America. WOW.


We do still have a considerable chemical industry still in America.


I rarely find anything else made in America anymore.  DO YOU?


Oh yes! You can buy American made Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer to clear out Federal Buildings.


A bit of cleaning up the environment.