1620: What has gone wrong since then?

In 1620 a group of very courageous people decided to seek freedom to live and worship in their own way.

They had migrated to Holland for a few years, but decided to join the Virginia group in the Americas.

So they set out in two ships headed west. Unfortunately one of those ships was leaking dangerously and both ships turned back.


That delay caused those families on the Mayflower to arrive in the New England area too late in the year to continue on to Virginia. While the Mayflower paused off the coast of Cape Cod, it was decided that they could not continue south, and had to settle on that coast at what became what they called Plymouth Colony.

More than half of those settlers died before the next spring.

“Thanksgiving Day” My Pilgrim ancestors George Soule, Francis Cooke, his wife and daughter, were 4 of the 50 Pilgrims at that table for that First Thanksgiving Day.    Thank goodness they survived, for me to be here.  

I remember 1938; we had a Chicken for Thanksgiving,

the first meat we’d had in 5 months, we were thankful.

    How many Americans on this day, had no Dinner?


It was not long before other ships the next year decided to join this new community, and a few more years later the

British Crown decided that they had to send military forces to control these new escapees from Great Britain.


Of course the new settlers now had to still obey British law they had tried to escape. As early as 1636 Roger Williams and his followers left the Boston area and settled in Rhode Island again for religious freedom. Why?


Study this in detail.

When did the Plymouth area become Massachusetts?

When did the next area west become Rhode Island, then on to Connecticut?

When did such area’s become Colonies?

When did these colonies decide on names, such as “NEW” York. “NEW” Jersey, and other names for settlements? These early settlers struggled to form NEW communities. 


In 1776 these settlers decided to combine all these NEW Colonies to be called States, and United together for a new government of the 13 colonies. Laws were different in different states, but the leaders in each state decided that a Constitution and the Bill of Rights would be the basic laws for all 13 colonies/states. That there would be open trade between the States, without any Tariff’s (taxes). That each state would be free to control their laws within their borders, but now Washington DC has taken over the 9th and 10th Amendment, for the Good of ALL.


Our government has declared that all states will follow the FEDERAL LAWS, or else, no money back to the states to pay for the expenses the government decided each state will enact and perform.


We still have Religious Freedom, until the IRS, and State Governments decide to tax them out of existence. YOU say, the Government can’t stop Religion? Russia did it in 1920, the churches were closed and Religious meetings became ILLEGAL. Our government, federal, state, county, and city can start to tax the churches until the churches close for financial reasons.

Will our nation collapse for Financial Reasons? You are seeing that happen right now in 2013


150 years later “1770”, these settlers again decided to escape British Laws by throwing the British forces out of the new settlement. Thus we find ourselves with a group of citizens that pondered and wrote, then re-wrote, over and over the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 

                                                        We the People……….


Declaring freedom, and achieving freedom are two different things.

As that battle for Independence continued, it was 1787 when the British decided they had been defeated.


We then instituted the Constitution, and as an afterthought the Bill of Rights to dispel any misunderstanding about these new freedoms our settlers had declared for what now became the United States of America.


On the Mayflower, two of the families, those of George Soule, and Francis Cooke, are my ancestors.


Many other early arrivals before 1700 were my ancestors, and as I decided to find out more about my ancestry, I learned what a struggle these settlers endured, and how they decided the freedoms our families should have for a better life in this new nation.


Our nation has had many struggles to survive the last 220 some years. We have elected leaders to guide us along the way, some good, some not so good, but in the long run, with more freedom than citizens have ever had anywhere else on earth.


Now these freedoms and the future of our nation is at risk, from those who wish to divert our sovereignty and join us to a One World Government.


Isn’t it funny that in every Presidential election, the person campaigning for election, claims he will finally do something to improve our nation that the previous leader did

not do. We are still trying.


What next? Well let’s just remove the borders of 49 states, as we join the North American Union, where we will be told, we do not need borders for the Unites States then our appointed leaders, (NOT ELECTED) will copy the so called start of the United States, how’s that working for you? That the Leaders(?) will decided the laws for all three nations, Canada, the United States, and Mexico. For the NEW North American Union. Good luck.


“I will do something” to improve our nation that the previous leaders did not do. See how that works?