We export about 10%.

Farmers are excited about being able to sell their produce to foreign nations,

our government sells most of that to other countries on Credit,

they in turn, turn around, and resell it on the open, or black market,

collecting the cash they never expect to repay to America, WHY? 

We shipped “Wheat” to help Russia; it ended up for sale on the black market in India, WHY?

The only thing we use to export more of was WAR material,

to help other nations to protect themselves, (or attack their neighbors).

Now they buy munitions, and missiles from China, and planes from France.


GM reported sales of 1.1 Million vehicles in 2008 to China,

and already by June 09 they had exported some 900,000 vehicles to China.

Owning private vehicles grows in China as their economy expands,

which means China now needs more gasoline,

so they now compete with America to buy this “getting more scarce” resource.


I love it when I hear our government state that for instance Mexico bought X number of dollars of American products from us,

what they mean is that American companies now in Mexico imported some American products from us

to manufacturing their product that when Mexicans have completed the manufacturing that product is shipped back to the United States.

Mexico does not need anything from the United States. Mexico buys a lot of foreign cars, not American cars.

Nobody needs the United States anymore.

Does that bother you? It bothers me.