When in the course of human events,

it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands

which have connected them with one another”:


In 1776, some very brave Colonists decided;

the very first Republic for citizens was right for our unique nation.

(Including my ancestor Seth Huddleston and others in Mass.)

These brave individuals were very knowledgeable about law,

and were considered traitors by the British government.

They were so convinced that all of our citizens deserved to be free from the British rule,

that they risked everything,

when they each signed the “Declaration of Independence”.


This was the outgrowth of the “Mayflower Compact”,

the first ever law that settlers from Europe decided

for their new settlement in 1620,

a set of agreements “among each citizen” as to how to govern “themselves”.


The Pilgrims had been living in Holland for a few years before 1620,

but didn’t want their children to become citizens of Holland.

So they headed towards the Virginia colony,

unfortunately weather,

and troubles with the second ship, the Speedwell, delayed them,

so some of them ended up on the Mayflower, and settled in what became Plymouth, (MA).

They came here to be left alone, to worship as they wished;

it was harsh, over 50 of those Pilgrims died in the first winter.


My ancestors George Soule and Francis Cooke Edward Doty, and others

were part of that settlement agreement.


Of course other British goons, were soon sent to the Plymouth colony to run the Pilgrims.

There were 15,000 English immigrants in Plymouth Colony by 1635.


The British Government just couldn’t let the settlers live somewhere on their own.


150 years later, the colonists had enough of the British, and decided to clear them out.

In 1776 they decided that we had to make a change in how we were being governed.

Here we are 232 years later, and we are in trouble again.


These brave people gave a lot of time and legal thought,

to ensure these documents were just right to achieve our freedoms.


They, and others, then gave their lives to fight the British,

and to secure our freedom from the subjugation we’d had under British power.


Now our government is trashing the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The “Bill of Rights” did not “Give us Rights”; They were "Our God given Rights".

The Bill of Rights; was added to specify the rights of our citizens

for what the Constitution did not cover,

to make sure our government rulers know what were our Natural Rights.


We have to save America NOW.

The purpose of the Constitution and the “Bill of Rights”

was/is to restrict what the government can do, otherwise we are free.

OR: we were Free.


The Constitution is not without fault,

but it’s better than any other system of government known in history.

Are you ready to just “surrender” our nation to the

New World Order? WHY?

Scared? Or Lazy? Or resigned to surrender?