Too many of our schools in America are mediocre, unbelievably poor,

the children passed on year after year, when they don’t know the class-work.


The schools in Los Angeles, California have just announced that they are going to start teaching children to speak Chinese,

starting as young as Kindergarten.

Preparing our children for the new controlling government.

We haven’t taught all the children in our schools English yet.

Half the children in Los Angeles schools speak Spanish, and no English,

yet they want to teach Chinese.



In first place “A # 1” A hungry child can’t learn, been there, know that.

Tell me how a child can graduate from High School, and not be able to read, that is a crime.

“Teach phonics”. The most important start in school is to learn to read.

The idea that we can’t afford to teach all the children is a poor excuse.

We can’t afford, not to teach our children.


I don’t want any child advanced to the next grade

until they pass that grade with B or better in “all” subjects. B = 80% or better.


NO affirmative action, if you don’t know the subject, you don’t pass.

Lets educate our children.


We have a new educational system headed your way,

just in case you missed my insert of this website at the beginning, review this again,

as this is our new government policy to ensure your children are indoctrinated in

the “New World Order” education policy.


Your child must be taught in a Government sponsored school,

no more home education, your child must learn that the government is the total authority,

and they will learn our Government is correct.

Your child will now be ready to submit to the United Nations control

and total submission to total authority of our new government policy.


Now your children will understand that the old Constitution and Bill of Rights were a False Doctrine

that only led to disturbances in our nation.

Under the new plan, your children will let the government be in total control,

and stop any demonstration against authority.


They tried this in California in 2008 to stop Home Schooling,

so much citizen response; they dropped this attempt to change the law at least for now.


Don’t tell me that any child of any ethnicity is not capable of learning; that is no excuse.


Businesses are not ready to hire a student who got a degree in “Affirmative Action”.


Giving someone a degree, or certificate of education, that have not competently acquired the education,

is doing that child a disfavor.


If you study and get the degree yourself, as required to graduate,

you have proven you are capable of all that degree stands for.


Do you want a surgeon operating on you that got the degree because of affirmative action, not education?


I’m sorry, if I’m told that person didn’t pass the classes, but they really mean well,

and want to fulfill that jobs classification, that’s not going to make it for me.


 say, someone really wanted to be a doctor, but didn’t learn and pass the classes,

so we just give them a degree to be a doctor anyway, after all they mean well,

why should we deprive them a license, maybe they will learn on the job.

Wouldn’t affirmative action be wonderful?


Did the pilot flying that 747 you are on, actually graduate from flight school?

So what if he didn’t quite learn how to land the plane, perhaps he will pick up that skill

 as he lands the plane you’re on now.

Remember that flight in the winter of 2008 coming in to Buffalo, just missed the airport by 3 miles.

Thank goodness, the plane only hit one home, but killed all of the passengers.


I read that people think education should be a local control process.

We’ve had that, with poor results.

“All children can learn”, but the process has to start at home

before school ever starts.

First the parent must instill in the child that “education is a positive thing”,

that learning is the future for when the child becomes an adult.

I don’t care where the child lives, what community they are in.

Learning how to read, to do math, to understand science, to understand law,

to understand and have access to the arts, to have access and participate in sports,

all these are things that develop a full educational experience for each child

if they live in any Ghetto, USA, or Beverly Hills, CA.


OK! But first the children need to feel they will have a chance to get a job after graduation,

or why get an education in the first place?


At the present time, 2018, with over 30 million Americans unemployed,

what opportunity will there be for the children graduating in the next year? ZERO


The object is to give each child the best education, so when they reach adult life,

they can participate in the best America can offer a citizen.

Many communities cannot afford to pay for the best teachers,

or give the teacher they already have, the open opportunity to teach.

To instill in the child: an interest in the world around them.

Then the child has to have security in the home, because their parents have financial stability, a happy home, a loving home.

We can’t do that if the parents don’t know where the next meal is coming from.

WE have to bring financial security back to our communities,

so the children can see some future after they get out of school.


If the world looks hopeless, as it does to too many Americans,

the child sees no reason to get an education, and this nation spirals down even more.


Now in the first place, there are children in this nation, who do not speak English.

Those children must be taught English first.

Then teach them other school subjects next in English.

I don’t care what language the children speak at home,

in school they will be taught English, and then the rest of their education in English.

NO bilingual education.

Why haven’t their parents learned English? Are they here illegally?


We have local school boards that perpetuate this mediocrity,

I know, I went to many of those schools when I was a child.

When I asked a teacher for help in Algebra, his advice was to re-read the book, “It's all in the book”.

Well I did read the book, and I still didn’t understand the work.

“Now” I realize, the teacher did not know Algebra, (1944)

he put questions on the blackboard, and he assigned homework,

and gave scores on the papers turned in that he checked against the answers,

but he “did not teach”.


Too many teachers of today, really don’t teach either;

they just baby-sit the classes.

Homework? Yes! Read Chapter XX, and write a report on that chapter.

Did the teacher teach? Or just assign homework? Or “Do problems 1 to 15”,

the teacher checks your answers, but did they teach?

There is way too much of this pattern in our schools.

If the child gets help at home, great, but many parents also don’t understand,

or have time to help their children do the work, especially in families that have more than one child.

We can’t continue this in America. I know too many school districts do not have enough money,

or trained teachers in many subjects.

I’m sorry but a teacher that specialized in History cannot teach Sciences, or Chemistry, or Physics.

We need very well trained teachers in these subjects so our students can compete in the future of our nation.


We must decide nation-wide what students need to learn, and make sure they can afford a trained teacher in those subjects.

Would you have an Art Teacher, teach Music? or Phys. Ed., or teaching Auto Shop, or Machine Shop?

Our nation's schools have to be restored to teach for the future.


What teachers are going to teach the old standby’s:

Vocational Skills, Home Economics, Cooking, or Sewing?


My daughter was in a class at Byrd Jr. High in Sun Valley, CA, and I went to one of the Parents day events

that they would hold about 6 weeks after the school year started, I was appalled in listening to my daughters teacher talk,

that teacher was totally unable to complete a comprehensive sentence.


I was shocked, and concerned that the teacher was senile, unable to complete a single sentence understandably.

When I went to the office to voice my concern, I was told that the teacher’s spouse was ill,

and that they didn’t have the heart to discipline her, so much for tenure.

Are teachers like this teaching your children?

Are teachers teaching your children their political beliefs?

Or religious beliefs? Do you even have any idea what your child is being taught?


Now we have the problem; our teachers; are teaching our children that:

The Non-Hispanics (Whites) are destroying our nation,

that a new government will be needed to get rid of the European,

and African immigrant descendants, so the true people of America are in power again.


Children being taught that owning private property is against the needs of the community,

that the community should own all property to share with those who cannot afford property. That:

The government should own everything: So everyone is cared for.  “SOCIALISM”.  Social Justice.


Hitler used the same tactics, taught the children that their parents may be traitors,

and the children who love Germany must tell the government about what they hear their parents talk about.

Built in spies in the home, to report on you,

so you can be detained for the security of the Government.

The children are also being taught that parents may not punish them, that they have the right to self-expression,

and should not be restricted in any way.

Caution: Parents can be arrested for anything your children do wrong,

it's all your fault, even though you were not allowed to punish them for anything

while they are children, they’ll outgrow this once they’re on their own. HA


Our children are “not being taught” our early history; they have no knowledge about the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.

Our children have been questioned about “do they believe in Free Speech”, and surprise,

the children thought Free Speech was dangerous.

Speech needed to be controlled, for the safety of the community, to stop Hate Speech.


These children will help in the “New World Order”,

as they have been taught what they must do.

Then the government will reward your children for telling on YOU.

Is that what you want?


No more demonstrations to honor our nation on political holidays,

no religious demonstrations, as that would be against the First Amendment, separation of Church, and State.

Soon: No time off for Christmas, or Easter. 

Why are our schools closed for ONE WEEK for Spring?

See below the next paragraph Education: for more on this subject.

Those events may annoy illegal aliens who have no respect for America.


Soon, no teaching anything, except how bad the European immigrants are.

The children are growing up to believe the government is Right, and the Parents are Wrong.

Next: On to the “New World Order”.


Now you know that your children would never listen to anyone telling them, “that their parents are wrong”!

Your kids believe all you tell them, right?


Think about this, who is teaching your child what? Do you ever look at your children’s books that they are studying?

Check out the history of the “New World Order” on this site. Excepts:

From http://www.Threeworldwars.com/nwo-timeline1.htm


In 1942 -- The leftist Institute of Pacific Relations publishes Post War Worlds by P.E. Corbett: 

"World government is the ultimate aim...

It must be recognized that the law of nations takes precedence over national law...

The process will have to be assisted by the deletion of the Nationalistic material

employed in educational textbooks and its replacement by material

explaining the benefits of a wiser association."


“That’s what they want to teach, and are teaching your children this crap”.


June 28, 1945 -- President Truman endorses world government in a speech:

"It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a “Republic of the World” as it is for us to get along in a Republic of the United States.

" So we have the United Nations in New York City.


Do you know what your school is teaching your child about our history?


Education: consider, what your schools are teaching your children: “That parents are wrong”,

“That the United States is wrong”, That the “New World Order” will be better for all of the citizens of the world

when there are no Borders between Nations,

when we are all of one government,

then there will be no more wars.

The children are already being taught that the invasion by the Europeans destroyed this nation of the brown people.

YOUR children are being taught, just like Hitler did the youth in Germany,

forced to learn what the government wants your children to know.

Is that what you want your children to learn?


This is really serious, your children are learning that the “New World Order”

is the right thing for their future.

They will then be told that the parents are not to be trusted,

that parents do not know what is best for “The North American Union”.

The new name of the United States, so that all brown people can take back their land. Interesting huh?


As I look back on my own education, from about the 4th grade,

I was skeptical about a lot of what I was being taught,

this was building up to WW II, and a lot of propaganda was already being expressed in our classrooms,

especially since we were then living in an area of Polish settlement,

and as Hitler invaded Poland on  Sept 1,1939, this was daily news.

In those days we were lucky to have food, and I don’t recall us having the newspaper delivered to our home,

or even buying the paper, even if it was only 3 cents.

I listened to the radio a lot, to get more information as part of my education in current events.


Private schools seem to turn out more educated children, than public schools,


“Because” those parents seem to care more about what education their children are getting,

and those teachers are more closely managed by the private school employer, to TEACH,

and they control how many students are in each classroom.

The parent expects more, and has a closer relationship with those schools,

AND if the parent is not happy, that parent stops paying that school immediately.


Good contact with school, and parent. The public school doesn’t care if you are unhappy,

because you can’t do anything to the public schools.

Yet that private school is still using preprinted History books purchased from some printing company.

Have you reviewed your children’s books, to see what propaganda they contain?

I get the report that “if the schools had more MONEY, they could do a better job”.

In California the schools, get about $9600 allotted per pupil,

about the same as private schools charge, so what is wrong with this situation?

Too much overhead? Something we have to change, that’s for sure.


Too many parents are so overwhelmed with living problems, and being poor,

they don’t always have time, to be involved, that is a shame.

So there again, the wealthier children learn more, the poor children learn less.


When my children were in school, I tried to be involved, I went to PTA meetings, and you know what?

PTA is for the teachers to tell the parents how they are running the school,

and they do not want any interference from the parents about what would be best for the children.

I made suggestions but was constantly told:

They have to follow the lesson plan, and cannot innovate, or add or change “anything”.

It seemed the main reason for the PTA “was to raise funds”.

I do realize that each school in the district, or even larger school systems has to be teaching

the same curriculum in each of the schools in the system, so that if a child has to move from one school

in the system, that the other school is teaching the same class material,

which in a way limits any teacher from any innovation in the classroom.

The private schools are not covered by this rule at all, is that better? 

I do understand that it has been determined exactly what each child should learn at each age level,

and to test to those requirements, do we need more detailed study on subject “A” versus subject “B”?


I do know, we have too many children graduating uneducated, or dropping out of school,

before completing even High School, “something” is wrong in our schools.

I have attended advanced classes where the instructor really made the subject interesting,

and it wasn’t assigning homework, but the teacher made investigating the subject interesting,

made the student “think”, not just memorize.


In the 1700’s our citizens decided that all children should be educated;

was an advantage for the nation, and that free education should be provided for the benefit of the community, and country,

I still believe that.


As we went from the 1800’s into the 1900’s we added more than Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, the 3 R’s.

We added trades, and arts to the curriculum, then sciences, chemistry, “home ed” classes, sewing, food prep,

and many other classes. Now we must prepare for the 21st Century.

Other nations are doing this to outdo the United States.

We can’t survive as a Service industry country.

Before 1940 most children were only required to attend school up to 8th grade,

after WW II, we started demanding children attend school until graduated from High School or became 18.


When I started researching my ancestry in 1971, I was reviewing the history of the colonies,

then the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,

the early history of our nation, and one of the history books we had in school at that time

was written by Professor Charles Beard, (who actually turns out to be a relative of mine).

When my own children were in school in the 1960’s I became aware just how much was deleted

in the teaching of our children,

about the early history of America,

to downsize today’s students knowledge about how our nation was formed,

who were important in the start of our freedoms.

I couldn’t believe how our history was watered down,

so today’s students have no Patriotic background of how our freedoms were founded.


That is to condition our children to accept

The New World Order takeover by the United Nations.


Now we must establish more advanced education for all of our children if we are to survive as a nation of the future.

Technology demands that at least “Junior College”, or “Trade School’s” must be established

as a free continuation after High School, to prepare students of tomorrow up to age 21,

for the advance education our technology will be demanding for the employees of the future.


Our government has already concluded that children are still not adults until age 21

in order to drink alcohol, and yet we enlist or sometimes draft our youth into Military Service at age 18

where they are expected to make adult decisions, that are life and/or death.

As I’ve grown older, as many of us do, we realize that children at 18 still are not ready to make adult decisions,

I want these children to get more education to be prepared for our more technical societies needs.


Almost all High Schools no longer offer Vocational shop training in the trades, why not?


Not everyone wants to go on to college; they want to learn to be auto mechanics, carpenters, electricians,

painters, photographers, or to work in machine shops, do drafting, sewing, cooking, computers, etcetera, and other shop skills.

We must return these classes starting in the 7th grade, with maybe financial help from the federal government,

up to, and including 14th grade (2 years of advanced education past high school).


The automobiles of today are computer controlled; this will require advanced education even to work in auto repair.

New machine shop equipment is run by Numerical Control,

Newspapers are set by computer programs,

the students of today need to learn these skills,

so when China takes over our country they will be able to get a job.


Also the student needs to learn how to ask “Would you like Fry’s with your Burger?”

We need these classes again, don’t we?


Many American families can’t afford to send their child to College anymore.

The billions we have been “giving away” to other countries will be used to pay for these programs.

Education is the future of America, what we have now is an embarrassment.

See: http://www.bushwatch.com/bushed.htm

Also http://www/bushwatch.com/taxes.htm


When I’ve saved us from the “New World Order”, we need skills to reestablish higher trades in our Real America.

Children graduate from High School, and can’t even balance a checkbook.

Too many have only 6th grade reading skills, (they can play games on the computer),

and can’t even figure out giving change as clerks in our stores.

Notice in some stores your coin change is automatically served to you by the cash register,

so the clerk does not have to count out the change?


Each child deserves a real education, to be prepared for adulthood.  

I am going to stress to “all” the children of the future, “you must get an education”,

because, “when you grow up”, “you have to be able to support yourself”, and your family,

if you desire to have a family. An advanced education is critical in today, and tomorrow’s future.


If private school children are already learning to read, and write in Kindergarten,

our public schools should also be able to do that too.


In the 1930’s I was in classes as large as 48-60 students, the teacher couldn’t possibly teach all the students that needed help.

We “must” establish smaller classes.


Too many people lack the education, or job availability, to support themselves anymore

without working two, or more minimum wage jobs, or both spouses having to work to support themselves.


We must stop children reaching adulthood, and not able to support themselves.

Minimum wage is not the answer; advanced education, and “available jobs”, are the answer.


We must see that each child receives an “equal education”, regardless of location, ethnicity, income, or size of school.

What made America great was our educational system. Busing children for racial reasons is wrong,

sending African American children to predominantly White schools is wrong,

they deserve an equal, and decent education in their own community

so their parents can attend school functions with their children locally.


I know there are many children in very small towns, where the number of children in specific grades to afford let's say,

a Chemistry lab, or a Machine Shop, these children lack access to the advanced education they deserve.

I do not know of any way we can accommodate all of these children locally.

If it takes Federal Money to do this, we will do it.


You want to Earn more money? “Learn more”. Many citizens have attended Night Schools to learn more.

I commend those who have sacrificed to get that advanced education.

When I worked at Los Angeles Valley Jr. College in Van Nuys, CA

it was common knowledge that 50% of the students were over the age of 32, Adults getting ahead.


We must add classes in Business Law starting in the 11th grade,

so students will know what they are doing when they want to buy a car, buy, or rent a home, or apartment,

what is a Lease? Etc. To know what is involved in “Service Contracts” they may sign up for.

“I” want our children to understand the LAWS that protect them when they graduate to adult living.

“I” want our children to understand the LAWS, that control them, so they can demand their RIGHTS.


Many businesses take advantage of the young who have no idea what they’re doing.

Most have no idea of their rights, or responsibilities as an employee in the job market.

The students in the future need to know these facts.


Of course at the rate of change in America,

you will be lucky to find any jobs, no matter how educated you are.


The education I got in electronics was on my own, not in the public schools.

I had the desire to learn the trade that fascinated me, and still does,

so on my own I learned what was important to me,

so I could do the work I enjoyed.

Your children can also do the same.


The schools are not the only source of education.

People have started many a company with only 8th grade educations in the past.

Now our industries require more education.

We must do this to save Americans.

Unless you want to be the CEO of some Stock Market controlled company, that doesn’t require any education, just greed.


Most of our teachers are way underpaid, they teach out of the “love to teach”, not for the pay, or prestige.

Many teachers donate their own money to supplement the needs of the classroom

because they “want” to teach, and enrich the children’s education,

the teachers are not respected for what they contribute for your child’s education,

it’s time we show appreciation with better support for the teachers.