WWII ? Collusion? Think:


In 1940 President Roosevelt promised America: WE ARE NOT GOING TO SEND AMERICAN SOLDIERS TO WAR!


In April 1940 we started the Draft to staff our Army.


On Dec 7th, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


In Feb. 1942 the government moved 120,000 Alien, and American Citizens of Oriental ancestry to Detention Camps


WHEN did they start to build the CAMPS? Many of the camps housed Koreans, not Japanese. WHY?


The government was also building camps for those of German and Italian nationals, and of American Citizens, of that ancestry, who were also detained. 


NO Trials were conducted; American citizens just rounded up, and shipped out, until after the war.


Homes and businesses of these detainees confiscated, and never returned to these people. JUSTICE? I don’t think so.


Would our government build Detention Camps now? Of course “they have”, REX 84, WHY?