Since 1948 our nation's leaders have decided that we need

to raise the living standards of the world.

Now that’s an honorable deed, if we could afford to do that.

Our leaders have been donating “our” money

to every nation in the world to attempt to do exactly this.

We cannot afford to continue to do this;

we are bankrupt since we have tried to do this.


In the historical past there have been many such Socialistic societies,

they have all failed,

because too many people stop being productive,

when they get the same benefits as those who work,

without having to work (Welfare).


Socialism stifles Freedoms, and when the people finally want more Freedom,

they find only Revolution can achieve that goal.


In the long run, “only working to earn what you want, survives”.

Dictators will always keep citizens as low class slaves.


The Hippies in the 60’s thought they had found “nirvana” with community living,

Love not War, Love not Work, it didn’t work

then and doesn’t work now, it has never worked.

The Hippies turned away from society, because they saw no future for life,

we were ONE ATOM bomb from extinguishing all life on earth,

so enjoy life for now, as we had no future.

Now those Hippies are retiring in America

as they finally joined society

and became employed.

So! “Freedom to work, and earn your own way” is what works.


I want “our money” spent on what helps protect our nation,

to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

I will fund America’s military, our schools,

our infrastructure (highways, bridges, etc)

Medical research, environment, our nation, and things

to improve our lifestyle.


I want our schools to teach “American” history again,

I want our schools to teach “The Constitution, and Bill of Rights”,

so our children will know how this nation was formed

to bring a better life style for our citizens.

Check this out for yourselves from the National Archives. 


The “Tax and Spend” ways of our elected officials are about to come to an end.


I want an accounting for every cent that is spent on “anything”.

(I shop at the “99 cent” store; I want 10 cents of product for my nickel.)

If someone bids on a Government contract to provide service

for a certain dollar amount,

I expect them to fulfill that contract for that price, or else.

NO re-bidding or begging for more money

after they have the contract in hand,

and I want the product delivered as ordered with quality production,

(unless of course “we” have changed our requirements

while in production as we are prone to do).

Since many orders are being produced 3 or 4 years after the first proposal,

and the government now sees Changes they want as time goes on.

But almost every contract is the same, and we either need to work more rapidly

to get production, or spend more time originally to decide what we want built.


I want all of Congress, and the Senate to work with me,

to save our economy that is sinking like the Titanic,

but more important, I want to work “with you, for you”.


Our nation is in serious trouble, and I don’t see any other relief

if we continue down the road we’ve been going.


Folks, it’s time to save this nation,

help me to restore and rebuild America. Join with me, and

Let’s show the world we are still the greatest nation in the world.