I will demand that school personnel start protecting all students from any harassment,

any illegal touching, pushing, “vocal”, or any other infringement of a student's personal safety

while in, or on school property.

If another student of that school accosts a student off of school property,

the attacker may be suspended from that school for a time to be determined by the offence.

Personal safety “must” be restored for all students.

All too often the school staff turns a blind eye to these problems,

telling the student “just learn to get along”, as they don’t want to offend some great athlete in the school sports program.

This must stop.

Students must be protected from stupid sexual remarks that occur all too often in our schools.


The idea that “children will be children” is over as an excuse.

We send our children to school to be safe, and to learn each day; they are not safe anymore.

We must establish the rights to be secure in our personal freedom at all times, and places for kids of all ages.

Some children become punks when they are in school, and there is no force to behave “civilly”.

Teachers act as though they are blind to this attitude of the punks (male, and female).

Legally we have tied the hands of the teacher, so they can’t use force in the classroom

to demand respect, and proper behavior, this has to end.

We “will” have respect in the classroom.

That Dunce Cap, and sitting in the corner worked wonders in the past,

we will resort to that again if we have to.

Students in school will behave, “or else”.

“Don’t spank the child?”


Well, look how children behave today, over the teacher’s knee (theoretically) if they don’t behave. 

The new law, “Sit down, shut up, and pay attention”.


Dr. Spock personally admitted to me that he was wrong in his baby book,

“he didn’t’ know anything about raising children”, it sounded good in theory.

You have all accepted the bible about child rearing,

the bible says “Spare the rod, spoil the child”.

Bullies will get what they deserve from now on.


When the meek children have to resort to using guns in school to get even, that is sad.

The children seem to believe guns are the only way they can get justice, and revenge, and sadly, it is true.


Students are now being forced to learn, to understand that Gay relationships are Normal,

is that what you want your child to be taught?


In 1944 I attended Belmont High School near downtown in Los Angeles, CA, nice open campus,

as beautifully landscaped as California can have, that school is now totally fenced with gates locking in the students,

an armed location, not safe at all.

Teachers having to lock the classroom doors after the students are in, before class begins.

Something is wrong in America.

I’m MAD now.