All the education in the world won’t help a bit if there are “NO JOBS”.

We MUST bring manufacturing jobs back to AMERICA.


A lot of the conditions of our cities are the result of those jobs being shipped out of America.

There are way too many under-employed people in this country.

30 Million unemployed in our nation is unacceptable,

I want Americans back to work, "in" America.


Obama says: It’s going to get worse before it gets better,

and that it may take more than 4 years. It got worse.


How are you going to live Unemployed for 3 More Years?

Read on and you will see why with all the other information I’ve included in this website to see

why this is going on, to destroy the United States of America.


Too many families now require both parents to work,

leaving the children on their own, alone without a mother at home.


Home prices are way out of control in too many areas.

Too many of our major cities are now half destroyed because the factories have closed,

and moved out of the country.

Our government really wants to establish two classes of citizens, the very rich, and the “very poor”.

Which do you want to be?


The poor are very subservient, they owe their existence to the state, SO! Behave, or else.


Isn’t it wonderful that we are now providing jobs for the poor in other countries,

while they lay you off?

Why should they pay you $10 +/hr for a job

when they can pay some foreign worker only 50 cents/hr, or less?


When I called about getting service on a “Warrantee Contract from Circuit City”,

I found I was talking to someone in India, WHY?


In the 1920’s Henry Ford assisted Polish citizens to immigrate to America to work in his factory.

Now: many working in the Ford factory are Muslims who have taken over the city of Dearborn, MI.

Upon first look you would believe you're in a foreign country,

these immigrants have converted that American city to look like their native country.


Henry Ford, a patriot? No way. Yes! He made an automobile that the average citizen could afford.

Ford was openly anti-Semitic, openly publishing a newspaper deriding the Jewish people.

After the war the Ford Company shipped a complete truck factory to Russia.


Ford died in 1947, very few know the real Ford. His Irish parents came to America during the Irish potato-famine;

some event must have turned him against the Jewish people.

While the Ford Motor Company made a lot of money during WW II, it wasn’t for patriot reasons.


If I were Jewish I’d certainly not buy any Ford Product.  

The only Ford product I ever owned was a disaster.

The best cars I’ve ever owned were made by Chrysler, “in the past”.