I believe in Civil rights for all citizens who behave “civilized”,

but not for those who delight in disruptive behavior, and antisocial destruction of others property.


Congresswoman: Maxine Waters of So. Calif., some years back visited a Southern Calif. high school,

and saw the Girls restroom was totally destroyed by graffiti, and vandalized, she exclaimed



What did she mean, MY PEOPLE?


All children don’t have to live like that.

Some children are led to believe that school is a waste of time, so why bother,

Yes bother, get that education, stop destroying American cities.


Well why do “they” live  “like that”?


I’d have been impressed if she had gone in front of the children, and told them,

they should not live like that, that the destruction told the rest of the population

that they did not deserve that school, and an education. Clean up their act.


I would not want my children or grandchildren to go to that school with “those” children.


Who did all the destruction? Not outsiders, those children of that school did it.


It’s time to behave civilized, if you want to be treated in a civilized manner. 

I don’t want people like that living in my neighborhood.

I live in a mixed ethnic neighborhood that is kept in beautiful condition by “all” the citizens,

showing civil behavior can exist, and it can, UNTIL the community becomes a majority “other ethnicity”.

A lot of this situation is the financial status of the neighborhood.

Poverty breeds Crime, we’ve said that over and over.

When you’re poor, it can seem hopeless, so you believe that committing a crime is OK

to justify your wants, not necessarily your needs.

Over and over Poverty breeds Crime and destruction of neighborhoods.


The more “you’re in need”, the more you’re persecuted and prosecuted, life seems even more hopeless.

We in America have to stop this. We have to have meaningful employment, with more respect for each other.


Races! There is only one Race, the Human Race, out of that we have people of different ethnic ancestry,

but we are still all humans.

If you don’t have respect for those of your own ethnicity, how do you expect other races respect you.

It’s not your race, or color, or religion or? It’s your behavior.

Thank goodness African Americans have decided to bury the “N” word, it’s about time.

Clean up your language, and join society.

But there are a lot of words just as hateful, some have died out over time,

as the immigrants joined society, and became accepted as equal citizens.


When white Americans are called Honkies, we really aren’t insulted, because we still feel good about ourselves.

Of course there are bad white people, many bad white people,

just as there are mostly good African Americans and other ethnicities in America,

but many of us only see the bad behavior.

Do you want us to ignore them, or arrest them? YOU tell me.

When I hear about some serial rapist,

I do not think immediately; what race that person must have been.


We have criminals of all colors, so we all have to be careful in our travels that there are risks for our safety.

Jeffrey Dommer, was a white guy, still he killed and killed.

Hitler was White.

Most serial criminals have been White; the gangsters of the 30’s were white.

Being White does not make me superior, nor bad.

Being Black does not make you bad, when you can be superior if you behave civilly.

I’m telling you right out, that bad behavior reflects back on those of your race,

who are decent citizens.

No matter how hard they struggle to have decent respect,

your bad attitude is reflected back on the entire community.


We Americans are the melting pot of the world; we’ve proven “we can live together”

based upon a common need to live a decent life.

We still have religious intolerance in a big way,

but if we keep religion in the home as a personal thing, we get along.


Interestingly many social clubs institute a policy that members DO NOT discuss Religion or Politics in the club,

for good reasons, those are subjects of many opinions, and subject to violent reactions.


It's time for people to have pride in their heritage, stop killing innocent people, treat all women with respect;

but: it’s time for women to “deserve” respect. Clean up your act ladies.


It is time for various ethnic areas of America to clean up their community,

not someone else clean the community,

the citizens need to have the responsibility to clean,

and change their own community.


Stop the “destruction”, and “graffiti”; stop the “irresponsible shooting wildly”,

or in retribution for some other alleged wrong from others in the community.

I’m going to clean up the graffiti, and then deal harshly with anyone who paints this dirt in our nation.

Keep it clean or else.


If you want respect, “earn it”, change what is wrong in your community,

stop women of your ethnicity having so many children out of wedlock.


Men, prove you’re a man, and be responsible for those children you bring in to this world,

so those children will respect you too.


If I’m questioned by African Americans; as to “Have I ever used the “N” word”, my answer will be, “HAVE YOU?”

Don’t chide me for having used what you commonly call each other.

If an African American has done some despicable crime, well then the “N” word describes that person.

You DO want to be safe in your community, don’t you?


Well: Let’s bring safety to your community. Deal in Drugs, and your butt is mine, this is going to end.

If you are a law-abiding citizen I’ll back you all the way. I’m on your side as an equal citizen.


Believe me. I do not believe in codling criminals; don’t want to die for your crime, if it will hurt you?

Hey come on, you hurt someone if you were convicted of murder, you are going to hurt.

I’m not trying to rehabilitate murders; I want retribution.


I don’t want to hear that: Another innocent child/citizen has been shot by some gang-banger.

The recent killing of a Black Honor student in Chicago, beaten to death, is a disgrace;

a crowd of kids, who seem to be oblivious of this crime, and uncaring, is shocking to me, is it to you?

The murders of school children is escalating in Chicago, this is out of control violence in one of America’s largest cities,

and these murdered children were Black,

help us stop this, lets lead our children to respect each other,

and stop Violence in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods.


Join America as “a decent citizen”, respect each other, and others property.

Let's have decent jobs for everyone, so we can all enjoy peace and prosperity.

If you don’t respect each other how can I respect you?

I’m asking you, do you feel safe in your community? Why not?

Then how can I feel safe in your community?

Do not sell drugs, or you will be hurt.

We must stop destructive drugs in our communities, sold to our people who are sick, who need help.

Users have my sympathy; sellers do not.

What I’d like to do to anyone who shoots a kid accidentally, or intentionally, is to cut off both of his or her arms at their shoulders.


You want jobs? I’ll bring the jobs back to America, for all Americans. Let's get to work.


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