We are at War; War is hell!

My message to enemies is this: “You’ll be sorry”


How does this work? WW I, WW II, unconditional surrender, we win!

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Police Action, nothing unconditional, we lose?

So which system works?


We are fighting a War in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and even Obama

now tells us we will have to keep forces there for some years.

Just like the 38,000 we’ve had in Korea since 1953. Our forces are in at least 100 other nations right now, at our expense.


Let's stop being the world's police, and protect our nation, right here inside our borders.


Right now there is a WAR conflict between Israel, and the Hamas in the Gaza area.

The Hamas have only one plan, and that’s the destruction of Israel,

no other solution will satisfy them.

So this is not a solution we can possibly consider.

The 1967 war was won by Israel, the Palestinians started the war,

the Palestinians lost, they cried for 30 years that if “only” Israel would give them back their land

then they’d be happy and forgiving, and all would live in peace.

That never happens, any compassion to an enemy, “never works”.

To the enemy it means, if we keep fighting, that Israel will give up more, or will leave.

So now the Hamas try again and what happens?

They are being beat, now the Hamas and Gaza citizens want only Israel to stop bombing them,

when will they stop bombing Israel?

There are many innocent people being hurt, and the Jewish people are not going to leave,

so a truce must be made on the part of the Palestinians for the safety of citizens in both countries,

or more thousands are going to die. Israel is only about 5% of the Palestinians/Arab lands/nations.


This is not a small subject, #2 in importance to most Americans, what do we do now?

I may go overboard on this subject, so read on. Read every bit of this, or future is at stake.


WWII: We/I sat back in the 1930’s and watched Hitler overrun Poland, Russia, France, Holland, Denmark,

 on and on and we kept saying “it was Europe’s problem”, stay out of the fight,

but just like in 1915-1918 we eventually had to step in with our military to end the conflict,

because Germany has the desire to dominate over and over, as Germany has done far back in the past.


Right now, believe me Germany is the dominant force in the European Union,

and will lead the possibility to force the United States (North American Union)

to join in the One World Government control,

and if we let our Auto manufacturing fail,

we will not have the necessary ability to manufacture the defense materials we will need.

What we don’t make steel anymore in America, how can we ever build ships?

Shut down the power plants needed to make aluminum, to make war planes,

OH maybe we can make them out of Plastic, except you need OIL (hydrocarbons to make Plastic) feed the troops?

NO now that food is rationed we can’t spare food for our stay at home troops.

OH well! You don’t give a damn about saving American anyway.


We must stop any attempt to end our sovereignty, and if you citizens do not see what is “going to happen”,

then you will be the first to CRY, Why didn’t someone protect us.

Cowards to not deserve Freedoms, are you a Coward, or a Patriot?

Join with me to protect this nation, stop buying Foreign cars, buy American, the city you save may be your own city.


First right off the top, Military Reserves/National Guards.

I will immediately change the time to serve to no more than 6 months active duty in 3 years.

We can’t expect our Reserves/Guards to do more than one tour of duty in that length of time,

as this affects their financial solvency at home, causing some personnel to lose homes, jobs, marriages,

and this is not what we promised them as Reserves.

The idea of sending our military on 2, 3, or 4 One-year tours, one after another, is wrong.

I will stop this, and I want to compensate our active duty military for financial losses during this war action,

to restore them, as they were before going to serve our nation.


This is a BIG subject. Lets discuss this, our servicepersons killed, or injured for what?

Will we win? Win what? Will we eventually walk away; bringing our dead behind us?


The Twin Towers attacked, as an attack on American principals and way of life.

Now I want you to realize that who attacked the Twin Towers, and why, is still questionable.

I believe our government had a hand in this disaster to set us up for Martial Law takeover of our nation,

because of other factors. I want justice, not appeasement. I can’t discuss this matter in more detail NOW.


The (Muslim) people would still be fighting each other as they have done for a thousand years if we do nothing now.

Muslims celebrated on the streets in Muslim countries when told of the attack in America.

Well we will celebrate just like we did on VJ day when Japan surrendered in 1945

when I get done with this attack.

The Muslims/Taliban think they are going to take over our nation

 and those of us who don’t convert to Islam will be killed.

What will, or would you do?

Just submit?

Not me.

We have been attacked, we will get revenge

and we will end any future attacks by any Muslims anywhere in the world.


We got even with Germany, Italy and Japan after WW II didn’t we?

We will get even with the Muslim attackers.

We did not give Hitler amnesty,

we will not give Muslims any consideration;

they attacked us (didn’t they?), now they will pay.

If you Liberals don’t like this; that is too bad,

you can also leave America, if you don’t think this nation is worth fighting for,

then go somewhere else: Where you will submit, to dictatorial police action in that nation.

In America I’m going to fight to preserve our Freedoms. When will we withdraw from Iraq?

When the war has been won, which means soon, then what?


Should we just retreat and let the Islam nations,

and all the Muslims feel America is powerless to fight back? NO WAY!


I hate war and the loss of any American life, but you can’t turn your back when attacked,

just as when as a child, you are a victim of Bullies in school,

IF you don’t fight back you can be sure to be attacked more and more.

When you gave those bullies your lunch money in school,

did they leave you alone?

Of course not,

the Muslims see any surrender as “you are weak”, and they are right.

This will not be the future of America.

When attacked, as we have been, we have to destroy those who wanted to destroy us.

It just doesn’t have to take more than a few days when you intend to win.

Win we will,

and no sympathy for any loss of life of the enemy.

Osama bin Laden claimed that he saw no difference between American military, and civilians,

he hated all of us equally.


On Dec 7th 1941 we were attacked in Hawaii by Axis partner Japan,

not Germany.

Yet our nation and citizens realized we had to start fighting back,

or the enemy would become bolder and bolder and eventually bring the war to mainland America.


We had to fight to save our nation. How to do that? Go on the offensive, and we did.

We have these liberal Americans that cry about the fact that we used Atomic Bombs on Japan to end WW II.

Well why did it take TWO bombs? If Japan didn’t get the message after Bomb ONE, then it took TWO.

We were not out to win friends, we were at war,

the Japanese wanted to kill us,

they did kill some of us,

it became time to end the war, and those bombs did the job.

They started it; we finished it, that’s war.


Now we are fighting a war again, and we have to go on the offensive as we are doing so in Iraq.

It is not only Iraq: But “all Muslim nations”.

All Muslims are attacking non-Muslim people, demanding Islamic law be enacted in all nations.

This is a religious war, and IF WE DO NOT stop this now, the Muslims just might win.

Do you want that?

I don’t care where Muslims live in what country,

if they have demonstrated against Non Muslims, they will cease to exist, believe me.

There were innocent citizens in the Twin Towers too, and in Indonesia,

and other places that Muslims have attacked.


“As I claim”, we must stop Muslim aggression.

I’ve been chided that we might kill innocent Muslims, Well!

When we fought Hitler we also had to kill innocent German citizens, when we used the A bomb on Japan

we had to kill innocent citizens, that’s war.

Unfortunate, but real. “We must win”, and “We will Win”.

We will clear earth of all terrorist Muslins in Muslim nations, to end this offensive once and for all.

Many Americans have forgotten that we must fight to save our nation.

Many of today’s citizens just don’t understand that you cannot reason with anyone

who wants to eliminate the United States of America. I will not let that happen.


Diplomacy is a waste of time; only force and power does the job.

We must decide what Muslim tribes are a non-threat to the United Stations, such as the Kurds in Iraq.

The Muslims want a religious war, well they’ll have a religious war, and we will win.

I’m tired of this nonsense, aren’t you?


I know all of you would wish “war away”.

But we have been attacked, will we be attacked again?

We have let over 32,000 Muslim “men” enter our southern border with Mexico since 2003, why?

How many have entered that were not caught?

How many of them will secretly sabotage places in America?

Note that is 32,000 Muslim MEN, not one woman.


We must end all Jihad intent to change our way of life.

All Muslims must be eliminated.

Keep reading all of this article, there is more.

I know we all wish “War will never happen”,

but there are enemies that want to end our nation

and our way of life.

I will not let this happen.

But: That means fighting a war to win, not a police action,

not a defensive war, but aggressively to end the life of all our enemies.


A war to WIN! We will kick ass. I have no regret to kill any and all people that want to attack,

to destroy the United States of America.

This is not a game; there is no way to protect our nation if we keep pretending the Muslim nations

and persons are not a threat to the United States.

I will protect our nation and our citizens where ever we are.

This I promise you. I know many women in America believe we should stop fighting.

As children we are told Do Not Fight.

Women do not understand the destruction facing our nation,

if we do not defend our Rights.

Sorry Ladies, Yes War is hell,

and someone has to protect our nation,

I am proud to see so many young ladies enlist to also join the men to protect us,

and I want more done to protect those women in the service from attacks by American men.

Women should not have to fight two wars, our enemies, and our male service persons.


Now, I realize that our government and officials have been trying to bring Democracy to every nation in the world.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

This is never going to happen, and we are bankrupting our nation with the stupidity of thinking “we” can ever do that. 

You can only have a Free Nation,

when all citizens have Bills of Rights, and the right to own guns to protect those freedoms from Dictators running the country.

When all nations have a government like we do,

then those poor people will still be poor.

We started out to have a nation of Freedoms never known for any nation in the world;

our negligence has allowed our government make us slaves.

We must restore America, for Americans.


What might happen is that all the nations of the world may be overcome by the United Nations,

and every one of those nations disarmed, and subjugated by the United Nations troops

into one huge dictator controlled world nation. But that will not be Democracy.


We must maintain our sovereignty, to protect our borders, to preserve our nations freedoms.

I will protect this nation with my life.


Who are/is OUR enemy?

Surprise, there are Two enemies of The United States of America.

Islam nations, and the “United Nations”

We are openly fighting the Taliban, and the Islam terrorists.


We are not fighting the United Nations because our politicians are just going to hand over our nation to the United Nations,

while you sleep.

You are not paying attention, and we are being turned over to the United Nations, day by day,

as our Bill of rights are screwed.

I’m being blunt, wake up Americans.


You didn’t fight back November 2006, you should have voted like “Your life depends on it”, it really does.

Now you are seeing the destruction of our economy, with millions out of work,

and it’s going to get worse, until you elect me for the White House.


Bush claimed we were stopping terrorists, that won’t happen until there is not ONE illegal Muslim in this country.

This is a totally different kind of war than we’ve ever been involved in.


In the 1930’s we watched Hitler, hitting other nations, threatening France to surrender without damage, which they did.

Political leaders had conferences to reason with Hitler, and Hitler just overran everyone,

and did as he pleased, because we didn’t stop him then.


British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain attended the Munich Conference in Sept 1938 where Hitler agreed that if Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland were turned over to him, he would stop all other aggression in Europe. That didn’t last long.

Hitler soon invaded Poland, then France, and other European nations.

Trying to appease people like Hitler never works,

Bullies never quit, unless executed.


If we had stepped in right away we would have saved millions of lives, and Billions of Dollars of destruction in Europe.

Everyone tried Diplomacy, Diplomacy doesn’t work with tyrants,

that won’t work with the Taliban, they are intent on killing us,

so do we hit them now, and win, or do we wait for another 10 years of terrorism attacks

over and over, claiming that we will talk to them, and stop this disagreement? NO way.

We are at war, we should end this now, destroy the Taliban and anyone helping Bin Laden.


It didn’t work telling Hitler to “Stop”, we didn’t stop at the border of Germany,

we went in and completed the job.

We have a job to do, we have to win, and we will.

It won’t take 4 years to do it, either, when you go in to actually win, it will be brutal, but effective.


Enough of this nonsense, while “maybe” not practical to kill everyone,

we must totally disarm the Muslim terrorists.

Which is hard, as they can still make bombs, and use terrorist tactics.


We are at WAR. We will win the WAR or else, no other solution.

Once we decided to end the war in Europe in 1944,

it took from June 6th 1944 to April 1945 when Germany was licked, “10 months”,

because we went in to WIN.

Never again will we fight a war like that,

now wars are very equipment mechanized, we do not need an unlimited amount of troops to march in to dominate.

We just totally destroy EVERYTHING in that nation. The war was over.


The next situation; is the duration of this war. We are sending troops for a long term deployment,

that was not the concept originally of using the National Guard,

a maximum of 30 days deployment would be OK,

but many of our troops have been sent back 3 times or more, for a year each time.

We need a standing Military for longer actions, if we are ever to be involved in these actions again.

We cannot take National Guard volunteers away from earning a living and supporting their families for long-term action.

How long should this take to win completely? about 3 months. Then peace.


It seems the only way some nations can co-exist is when they’re controlled by a Dictator,

such as, “Marshall Tito of Yugoslavia”.

Look how that nation fell apart when Tito died.

Now Iraq is the same situation.

Without a dictator in control, they have a civil war.

Too many people hate each other “over religion”.

Somebody will be the dictator of the Islam area, these people do not know how to run a Democracy,

because anyone who gets in control will soon become the Dictator. He will take over all control because power goes to their head,

and they will dominate the citizens.

We have a Republic where we elect our leaders, so our system is perfect! HA HA HA, Of course I’m jesting.

We think we are electing, let's see, who selects our candidates, who puts up the $ Millions

to convince you who to vote for?

So you think you elected the best person for the job, what a joke.


Millions of Americans lost their lives in WWII to defeat the Axis, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Do we now own those nations?

We won WWII, didn’t we?

Then we gave those nations back to the citizens of those nations.

So what did those nations lose?

The Axis nations (Germany, Italy, and Japan) are now living better than they ever did.

What did we get out of the war?

 We had the “Marshall Plan”, where we American citizens

were taxed to give this money to nations destroyed in the War, for Restoration of those nations.

We never got the money back, but WOW “We saved Europe”

Certainly those people appreciated our donations, this really was the start of the European Union,

to combine all these nations and do away with their borders. Next! Do away with “Our borders”?

Do those nations now pay us income taxes?

Of course not.

We spent $13 billion or more (1948 dollars) for restoration,

and rebuilding those nations.

We saved France, and the other nations that Hitler occupied.

Do you think they appreciate what we did for them? Your wrong. 

Did Europe pay us back for the Marshall Plan?, of course not, you fool.

YOU and I paid for that Plan, because we are good people, aren’t we?


We did it in WW I, the “War to end all Wars”.

Do we have to continue to sacrifice Americans to fight wars in this world,

for nations that despise us?

After WW II, Germany was divided into 3 partitions, the Russian, the British, and the American sectors.

Now we have given Germany back their nation as One Entity.

As to Italy, what did we ever get there?

It’s simple, fight America, and afterwards America will come in with money, and make your nation better.

Do you think we run Japan? Not on your life? So what did we win in WW II?

Now we again have to fight to save our nation. Help me.


Now Germany, as the head (?) of the European Union, is rearming to protect the European Union.


Germany now has a new Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea! Something is wrong?


War! What is my policy?


Well in the first place, my policy is “Don’t Screw with the United States” if you do, you LOSE.


If any country, or war-monger, attacks any other country in the world,

we will completely destroy the capital of that nation the next day, and I do mean completely.

Do not aggressively attack any other nation.

You will lose; we have had enough of this War in the world.

We do not need to have over 700 bases all over the world, just the promise to these clowns

that it is not wise for you to attack anyone else.

I don’t care if anyone loves the United States, as long as they fear us.


The next thing is, that if we get involved in a war, we will go in to it,


 and we had better have the infrastructure in place to manufacture that which we need

 to make the weapons we need to win that WAR.


We need to rebuild our factories, lets protect our nation,

or we will no longer have the freedom to do anything.

It’s not build, build, build to make war materials, but restore our factories to build the cars,

and other products we are now importing,

that in case of war,

we are quickly converted for defense manufacturing as we did in 1940.


War is HELL, when it comes to them, or us, it’s going to be them, “Totally, period”.

What you have to consider is that most of the wars we’ve got involved in were in Europe.

So why get involved? Well sure as hell as some ruler in Europe begins there again, the next challenge is to take over America.

NO way.

So before they get here, we go there. It works.


We are at WAR now, to defend America; unfortunately it’s not a WAR that involves taking over someone’s land, or a political war.

Usually war is waged by someone who wants to invade and take over a country. Then the citizens of that country are assimilated into the new government order.


Now we have a situation of where we do not want to take over their land,

they DO want to take over our land,

the Muslims want all Non-believers dead.

Ain’t gonna happen folks.


We have a religious vendetta going on.

Read this entire chapter carefully, as it concerns our present WAR.

What are we going to do?

What to do? Read carefully the following:


As far as Military Intelligence, as they say what a moronic term, over, and over they blunder.

From Pearl Harbor Day on Dec 7th 1941 to Iraq.

On June 6th 1944: Our government should have from the air,

NAPALMED the armed gun batteries on Omaha beach, in France,

and the other beaches on that morning,

so 50,000 servicemen would not have been killed during the “D Day” invasion.

Where was the intelligence on that day? Just blunt force; that killed too many troops as sitting ducks.


We sent troops to Korea in 1950, without the proper clothing, and armor in the middle of winter.

Then in April 1951 Truman fired General McArthur, when McArthur intended to win,

President Truman told McArthur “We are not in Korea to WIN”, YEAH!


What in the hell, were we doing there?”

We are still there after 50 years, at your expense.

Now N. Korea is now developing Missile’s, and Nuclear weapons, to aim at us.

Are we protecting the North border of So. Korea with unarmed National Guard troops, like we protect our southern border?

Of course not.


Our government is planning to send food to North Korea (900 million tons), and Oh! By the way, FREE, WHY?

To help that wonderful country that feels Nuclear weapons are more important than food for their citizens.

So do you honestly think North Korea will love America?

Not on your life.

We should have taken care of North Korea in the Korean War, why didn’t we?

Truman was afraid that China would confront us, and he didn’t want a war with China.

Let's see, in the 1930’s we were helping China fight Japan!

That made Japan attack us later?

Now China is our biggest trade partner, no make that exporter of Chinese products, not friend.

What do we export to China?

Your money.


We were not in Vietnam to win, we were a military action, 50,000 Americans killed

and we retreated, and treated our Veterans like criminals. Are we going to honor our Gulf War Veterans?

I will, they are hero’s, gone to fight a war right or wrong,

but followed orders by our Politicians to do their best for our country.

Our War is not over, we can’t retreat, like we did in Vietnam,

but we must win with honor, and we will. Oh that’s right, we won in Grenada, WOW!


In 1951 we demanded that our troops call headquarters for permission to fire back

when they were being shot at, that is total stupidity.

The same thing happening in Vietnam,

how many times did our servicemen retake the same land,

as the troops were told to retreat after battle, then to retake the same object again? 

I’m tired of that nonsense. Aren’t you?



Now we have sent our servicepersons in to Iraq, with SUV’s, sure!

They are $60,000 HUMMERS not Jeeps, but where are the Tanks?

A deadly situation with soldiers having to try to armor their own vehicles,

 with scrap metal, they find in junkyards. That is a disgrace, what kind of War is this? Either we send our troops in with the proper materials to win, or they don’t go.


This is important if America is to continue.


I believe all the Muslims who are American citizens; that have been living in the United States for a long time

believe in our government, and enjoy religious freedom. I don’t fear them.

“But” there is a 400% increase in Muslim temples,

where more and more they are preaching terrorism that we Infidels are to be killed.

I will not tolerate this treason, if there are any demonstrations by Muslims in America who were not citizens before 9/11

I will take care of them.

Yet we had a Major in our own Army, a Doctor, a Psychiatrist,

who shot and killed 12 and injured 37 in Ft. Hood, Texas the month of November 2009, an avid believer in the Islam religion,

and was very vocal about that, and this did not bring any worry from our Homeland Security Forces, WHY?

Fear we had better have, about those in the east.


While all Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims.

So which Muslims do we have to stop?

This is not a war that has a specific end, but a war to defend America,

from further attacks, and other nations from these terrorists.

If we don’t stop terrorism now: Then when? After our cities have more destruction, and loss of lives? Not while I’m still alive.

NO more 9/11 events for America, while I’ll be your president.

Christians and Muslims have been fighting since 1100 AD; stop this.


Muslims constantly are doing Terrorist attacks, all over the world;

no one is safe from their intentions to wipe out all non-Muslims. If I’m elected, this ends.


Thai soldier is killed in a Muslim terror attack. 9/1/2007,

If the Problem Is Muslim Terror, Then What? by Victor Davis Hanson


Jihad Watch: Muslim Terror Group Says It Bombed Embassy in Indonesia


In June, three men were arrested in Trinidad and accused of participating in a Muslim terror cell that planned to bomb a jet fuel artery that runs through. . . .


Muslim Terror Leader Gives Death Threats To Madonna And Britney ...


A Muslim terror suspect -living in the UK has publicly praised the insurgents who are battling British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Muslim Terror Plots Foiled in Germany, Norway and Denmark


Eye On The World: Germany hunts 10 Muslim terror suspects


List of Muslim terror attacks in Egypt


Australia: Anti-Muslim "terror plot" unravels


Now my plan is sort of like baseball, three strikes and you're out.

(1)First, Muslims in Tehran attacked our US Embassy,

(2) then the bombing the basement of one of the Twin Towers,

(3) then 9/11, that’s three.

It’s going to be interesting if I’m elected.

All of you will jump up and down and cheer.

Everyone has their day of reckoning coming.

Play ball! They have struck out.

Those who don’t surrender totally,

will be eliminated totally.

There will be no sympathy for anyone of any sex, or any age.

War is hell, and I intend to let them know, “they are in Hell”.


Want more? Just “Google” for “Muslim Terror”


Muslims rioting in England”, and setting off bombs, what more do we need.

Hey! We have a lot of Muslim immigrants in America, who have entered America since 2003,

what are they going to do?

France has allowed over 200,000 Muslims to immigrate into France, now those Muslims Riot,

demanding that France allow them to make concessions to convert France in to an Islam nation,

to allowed women to wear Burkas, so that positive identification may not be made of those females.

I still believe in that old rule, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Join the nation you move to, live by their standards, and laws, or leave.


“A Fateful Confrontation”

November 8th, 2005: France.

For the past 12 nights in the country of France there have been enormous amounts of rioting going on in the streets

of over 300 towns across the nation of France.

Thousands of cars have been torched by these rioters who happen to be France’s Muslim population,

which comes from North Africa, and the Middle East.

Schools along with businesses have been set ablaze by the menacing people in these riots,

many of whom are chanting things like “this is war” and “Jihad”


Listen up French citizens; this should all be making it very clear to the leaders in France

that they have, royally messed up in the past.

How they have gone about with their immigration policies, and how they have gone about not taking these riots

for what they are.

On the second night of these riots there should have been a curfew imposed across the nation

so that these were not allowed to spread at the rate that they have.

On the nights after that, the military should have been called in to restore order to the country

so that the riots did not begin to spread throughout the continent of Europe.

The riots have grown in strength night after night, and how have the French answered this???

They held an anti rioting protest…

Yeah! That will certainly show the Muslims that they need to stop burning cars, buses, and businesses.”

I’m sorry, but after nearly 2 weeks of rioting, the Muslims within your nation who have no life, and no chance at better life

are still not slowing up in their ability to break, and burn things…

Maybe it just me, but that is beyond the point where I would stop lying to myself,

and start to realize that these people can’t just be wished away with a protest.


How much are you going to give in to our government?

To appease our government taking away “your rights”, just to keep “PEACE”.

You wouldn’t want to upset our government, would you?


The people in Europe have to begin to take this seriously.

They have brought this all on themselves.

First by letting many of these people into their country with their weak immigration policies,

just like we have done on our southern border, and second by then making laws

that would only antagonize these immigrants.

Do you think the citizens in Europe really voted to lose their borders?

or did the political leaders, just give away the sovereignty of those nations.

The people probably had very little say about what happened to their nation.


None-the-less, this does not justify the actions that have been taken by the Muslim population in that country.

That could never happen in America, we have strong immigration policies.

Wait! No we don’t, we are being invaded every day, by Muslims, What to do? What to do?


This is all beginning to look like the start of a jihad in Europe,

just as many have predicted would happen,

and you can just about bet even money,

that terrorist in the middle east would love to get to France right now to join in on all of this.

At the point when rioters begin throwing that word “jihad” around, that’s when it's time to enforce a Martial Law, and put a stop to it

so that it does not get out of hand,

and so that the French people do not have to live in a world, like the world Israelis have to live in.

All of this appears to be an organized effort to broaden the global war on terrorism,

to eventually include the streets of Europe in a way not yet seen.

Just a month ago it was published that al Qaeda planned a “Great Ramadan Offensive”

in which they would launch attacks against the United States, Europe, and other allies of the United States.

Zarqawi characterized the coming attacks as “a fateful confrontation”…


“I think that the plan for the next stage that was drawn up has reached you or is on its way to you,” said Zarqawi’s letter to bin Laden.

We await your orders as to the next stage of the plan.” That came right out of the letter that was intercepted on its way to Bin Laden.


“If history teaches us anything, it's that; Self disillusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly” - Ronald Reagan


History also teaches us that we cannot depend on the French Government to defend themselves, and that, if this gets way out of hand… YOU KNOW WHO is going to have to save them, just like in the past, because France is our friend.


If the Muslims in America start this rioting, there is going to be a burning, we will burn them out of existence.

Do you think the Republicans, and Democrats would do this? Of course not, only someone like me, has the guts to stop this nonsense.

I hope the Muslims who are American citizens love, and respect this nation, but if not, there is only one solution, don’t test me!


On and on, these threats exist. All over the world, when will this stop?

Should we surrender because we don’t have the guts to face the world and win?

Should we be so afraid that we will not confront any nation,

because they might fight back?

That’s not the American way.

Might; equals Right. And “Might” we will have.


What are we doing in Iraq?

Billions for our military, and we invaded Iraq,

not the fault of our service-personnel; they are bravely fighting with what they have been given a job to do.

We were told we believe Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction, we didn’t find any.

Iraq did have missiles that they fired in to Israel and Saudi Arabia in 1990 where are those now,

we didn’t find anything we invaded Iraq to remove, we captured Hussein, he is dead, and we are still there,

now to bring democracy to Iraq?


Now we have increased the anger of peoples who hate America. How to leave Iraq?

We left, before we have won, Muslims will attack us again to show anger at our attacks against them now.

So total Win is the only way to end this war.


Muslims are demonstrating, and using terror all over the world,

we do not need another 9/11 to wake us up.


This is not going to go away, the Muslims are not going to kiss, and make up with us:

They will use terrorist tactics in our nation, and kill American civilians to make their point.

We cannot let that happen to America.

What are we going to do about the Muslims that have come in to America

from across the Mexican border the last few years,

Muslims that are walking the streets of America right now,

that our government has allowed to happen, and is still allowing this to happen this very day?


Read previously in my presentation above, about Illegal Alien Muslims entering our nation from Mexico.

You won’t believe how we are spending money to fight Terrorists, and an estimated 32,000 Muslims

have legally entered our nation since 2003. WHY?

So! We are in a stalemate, with Muslims who also totally believe they are right too. OK?


Where are the 32,000 plus Muslims in America that didn’t show up for Amnesty Hearings?

How are they supporting themselves?

Is the Department of Homeland Security looking for them?


We must stop this invasion of Muslims; we must stop their vendetta to kill all non-believers. 

The problem is: The average Muslim citizens knows next to nothing about America,

they have been told by their religious leaders that all “non believers”, should be dead,

and even using their children to accomplish this goal.

We must stop this, HOW, that’s the billion-dollar question.

Many billions of dollars so far, and what have we accomplished? Not much.

This situation has to be faced. Only when we kill enough of them, will they finally surrender.

How many?

That’s another question.

But believe me, they are not going to give up easily, they don’t know any better.


You can’t reason with someone over religious beliefs, so since we have to defend ourselves, we have a WAR.

This is not going away in X number of months, or years if we don’t fight now.

We are now going to have an ongoing WAR until “all” Muslims are dead.

This has been going on for over 1000 years, and it’s not going away until WE do something about it.

I’ll send Congresspersons first; they can lead the troops, fat chance HUH?


We are, and have been suckers for the Bush conspiracy, we are in an un-winnable situation with Iraq,

and we must stop this nonsense, either we entirely destroy Iraq, and “all” Muslims

or we pull out, and let the Iraqi’s run their country the way they want to.

What makes you think that any Muslim is going to love America? After how long?


Muslims have hated Christians since 1100 AD,

Muslims hate us for supporting Israel, but they would hate us anyway, so what’s new? 

Of courses now the Muslims will plan on more destruction of America,

and we will have to respond by total elimination of all Muslims in the world,

or at least as many as it takes until they realize we won’t quit, until they do,

we must end of this nonsense.

We are a predominately Christian Nation.


Study about the Muslims in Spain in the 1000’s, they were routed out of Spain

finally to stop the terrorism they had then.

We must control the use of our Armed Forces all over the world.

The last 50 years we have been rushing in to nations to force them to conform to our ideas, with physical, “AND” financial aid,

trying to change other countries to our political ideas.

No more rescuing other nations by our armed intervention.

We are trying to bring Freedom and Democracy to as many people in the world as we can,

to improve the life of the rest of humanity, to end poverty and the subjugation of tyrants to these poor people.

We have been trying to buy friends, that never works.


I know this is somewhat the intentions of the New World Order to end all war between all nations,

but will they bring freedom to the world or “World Domination? I believe it will only be Domination.


Yes it would be great if all nations had a political system, like we have, OOPS!

No I guess that wouldn’t work very well, until we clean up our own system.

The totally incompetent politicians we now have RUINING our country.

Yes I said, “ruining” not running.


It would be nice if all nations of the world did indeed have a system of “Honest Elected Government”.

Oh yeah, Honest is what we have, don’t we? That will never happen.

Human nature will always let anyone with power, to misuse it.

That’s where dictators come from, a little power goes to their heads,

and they can’t stop that desire “to lord over everyone”.

Who is going to stop them?

That old comment the “Golden Rule” he who has the Gold, makes the Rules.


Just how many of you think our politicians are honest? Really?

What planet did you come from?

How was your local politician elected, what qualities did they have to be elected to run our nation for your best interests?

Who financed their election, and what did those financiers expect when that person was in office in Washington DC?

Then, that person runs for the office of President of the United States, Qualified?

Guess why our nation is in trouble?

I’ll give you the most honest person ever elected, ME. Bragging?

Yes, I have no other desire, other than to make America a great nation again.

To bring peace, and prosperity for everyone before my life ends.


Now our Armed Forces personnel find they can be ”Arrested for Murder” in a war area for killing the wrong person.

What a lot of Crap, are they to ask for ID before they shoot someone?


What a disgrace that one of our soldiers in Bosnia, (Michel New) was ordered to take off his American Service uniform,

and to wear a “United Nations Uniform”,

when he refused, he was Courts Marshaled, and Dishonorably Discharged.

What is going on in America? 

No American will ever wear the uniform of any other nation,

or the United Nations when I become President.

And the uniforms our Military wear will be made in American, not China.


We hold War Trials of combatants of other country’s military service personnel, and charge them with “War Crimes”,

punishing those persons who claim they were only following orders,

yet tell our service persons “that” is NO excuse if they refuse to follow orders they believe are illegal.

Double Standard here?


This is not to say I won’t avenge 9/11 I will take care of the middle-east situation,

to the satisfaction to all Americans.

That problem will be over, enough of this nonsense.

As the Japanese said after starting WW II, “They have awakened a Sleeping Giant”.


The other Allied Nations brag they also won WW II.

Sure they did, with our produced Armament,

otherwise they would have fallen to Hitler’s troops.

We won that War,

I didn’t see any Russians on the Japanese front; in fact originally Russia and Japan were partners.

I didn’t see any British troops invade Japan or help us retake the So. Pacific Islands.

Australia did help, and New Zealand helped, but to hear Britain tell it,

we were only there helping them.

That’s why Germany was divided in to the British Sector, the Russian Sector, and the United States Sector.

Who spent all the money to fly support in to Berlin during that blockade in 1948, the United States did.


I do not intend to use Nuclear Arms, unless someone drops a Nuclear Bomb on us first.

Believe me if we go to war for some reason, it will be to “WIN”, not play around with a Police Action.

I’d hate to kill innocent civilians, but if necessary, that would just have to happen.

Any other country attacking us would kill our civilians;

time for us to stop this “being kind” to our enemies.


Remember 9/11, innocent civilians were killed.


Don’t believe that can happen again?

Well search on the Internet for “The Rape of Nanking”,

to see what the Japanese were doing in China in the 1930’s.

Some 300,000 civilians killed; Men, Women, and Children.

War is brutal:

sometimes you “have to be the aggressor”.

Or you, and your family are next.

Do you understand?

Look what happened when Europe tried to make agreements with Hitler before 1940.

He sucker punched the innocents that thought diplomacy worked best.

NO more Diplomacy, it’s action that finally works.

How do you do that?  By attacking the head of the government first, kill the ruling politicians first,

then destroy the capital, and the head of the Military forces first, not after they surrender. 

It’s the government officials I’m really after.

Do I think a mother with children really wants to kill Americans, no way,

but her government will send her sons to fight us,

we must stop all aggressions against the “United States”.


How many service personnel do we now still have in Bosnia?


Now realize the Christians, and Muslims have been after each other since 1100 AD when the First Crusade started,

when my ancestor “Baldwin 5th” and others were involved.

The Muslims have stated for 900 years they are going to kill Christians.

Time to call them on that.

We have forgotten how to wage war since 1945.

We don’t go in to WIN now; that is enough of this nonsense. That’s like, not arresting

Bank-robbers, just let them go each time, after you get the money back.


The defense of Kuwait was a correct action, to a degree, but Bush Sr. stopped too soon.

When a very small nation has been attacked by a larger nation, we would like to help that nation,

but would we go to war to protect Taiwan if China attacked them? I wonder.


We didn’t interfere when China attacked and invaded Tibet, Why?

We didn’t invade North Vietnam, because we were afraid China would come in to defend Vietnam. WAR?


If we are going to commit to a war, then we have to commit to WIN.

When you have people who have been indoctrinated that; to commit suicide to kill us, is honorable,

we have to help them commit suicide. Dead, and gone. Justice?

This is not just about Israel, it is about religion.

Muslims feel that if you’re not a Muslim, then you should be dead,

and they really believe that.

HMMM. I’ll help them achieve that goal.

A dead terrorist is a good terrorist.

With all the billions Kuwait makes from selling OIL,

why didn’t they spend some of that money themselves to build up a defense army?


Wait, until America comes to your rescue? That’s wrong too.

Who in Kuwait had all the money?

The government, not the people.

Of course when all borders are eliminated,

then there will be no more wars, sure!

We will just all be “happy campers,” One world, One people, “no religion”, all getting along.

Dream on.

We can’t even achieve that in our cities, let alone nationwide, or worldwide.


To win, you just totally eliminate everyone in that country, and I do mean everyone,

because those women, and children you leave behind

will have more children that will someday grow up to hate you,

and you’ll have to do the killing all over again.

We are told “You can’t kill ALL of them”,

sure we can,

and we’d better do it, “because” the Muslims want to kill “all” of us.

Wake up people, you or your family may die in the next act of terrorism.

Remember the innocent people on 9/11!


The Muslims have been at this, 1000 years.

I know it’s hard to include these children in this fracas,

most kids are just totally innocent,

and just want to play and grow up.

But parents and politicians indoctrinate the kids as they grow up that

an offense has been committed against their nation/people,

and that the kids now have an obligation to right a wrong,

for the good of their nation, ethnicity, religion, you name it,

they believe in going to war whenever to correct the past.


The Armenians are still waging war against Turkey for what happened to them in the 1912’s.

They never will forgive the murder of about 1.5 million Armenians. Nor should they have to. 

Murder is murder.

Do we forgive Germans for what they did to the Jews, Poland, and other European nations in WW II?


Someday Germany/European Union is again going to attack other nations,

who do you think is the dominant ruler right now in the European Union?

Hitler must be laughing in his grave.