I wrote this originally in 2008, you decide if this is still the rule.

You’ll most likely die before the VA gives you medical care, promised for defending our nation. What is fair?

Lets line up all members of Congress and the Senate, and amputate all their legs below their hips,

let them see what happens to those who have defended our nation, and then sent home to survive if possible.

This is an example of Government controlled Medical Care.



First! Let me tell you Service Persons, our government will try to screw you after you get out of the service,

if not before. You are just a number, cannon fodder as they use to call it. Ask the men who have been there,

talk to some of our present veterans, and ask them how they have been treated when they have needed help.


I was listening on November 2, 2008, to the TV program “60 Minutes” about our Veterans, Guard

and/or Reserve military that are refused the right to return to their jobs upon return from active service.

This is so wrong, so wrong that we must stop this, and yet not leave private or public business

in financial distress because we are calling these citizens to perform for our military service.

I can understand that business can’t afford to support employees 100 % financially

when called up to serve our military,

yet our military citizens also can’t afford to bear

all the financial cost to serve our nation in time of need.


I am distressed to hear that even the Veterans Administration refused to reemploy a returning service person

to the previous position, definitely against the law,

that ensures our service persons the ability to return to civilian employment,

as they were when they left to fulfill their military obligation.


I’ve believed that we need to continue the civilian financial status of our military force when they are called up for duty.

Don’t give me this nonsense that our service persons must endure financial loss to serve our nation.

I will assist businesses to afford to make sure our military are treated fair, so that when serving our nation,

they can maintain the support of their families, so that businesses are not financially bankrupt

by the needs of employees called up to serve the military.

We need to support business, so they can afford to hire employees who have a military obligation.

We most certainly need to review that citizens are refused employment

because they may be called up to serve in time of need.


Now, service persons injured in battle, and in the hospital, or in recovery

are being sued because the government overpaid them “Battle pay” when they were just no longer able to serve,

due to battle injuries, so the government wants the money back.

Well in the first place if that service person is laid up due to battle injuries they deserve more pay, a great deal more.


Can you imagine what our government officials would want

if they were injured while serving in political office?

We should have such Justice!


Another crime against our service persons, now the service is discharging our veterans

who have some emotional problems, and they are told,

“You don’t deserve any benefits, your problems were pre-existing,

so no pay Joe, go home and shut up”.


Well I told you so; on TV July 12th, 2007 I’m watching the discharge of a Veteran,

who is told he owes the service some $1500 before he will get his discharge papers.

I don’t know what for, but come on now, we are spending $32 million every day in Iraq,

while this veteran has given his/her time and emotions to wage this war,

and our government say’s PAY, or no go. Heartless.


Our Service Persons deserve extra consideration, and compensation for the,

in many cases permanent injuries, that will affect them the rest of their life.


I will bring our entire service personnel home for good, except in Germany, and Japan

where we are somewhat still in charge as WW II occupation troops.

Not that we are actually in control of those nations.


I will reinstate “all” the wonderful “GI Bill of Rights” for our service personnel

that our nation developed at the end of WW II.

Read about my plan for Military Income taxes below in #27:


·I will place the “CARE”, and future, of those who gave so honorable to fight for our nation  “TOP PRIORITY”.

Right now too many are told to go home, and get over it,  “Hey, quit whining, the war is over”.

“NO” more will this attitude take place.

There are some brave Americans who have pledged their lives to protect our nation,

“then”, when injured, or worse, totally disabled, our government totally ignores them.

I will give each retiring Service Person a Credit Card type ID,

that will allow them to go to any medical facility for help as soon as they are discharged,

if they feel they need medical attention of any kind.

No waiting for any care, no qualifying needed, they didn’t have to get authorization for Medical Care

when they were in the service.

Instant Medical Care for those who were there for us, now it’s time for us to be here for them.


Many of our returning service persons have huge financial problems, and our government really doesn’t care.

We must help those who sacrificed to serve this nation, and help them recover, and resume a decent life,

with all the medical care and appliances needed.

The way we treated our returning service persons from Vietnam was a disgrace.


After WW II, Prisoners of War” returned from Japan, then tried to sue the companies in Japan;

Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Nippon Steel, and companies in Germany such as Krupp, and Benz,

that had forced them to do slave labor, the service men were told,

Japan, and Germany are now our friends, so you can’t sue them.


Our service men were not as important as our enemy was.

No more of that nonsense.

I’m livid over this treatment of our service personnel.

I’m afraid more, and more service persons returning from combat

will find our government doesn’t care about their disabilities,

go home, and shut up.

Not with me as President.


VA Hospitals will get top funding.

The best that our nation can provide.

Veteran housing for the injured or elderly service persons

will also be on the top of my list.

How many of our service veterans really need emotional help, and are totally ignored?

Many of our Veterans have had emotional problems their entire lives,

as the results of what they endured in combat.

We have just ignored them, while they and their families have suffered, in silence.


Maybe I should move Congress and the Senate in to some of these Veterans Hospitals,

so these politicians can experience rats, and vermin in their offices.


Citizens have voted in California to build, and staff Veterans homes.

They have promised to do so in Lancaster, CA for the last 12 years, know what?

Well I found out the home are finally finished,

but instead of the so called 140 or 180 beds,

I understand it has only 65 beds, imagine 65 beds for Los Angeles County, CA

with an area population of at least 9.5 million.


I will aggressively enforce the civil rights of women who join the services, and are accosted by servicemen, then

told to accept this as normal behavior, that macho men deserve to get away with this.

This has been standard procedure. No way anymore. Macho is no excuse, guys.