I will propose, and “will demand” a new law that all military personnel,

(below the rank of General, or any desk bound high level rank military),

and spouses, not owe “any” income taxes, while on ACTIVE duty.

Although I plan on stopping the IRS completely, to end all income taxes,

as against the Constitution.

But in case that doesn’t work, The following is my plan for the Military.


Then after serving at least 10 years, (or any amount of time actually engaged in Armed Combat),

(or their family survivor’s if they die while engaged in combat),

and discharged, or retiring, they will have a 25% reduction in income taxes for the rest of their life.


After 20 years service a 50% reduction in income taxes.


After 30 years service 100% excused from “any” further income taxes for life.


For any service person that becomes disabled while in the service,

ie: the loss of one or more appendages, or high level of disablement,

will not owe any income taxes the rest of their life.

They have already paid too much to protect our nation.


This will also holds so for surviving spouse, with the service persons children,

(unless the spouse remarries),

if the spouse has personal income this will be included in this proposal too),

and their children tax free up to the age of 30,

to compensate for the loss of the family provider, and mentor.


The children of a “service person who died in Combat” will have

a 50% reduction in Income taxes for the rest of their life,

to compensate for the loss of what that parent could have done to have enriched their lives.


This is the least we can do for those who have risked,

and all too often given their life to protect our nation.