What is MONEY? Something we are told is Money, but where does Money come from?

This article will explain Usury, or interest collected beyond government limits on legal interest rates.

Legal limits no longer exist in the United States.

You can legally pay 50% interest per day if you want money bad enough.

Many “Cash until Pay Day” loans are exactly this rip off.


Money is a medium of exchange, so that instead of trading a dozen eggs for a haircut,

you sell the eggs, and then take the money you received for the eggs and pay the barber for the hair cut.


We must stop giving “your” money away trying to buy friends.

Our politicians believe money, YOUR money is theirs to play with, and give it away like candy.


If Congress, and the Senate want to share their own personal money that’s great, but not OUR money.


In 1933 Roosevelt removed us from the Gold Standard. Roosevelt made it a crime to own Gold.

Roosevelt then raised the price of Gold from $20/oz to $35/oz.


Starting in 1964 our wonderful government starting recalling all of our Silver Coins,

made us new coins without any Silver after 1968, and gave us Copper-Nickel coins, worth 1/15th  of its original value.

Inflation? You bet!

Where is our Silver?

Our Constitution gave the government the right to make money,

Coins in Silver and Gold.

Now we have crap. Do you want to Restore our lifestyle? Or?


In 1964 President Johnson took us off the Silver standard, So what backs your Paper money???????,

Trust in our government.

It’s just a piece of paper that “you trust” is worth some exchange value.

If no one wants our dollars, they can be used for tissue paper in the bathroom.

I have a lot of paper money (as a collector), from other nations

where that money is no longer worth “anything” just used for decoration.

Our paper money can be just as worthless.

Now foreign creditors are asking to be paid in Euro’s, not US dollars, why?


Gas was $4.89 in 2008, paid for with “Paper Money”,

since a $1 (.9 oz) of silver coin is now worth $15.00

you would only have to pay about 15 cents for a gallon of gas with $1 Silver coin.

Who has all of our Silver coins? Your government of course.


For centuries gold to silver had been a steady 17:1 ratio,

now with Gold at $1200 an ounce, silver should be $78 an ounce.

There is talk of Gold going as high as $3000/oz.


Where are all the Silver Coins we use to have? Removed from circulation “by our government” in the 1963/4 era;

and melted down, stockpiled by our government, to sell at $16+/oz., does that enrich you?

Dream on, that goes to our wonderful politicians, they will find a way to use that profit for their political funding.


As our government claims inflation has only been 2%/year average inflation since 1964,

Silver would now sell for $2.26/oz. At that rate, gasoline would now cost .60cents/gallon,

I could live with that, couldn’t you?


I think our government is planning on that increase in the future

to be a “so called” Goldmine, or Silver-mine, so be it.


When other nations refuse to take our paper money in the future,

we won’t even be able to buy anything in the stores,

since most of our products come from somewhere else.

Notice that all our coins are now made out of nickel/copper alloy,

or Wow! (GOLD COLORED) Brass Dollar coins,

our government has a lot of Brass.

The government pulled all the silver coins out of circulation, who loses? You do.

Of course you can still buy a real Silver Dollar from the US Mint

for about $18.00, $34.50, in proof condition.


Constitution Article 1 Section 8: concerns the government to Coin Money, Section 10, says

make nothing but Gold and Silver as tender in payment of debts.

Yet all our Silver Certificates and US Notes are no longer issued, only Federal Reserve Notes,

which are not US legal certificates, these notes are not backed by anything,

except your faith in (the Federal Reserve Banks) not our government.

True, the notes say they are Legal Tender, but if you demanded Silver or Gold

for your Federal Reserve (at $35 an ounce for Gold), you’re out of luck.

I’m not talking about where the notes are printed,

of course they come from the government printing office in Washington DC,

BUT:, our money is no longer backed by “anything of intrinsic value”.

By the way, we have joked about paying bills with Penny’s, (one cent coins)

those One Cent coins are not Legal Tender, and your debtor does not have to accept non-silver coins in payment for debts.

That is why our paper money claims it is Legal Tender for payment of Debts.

It used to say for All “Debts and Tariffs”. Not anymore.


According to our Constitution,

“only” Coins are legal tender issued by the government,

coins are still the only legal United States money.

Federal Reserve Notes are not United States Government Money,

these notes are the NON-Federal government, Federal Reserve Notes,

that our government allows all the banks in the United States and its territories to control.

The paper these notes are printed on has no actual cash value;

they are like coupons for discounts at the market,

only valued for what that piece of paper is worth.

There is nothing to back these notes of any value at all,

only what someone is willing to accept these notes for in exchange of what you want to buy.

If the government decides tomorrow that Silver is now $60 an ounce, your money has lost 50% of its value.


Well in 1963 Silver was 92 cents an ounce.


Your dollar is now worth about 6.2 cents.


That’s why were we were paying up to $148 US dollars a barrel for Oil.

It was $100 Barrel Dec. 2011


Inflation has reduced our money value about 1660% since 1964.


Paper money was issued with the stipulation that there was “in reserve”,

held by the government, now no Silver or Gold to back up our paper currency.

No longer, Congress decided you didn’t need anything to back up your paper money,

just “trust in your government”.


Do you trust your government?

When you try to print your own money the government gets angry.

Well your printed Money is worth just about as much as Federal Reserve notes,

worth the cost of the paper it’s printed on.


The “Federal Reserve Bank” “IS NOT” owned by the Federal Government. Check it out.


What bothers me is I know people in 1950 would struggle to save perhaps 10% of their income,

about at the most for middle class maybe $20 a month.

Now “if” that $20 were invested at 7% high at that time, it would now be worth $145.

However, the government along the way may have charged you up to 25% tax on the interest at various times

which would reduce your actual compound increase of value.

But an automobile (hard to compare of course the value of a 1950 car vs:: a 2007 car),

but let's say a typical new Chevrolet in 1950 was $1000, VS a new top of the line Chevrolet Impala of today at about $28,000,

that’s a lot of difference.

The problem is that your increase of interest on that $20 was more likely 3%,

if the stock doesn’t go belly up along the way.

US Saving Bonds pay about 1.8%/yr.

Inflation is about 7% every year. See next item below.


The government replaced good money with bad money.

Our paper money use to say “Silver Certificate” or US Bank Note,

now “all” our paper money say’s “Federal Reserve Note”, backed by "NOTHING".

History repeats, when bad money replaces good money that country is done for.

Look at Great Britain; they debased their coinage after WW II. It used to be said:

“the Sun never sets on the British Empire”.

Now the sun never seems to rise for England, just a shell of the government they use to be.



You could take your Silver or Gold to any nation, and get the goods you want for that exchange value,

if those nations do not want your Federal Reserve Notes, you’re out of luck.


That paper money is only worth what someone will give you for them,

in exchange for what you want,

they will always accept Silver or Gold at the current inflated value.


In the Mediterranean area, the Austrian Silver Dollar size “Maria Theresa Thaler” was so recognized

that it was almost a standard for trade purchases,

even new produced coins were dated 1780, but that has probably disappeared

now that silver is so expensive, but even those who couldn’t read,

knew that coin was a standard for commerce.


The Constitution only gave Congress the right to “Coin” Money, “not print”.

None of the Amendments allow Congress to Print Money.

Coin is metal.

Our Silver Certificate Bills stated that there was on deposit by the Federal Government,

one ounce of Silver based at 92 cents per ounce, as security for those Silver Certificates.

NO more Silver on hand for our Federal Reserve Notes.

Not only that; it specifies Coin in “Silver and Gold”, metals that have intrinsic value.


For a short time our cent coin was worth more than one-cent metal value,

now our cent is made of Zinc, copper plated.

Steel coins coming soon, to make them even cheaper. 

As you study Numismatics, (coins and paper money) you find that as every nations debased their coins,

that led to total failure of those nations.

Are we next?