My 7% Rule. Inflation IS 7% a year.

The government tells us inflation is about 2%/year, well if that is so,

 tell me where I can buy a new Cadillac for $17,000.

Inflations is now at least 1000% over 1969, our dollars are failing fast on the world market.

“If” inflation was 2%/yr, that is how much that car would cost based upon the price of a new Cadillac for $6800 in 1969.

Important; Taxes vs 7% rule below


Wake up Americans, defend our nation, and Elect an “Independent candidate”

that cares what happens to our sovereignty.

We must stop this inflationary spiral “NOW”.

You have been downsized, and inflation is killing America, ready to fight back NOW?

This started in 1964 when we stopped backing our money with Silver.


What is going to happen? As our nation downsizes,

 exporting more and more production,

laying off more and more citizens, who can buy less and less,

this will continue to snowball until we face the collapse of the Stock Market,

more and more factories close, more stores close,

more loss by employees of being able to pay rent,

more and more citizens homeless with families.

You lost YOUR Medical insurance when you got laid off, what next?

Just like what happened in 1929-1939.

Unless we return employment to our nation, America will fail completely.


We must stop this; join with me to reverse the destruction of our nation.


Review what I just stated above about our money.


I’ve analyzed many-many of the prices for the last 35 years, and our actual inflation is 6.9% year, after year.

Very few of us have earned a 7%/yr increase in income over the years.

So we were actually having a better standard of living in 1950 than now.


What is our inflation at this moment?

Well in 1964 I could buy One Ounce of Silver from the United States Mint for 92 cents.

Now if I want to buy One Ounce of Silver

(melted down from our coins that we had up until 1964)

the government will sell me that One Ounce for about $15.00,

that equals 1600% inflation.

Our government stole our Silver, removed all of our Silver coins that were a reference for the value of our money.

Starting in 1965 they coined our 50 cent coin with 50% silver,

and in 1969 made all of our coins out of Copper/Nickel, worth about 7 cents/dollar.

That’s about what our dollar is worth now, 7 cents.

That’s why it costs you over $3.00 for a gallon of gasoline.

There are no Silver coins in circulation anymore.

That’s the 1600% inflation I’m talking about, right there.

When we questioned our government about the intrinsic value of our money,

we were told our money was backed by the value of America.

“Just trust your government”, well we trusted. Look what we have now.


In the 1950’s of course we didn’t have some of the products we now enjoy at that time,

but a husband was able to make enough for the average family to buy a home,

get a new car about every 3 years.

Send our kids to College, and the wife/mother

was able to manage the home and be a homemaker.

Life was good.


In 1953 you could buy a new Black and White Admiral TV 16” in a plastic cabinet, for $299.00,

and if you had a good job you made $60.00/week.

Why are TV sets so cheap now, Made in Japan, or China, or?

But not in the USA.


The banks love charging you 8 to 12%, or more, and give you 1%, or 2% on deposits.

Who runs the banks?

Or do the “banks run America?

You and I know they do.

Let's change that.


I will make it illegal for anyone to charge more than 10% interest on any loans.

Credit Card companies advertise 7%, and

 then you soon find that they are charging 10%, then 12%, and on up to 29%.

Citizens become complacent, or convinced they can’t change this,

and don’t notice as the interest creeps up, and up, or feel powerless to make changes.


Credit card companies make 3%/mo. on all purchases,

they only pay the merchant 97 cents on each dollar you buy on the card.

That’s 3%/mo., each and every month, so the credit card companies

are already making 36%/yr on each dollar used.

The banks are not losing; believe me.


7% Rule: I propose, and will enact for tax purposes;

that tax payers will only pay taxes on that amount gained in value

on anything that “exceeds 7% compound gain” each year.

If you sell a house that you bought “X” number of years before,

and it sells for a higher value, you really haven’t gained anything

 other than what inflation has actually caused.

This is wrong to penalize owners as though they have gained anything in the long run.

We also have to consider in the sale of a home

if there were improvements along those years that increased the value more than that 7%.

I bought a home in 1971 for $31,500. In 1995 I sold that home for $154,000

(at 7%/year that would have been $159,778).

Return to beginning (Three year earlier I could have sold the home for $235,000,

but the Hispanic invasion of my area, reduced the value to $154,000

minus the sales commission and FEE’S, I received $145,000.


In 1981 the government admitted that inflation from 1966 to 1981 had been 260%,

how does 2% a year figure in to that?

Remember gas at 29/cents a gal./and 3 cent postage stamps.


If you have a loss in investments; you will be able to deduct that from your income,

prorated over the next 5 years, not just at $3000 per year, as is the law now.

It is not 1940 anymore.


$4.29/gal for gas  (October 2012 in California) Vs: 29cents/ Gal in 1974 = 1650% inflation.


What to expect in the future?

In 2040 you might be able to retire from your minimum wage job

on Social Security at age 80,

(“too many of us are living too long”),

means much lower payout of SS money,

as you’re only making $15/hour on minimum wage in 2040).


You “could have” been able to retire on Social Security “if” it still existed in 2040.

However, you won’t even be able to buy the cheapest new Chevrolet at $99,999,

or regular gas at $9.99/gal., after you retire.

No more enjoying those plain fast food $9.95 hamburgers (without fry’s).

Remember White Castle hamburgers 5 cents each, 6 for 25 cents in 1941?


Reminder: In 1956 a New Chevrolet, 4dr sedan, with Air, Automatic transmission,

and all the goodies cost $3200 fob Detroit.

Well $3200 vs. today’s $28,000 = about 800% increase in 50 years.

I’m only estimating an increase of (4X) 400% over the next 35 years.


In 1956 McDonalds™ hamburgers were 15 cents. Sugar was 5 lbs for 59 cents.

Hamburger was 19 cents a pound.

In 1959 I was renting a two-bedroom triplex for $90/mo.

In a nice community in Culver City, CA

Now that same apartment would rent for about $1500/mo. That’s inflation!


As recent as 1967 you could buy a “new” 4 bedroom (1800 sq ft), 2 car garage, home for $19,999 in “Los Angeles”,

now those homes in “Lost Angeles” are selling for $250,000 in the poor neighborhoods, $450,000 in an all white neighborhoods.


In 2040 you might be able to rent a single room in someone’s $3,000,000 3-bedroom tract home for $2600 a month,

while you live on cold “Meals Ready to Eat”.

No more using Natural gas, or electricity to have hot meals anymore.

Better learn how to wash your clothes in the bathtub in cold water, with a scrub board,

like our ancestors did in the early 1900’s.

No building a wood fire under the old galvanized laundry tub in the back yard like our ancestors did,

that fire would be classed as a global warming environmental hazard.

Bar-b-que’s prohibited, another environmental hazard,

no more power mowers, back to the old push mower, it worked.

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See more under Social Security below. #31


With today’s inflation, the wage earner with a family of 2 or more children,

needs to earn at least $15/hr.

Minimum wage (for beginners in the job market) is not,

and was never intended to be sufficient to support a family.

With our government allowing our manufacturing to leave America,

millions of our middle class jobs are now gone.

Minimum Wage = What the government orders you to pay employees, or else!


We have a crisis; WE must have family supporting wages return to America.

Oh! That’s right, if both husband and wife are working for minimum wage that equals $30/hr.

That’s the new plan for American families.

Isn’t that Great?

What happens to single parent families? Starvation? Or worse!


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