Amnesty for Illegal aliens, I will rescind that portion of the 14th Amendment

that has made the children of Illegal aliens American citizens,

“eligible for Welfare Aid”.

NO more of this treason.

Illegal Aliens can take their children and leave, or else,

we will eradicate them. Enter America legally and you are welcome.


Most of the Illegal aliens are not Immigrants, but INVADERS.

Not here to join America, but to overtake America.


“I” want illegal aliens out of here:

“You” want the illegal aliens out of here:

We told Congress and the Senate, NO AMNESTY,

so what happened this last year?

Obama decided you do not run this nation, so he authorized AMNESTY!


If any illegal alien is deported, then returns to America again illegally,

they will be executed on the spot. Period, Bodies left to rot, right there.

No more crap, this is final. Man, women, or child.


Bleeding Hearts:

Wake up, we are being invaded by those who want to destroy our nation,

not join us, they do not like Americans.  Enough Gangs?


October 2011 this last week 2 more incidents of citizens killed

by unlicensed Illegal Alien drivers. Our government doesn’t care, I do, do you?


We are told Illegal Aliens are needed to do work on the farms,

well when they are needed, round them up, deliver them to the farms,

and if they refuse, a quick trip to the border. “They don’t stay on the farm”.


IF Congress agrees to give them Amnesty, they will brag about how

they are retaking California, to be part of Mexico again. Like Hell.


How will I do this: I’m going to close all legal border crossings,

total blockade of Mexico,

no entry of anyone, no flights to or from Mexico,

until Mexico protects our borders.

NO trade with Mexico as long as there is even one

Illegal Alien from Mexico in our nation. Tough Love, you bet.


So who does want the Illegal Aliens? “Employers”.


Now this is not just about Hispanics in our nation,

we have millions of invaders from all over the world,

many enter our nation on a Visitor's Visa, and never leave.


http://immigrationcounters.com/ read the numbers, and what it costs.

This is the real cost to America. NO more illegal aliens!


Government officials do not protect America.

I’ll replace every single ICE officer with those “who do” want to do their job correctly.


Judge says it’s OK to invade America, if you’re here to earn money.


I give a damn, and I will stop all illegal immigration.

I want visitors to our nation to have to register,

and report during their stay in America

so we know where they are at least once a month.

I’ll issue them a Credit Card type ID to have scanned at most post office

24/7 terminals. No report!

Then we are looking for you.


No credit card purchases anywhere in the nation,

without us knowing where they are.

I see these people called Undocumented Aliens; I call them “Illegal” Aliens.

That’s like my going in to a bank and making

a Withdraw on an Undocumented Account, not robbing the bank.

Illegal is Illegal is Illegal.


If someone were invading my home,

I have the right to shoot them; to protect my home.


Well America is my home and someone is invading my home.

I have hired people (our government) to protect my home (country),

and I expect them to protect my home.


If our President’s can’t or won’t protect my home, then you have to fire them

and elect someone who will carry out the wishes of the citizens.

I will protect America’s borders, and ports of entry.


We have spoken and we have been ignored.

We have had enough of this dereliction of duty to protect our home nation.

This is not part of Mexico, and we have a right to enforce our borders.

I want and will give you that protection when I am your president.


A spokesman for state Department of Housing and Community Development

said last night (3 Nov. 08)

that as a result of 1977 federal consent decree, the state

“Cannot deny state-subsidized public housing to illegal immigrants”.


DemoCrap: Obama said: We can’t throw them out, we must lead them to Citizenship,

(and give them AMNESTY) Bull shit. He totally intends to open our border to Mexico

and invite the poor of Mexico to come here to join us, NO way.

Obama claimed Hispanics do not need to learn English,

that it’s time that: Americans learn Spanish.


I do not want America to become part of Mexico,

 and turn in to an extension of Mexico.


Sorry, those who have invaded our nation,

will have 30 days to leave or else, and take their children with them.

They have infiltrated community after community all over our nation,

with arrogance

that they are here to extend the borders of Mexico,

and take over our nation.


After 30 days, I’m going to kick ass.


You won’t hear this from the Democrats or Republicans,

because they do not have the guts to defend America,

our politician only have one quest, getting elected and paid.


Recently (June 09) a newspaper in San Diego, Ca reported that

3 teenagers had been deported for being illegal aliens,

housed by friends in Tijuana, Mexico for 3 weeks,

the teens were allowed to return to the USA.

Their attorney remarked that:

If all the illegal children were deported,

the local schools would be empty.

The schools would be EMPTY; do you get that?


When I’m elected, anyone in this nation illegally

has 30 days to leave peacefully, on day 31:

all hell is going to break out.


No AMNESTY, no more Mr. Nice Guy,

beating illegal aliens will be the nice reaction,

so they had better be heading for the border

while they can still walk.


We have not extended the Mexican border into America.


This is the United States of America, not the North American Union.


Anyone who gets 20’ north of our border with Mexico,

will be shot dead, and left to rot.


I’m tired of our mealy mouth politicians taking NO ACTION.


I was finally driven out of my home of 25 years in Sun Valley, CA

by this invasion, Sun Valley became 89% Hispanic by 1986.


The price of that home dropped from $235,000, to $155,000 in 3 years

because of children murdered by drive-by-shootings within 3 blocks of my home.

I lived ½ block from a school.


I was told more than once that I didn’t belong in “their territory”.

Sun Valley, CA, was an American community of Los Angeles, CA.

After 1986 only Hispanics dared to buy in that community.


I was finally able to move in 1995,

and of course my home was bought by “3” Hispanic families.

Each family paying $500/mo.

They were really nice family people, but!

Now the community I live in (Lancaster, CA)

is 40% Hispanic, 40% Black, and increasing every year.

I can’t afford to move anymore, I’m trapped.


If Illegal Aliens are troubled financially to leave, as President

I will help them leave: Bus tickets.

We must protect our nation from this invasion.


Senator John McCain (Republican/Democrat) AZ is now stating that:

This is a National Security issue, exactly what I’ve been saying all along.

McCain says he wants to protect our nation, he will not.


Both of the candidates wanted to win the vote of the Illegal Aliens, so they visited La Raza

(read about our money given to La Raza)

giving that organization more money to assist Hispanic invaders to our nation.

They tell La Raza they plan to help those Illegal Aliens stay in America.

So Illegal Aliens register to vote, nobody will ask if you are actually a citizen yet.


Vote away, we even print ballots in Spanish,

so you won’t be inconvenienced with learning English.

Just continue to take over our nation.

This message is not available in Spanish,

and I, Don Cordell; approve this commercial.


In 1986 we were conned into believing our government;

promises were made to us, that allowing Amnesty for ONE Million illegal aliens,

(only it turned out to be 4 million Illegal aliens) to apply for Citizenship,

with the big promise that this was a ONE time event,

and we would close our borders: so this would not happen again.


Hey! It never stopped. In 20 years, only 2.8 million

of those applications for citizenship have been processed.

1.2 million more to go, to complete the 1986 agenda.


In 1986 a friend was living with me, and one Sunday

I took her two little daughters to a local park in Sun Valley section of Los Angeles.

Soon after arriving to use the swings and other children’s equipment

I was approached by a Hispanic Male that told me in no uncertain words that

this was a Hispanic park and that I’d better get the f---------- girls and get out of there.

I was furious, but for the protection of the girls we left.

This is the state of affairs in our nation

that our Congress and the rest of the “do nothing” elected officials

have done to our nation.


Well! The RepubliCons, and DemoCraps have both been in office the last 20 years,

did they protect our borders? NO of course not.

In June 07 the Senate wanted to give Illegal Aliens Amnesty, and we said NO, NO, NO.


Then there was the Dream Act, and we said NO, NO,

Obama still wants to pass the Dream Act, NO, NO.

So Obama passed the Dream act on his own. Screw the America voters.


While on the surface the Dream Act sounded like

we had sympathy for the teenagers brought to this country by their parents,

innocent little children schooled on our dollars,

medical care on our dollars, now graduated from High School

and want to go to College on our dollars, deserved our blessings, only that little bit

“Family Unification”, to allow almost any relative of that child permission

to enter our nation legally and stay, that was the kicker. “NO, NO, NO”.


These kids complain that they are being denied College educations

because they do not get in-state rates,

so what are we talking about, citizens pay about $280,

and any out of state student would pay about $520.

Well that’s too bad, if they can’t pay the $520,

why should we give them a price that a student from

any other American state would have to pay.

If the increased price is too much for them, that is really too bad.

Then go to Mexico to get an education.

I have absolutely no sympathy for them.


Is that what you want?

If not, continue reading my plans.

Our government employees are now being ordered to learn Spanish,

so they can accommodate non-citizens who have invaded our nation.

Well to hell with that. NOT one word in Spanish if I’m elected,

anyone who does not learn and speak English will be out of here.


Senator McCain claimed NAFTA is essential for America.

He claims that we must open our nation to exports and imports with Columbia.

I think we have imported enough Cocaine from Columbia already.

Check the Internet for “Keating Five” about McCain.

McCain has changed to Democrat principals, more benefits to illegal aliens,

more taxes to support more government.


San Francisco City claims Illegal Aliens are safe in their city;

Mayor Newsom welcomes criminals to change the mood of that city.


It’s Americans that are not safe in San Francisco:

Murder is OK in San Francisco, kill away and get more amnesty!


Try http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,387722,00.html

to see what you can expect in your city if we don’t stop this now, and elect ME to stop this.


On New Years day I believe it was Jan 1, 2006

some citizens wanted to march across the Golden Gate Bridge

 with signs honoring our military personnel fighting for our nation,

some were arrested by the California Highway Patrol,

and told: They could not demonstrate,

but I would bet if it had been illegal aliens demonstrating,

they would not have been bothered at all.


What! No First Amendment right to “Peacefully Demonstrate”?

Only illegal aliens have that right.

What next, another 10 years from now, Amnesty for 100 Million Illegal Aliens?

Or will we and all of Mexico just be part of the North American Union?