Retiree’s get raises, based upon what “Congress” says was the rate of inflation for that year.

However pay for the politician is not based on the same rate of inflation, they get about 4% a year.

I will decide what that inflation rate is for the year.


I want a real analysis of the real cost of living each year.

They just hope the elderly won’t realize they are losing about 5% a year in purchasing power.

If we would just die sooner, about age 60, that would solve the problem.


Congress has never explained where the money deducted for Social Security goes

for those who die “before retirement”.


It is obvious that Congress doesn’t shop where the rest of the citizens shop.

Of course Congress has explained “they” need larger raises “because it costs a lot of money for “them” to live”.


I want SS raises of at least 6% each year so I can keep up with the economy too.

Of course when Social Security started only about 10% of the citizens lived past 65. Now about 30% survive to retire.

However: That means that 70% of the population are dead by age 65, understand?


I know President Roosevelt meant well when he started this program,

the politicians just couldn’t see that Trust Fund money sit there doing nothing, but to gain interest,

when they have political events to fund, to gain re-election.

So that money has gone bye bye.


We got a 5% raise in SS for 2009, now Congress tells us, no raise at all for 2010,

BUT Congress will get their Cost of Living Raise, their income comes from a different source. YOU.

2012 we are promised a 1.6% raise, but since our cost for Medicare is also going up,

I’ll get about $31/mo more. Doesn’t begin to cover the 25 to 40% rise in many prices.

2019 got a SS raise of 2.6%