In 1935 our Social Government wanted every citizen to be a number!


How to do that?

Ah! Let’s pretend we will have an insurance plan called Social Security,

to support us when we retire.

Sign up here, and get your NUMBER for FREE,

so when you Retire: “IF you live long enough”

“We will give you money to live out the rest of your life”, sounded good.


You only needed a number, when you started to be employed.

Now before a child is One Year old, that child must have a number,

for Income Tax reporting on parents IRS 1040 form.

Numbered from Birth to DEATH.

How many times are you requested to give someone your SS number?

OR: NO service!


Now: Every Citizen/Child is numbered, and they have your number!

Only 30% of American citizens live to age 62, what did those

who contributed to Social Security and died before retiring, get?

Some of their children get money until they turn 18, not 21.

The Government already has determined that children are not ADULTS

until they turn 21.

They may not drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes,

but if in the military service they may kill the enemy.


Between my Contributions to SS, and my employers Contributions,

many years I ended up, between my employer and I,

paying more to SS funding than I paid in Income Taxes.

Our government spent every cent,

didn’t save for our retirement at all, now claim:

We do not have an investment right

to that money confiscated from us and our employer.

We are freeloaders.


I can fix Social Security in 30 days, or less.



When I’m elected, I’ll retire Congress, and the Senate

“only” on Social Security,

then watch how quickly they fix Social Security.

Right now Congress retires on 80% of FULL PAY, I’ll stop this.


No other retirement allowed for Congress or the Senate, until age 70.

Of course this is after they meet a Means Test, to determine “if they are really broke enough” to need Social Security!

That’s what they do to us.


Remember most of those who control SS,

such as member of Congress make $174,000 a year.

Do they understand living on approximately 25% of what you earn,

to live on before retirement?

Most of our Congress and Senate are millionaires,

how did they get rich?


Insider trading? Analyze this:

You pay 6.5% and your employer pays 6.5%, (or if self employed,

you pay the 13% plus Medicare out of your income).

That’s more % than the Income Taxes most middle class citizens pay.


Social Security payments are for many of us,

equal to the Income Taxes we pay,

and the SS contributions are not invested,

Congress spends them as fast as you pay them.

Trust Fund?

What planet are you from?


Congress now tells retirees:  

You have “NO” Entitlement to Social Security payments”.


Want a 25% raise? Read on. Being retired myself; I’m really hot about this.

First of all, when Social Security started it was praised as a retirement “supplement”,

viewed by the citizens as an “INSURANCE” policy.

You “paid” in to this fund, which was then set up as a RESERVE FUND

that would be paid out to survivors.


When half of the nation is out of work,

and not paying in to the Trust account,

no more Social Security checks for us.

Maybe they will pay us in Yen, (or wooden nickels, or whatever United Nations currency is popular at the moment,

or just inform us that plan has ceased to be, now that

we are just part of the United Nations.


When Social Security Insurance started in 1937 we were told,

“You “WILL” “by law” be required to

“pay” in to this program, and

this would give you a retirement income

when you reached retirement age”.

All citizens must have a Social Security number

or you may not work.


NOW that Congress has spent “all of our contributions” in the

Social Security Trust Fund.

They have taken over $650 Billion from that Trust Fund, and used that

to balance the Federal Budget a long time back,

so other Presidents can claim they have balanced the budget.


They have not; they have destroyed the right of retiree’s to get cost of living raises to allow an equitable quality of living.


They took this from US by force, they now tell US, “GET LOST”.


Of course they will find money to give “Illegal Aliens” Social Security.

(This won’t affect Congress’ retirement, “of course)


Now how do you continue to pay Social Security to retirees?

How can you pay retirees

when more and more of the Americans are under-employed,

paying less and less in to Social Security?

If you have more and more Americans unemployed,

there is less money being deposited to pay retirees.


WOW, I can’t believe it: We got a 5.5% raise in 2009, oh my God,

what will I ever do with that much money?

Oh! But Medicare will probably go up too,

so I may actually get a $91/a month raise.

Sorry but groceries have gone up more because of the increase in the cost of delivery

and dairy products up at least 40% this year, gasoline was down to $1.89 in December 08,

but it’s now $3.99 gal in October 2012.

Jan 2012 we will get a 1.6% raise, so another $31 a month. Wow.

2019 Regular $4,25/gal in California

Oh by the way our Congresspersons got a $6500/year raise.

I know they really, really need that much;

after all, they have a lot of people to pay for favors.

Graft is expensive.


If you’re not paying attention right now,

The “New World Order” will tell you,

Social Security was from the previous administration,

and is not part of the

New World Order”.

Checks will just stop coming.

It will be like your employer is now bankrupt,

so “no more Social Security checks”.

Our politicians have already spent all that money, it’s gone.


I guess we will have to rob banks,

like they have robbed us.


However the government later informed all of us that we actually have

no rights, no entitlement under this program,

no vested interest in our deposits

that the government forced us pay,

(whether we wanted to, or not, Why?).

Now the government claims Baby Boomers

are soon to retire, and where will that money come from?

If we don’t keep Illegal Aliens in the nation

who do not pay in to Social Security,

that there won’t be any money to pay the retired Baby Boomers.


Our Baby Boomers have been paying in to Social Security since day one,

where is that money they invested for their retirement?


spent by Congress all these years, not saved for your retirement,

but spent, gone, gone, gone.

Screw Congress, let’s cut their pay at least 50%

(We pay them $14,666 month).

I’m going to put Congress, the Senate

and the Executive office on an economy kick.

We have a budget we have to live on,

now they are going to have a budget.


I want our elected politicians to get an idea what we are experiencing financially:

they can pay for their own gasoline.


So you are 35-45, 45-55, 55-62, planning on retiring someday on the Social Security

that is being deducted from your pay every payday?

Dream on,

if you don’t make changes right now,

because all that Social Security money you paid in,

has been spent in the General Budget.


They tell us our money was in “T Bills”

as security for our Social Security plan,

“T Bills” good for use in the bathroom.

Then be sure to flush afterwards to avoid the smell.

You have been screwed, blued and tattooed, money gone,

you might as well have gone to Las Vegas and gambled it away

because Congress has spent it: GONE.


We must make some changes in Social Security.

The government has borrowed (stolen)

our forced contributions the last 30 years,

and giving us the story that the money is in

“T Bills, so called “really safe”.

Well “That” money, in “IOU’s” has already been spent.

Try spending those IOU’s at the store. “Laugh heartily here”.


Over the years the maximum income that we had to pay into SS,

each year, increased, and increased.

As this amount increased, these higher income retirees will be notified

that now they will have too much money when they retire,

and won’t really need the SS retirement income.

SS is/was viewed as an investment, not welfare.


Now Congress tells us WE will have to meet a “Means Test”,

as they increased the amount of your income on which you paid SS taxes,

that includes more, and more, higher income retirees

that will be denied any retirement payments.

This is called “Redistribution of the wealth”


One Democratic presidential candidate

(Dartmouth College Sept 2007 meeting)

suggested that now we’ve only taxed income up to about $92,000,

and he says that all income above that amount should also be taxed.

Yet Congress is insisting that right now in 2006,

that if you make in excess of a certain amount,

you will have to pay more for your Part B medical coverage,

and of course soon it will include more on every aspect of your SS coverage.

Congress does not pay into SS.

They are exempt; you pay their retirement, at 80% of  their full pay.

Isn’t that better than SS?


So if you have worked hard, and been successful,

taken risks to earn more,

the government has taken more SS “contributions” involuntarily from you,

this same government will take more of your money to give to those more needy, who did not bother to earn more in life.


It used to be that by May, I had paid in the maximum Social Security payment for the year,

as I was retiring in 1992 I had been paying SS

out of every paycheck up to Dec 31st each year.

That money now gone, thanks to Congress.


When I retired at age 66 my SS payout equaled about 25% of what my pay had been while working that last 3 years.

That is not a financial windfall, that is only a “supplement”, not a living wage for retirement.

This is exactly what was promised, so I was not complaining.

Now inflation has eroded my purchasing power by at least 50%, as I got older.

I really should have received at least 50% of my annual income upon retirement, and at least a 5% increase each year to cover inflation.


The first year I’m in office I will demand

every retiree on SS will get a 25% increase,

to make up for the inflation we have already suffered as a loss.

After that “I” will determine what inflation is for each year.


“Congress, pay attention”, you are soon to retire on Social Security,

not your full pay, as you set for yourselves.

This 1.5 to 2.5% increase every year is a slap in the face of reality.

Enough of this crap; let's have real increases for inflation, at least 5%/yr!


If you have income from other investments,

or find you still have to work to afford to live,

above a certain amount the government wants to tax your SS income

that you have already paid taxes on all these years, that’s Wrong.

Either that, or don’t tax our Social Security, contributions when we earn them.


If NO income taxes were collected on any Social Security contributions

 as you are earning an income,

then I’d agree that you pay income taxes on retirement income,

which is usually at a much lower income level and tax rate. 

I paid Income Taxes on my full pay, and now they are taxing my SS because I get over $25,000/yr of income.

Clinton decided we needed to pay taxes on our Social Security,

I will recall that tax.


How many die before retirement,

and never get any return for their contributions?

Fifty percent of the population dies before retirement at 62, 70% before age 65.

Many retirees’ live in poverty.

If we earn any money from age 65 to 71

they take some of our SS payments back from us.

33% tax on your income above a certain amount,

plus INCOME TAXES  on the full amount.

How dare you earn more money at that age to live above the “poverty level”

Our government (Congress) wants to make sure “you” don’t live “too well”, like they do.


So how is the government going to get the money

to repay these loans to Social Security?  

Simple, they will take “OUR” money from “US  again, to get the money

 they need to repay “US”, “OUR” money they have spent,

with a small processing fee of 50% of course to support the government. (Politician’s payroll).


Out of one pocket, in to the other pocket.

Of course they won’t get this money easily,

since our taxes are already confiscating way too much of our money.

So eventually Congress, or the United Nations leaders will tell us:

We “Retiree’s” are the cause of the financial problems of the government,

and will reduce, or cancel Social Security for future retiree’s.

Congress already shows that social programs

(including Social Security in that cost)

take so much of our federal expense that they have to stop the payouts.


That does not mean they will stop taking 7.5% (FICA) of your income out of your check each pay period,

because they really still need that money.

They will just stop putting that towards Social Security retirement.

They will probably rename this deduction to some other social sounding name.

Like “support” for Congress.


Younger Americans take notice: By the time the average,

now 25 year old worker retires,

the retirement age will be 80, “if” you live that long.

When you get to 65, retirement age will be 66,

when you get to age 66, retirement age will be 67 and so on, until your 80. HA.


I will take all Social Security contributions, place them in a secure account

that will be used only to finance First Mortgages on private homes,

at the level of the average home price in their community,

not to exceed 6% interest, to aid Americans to afford home ownership.


I will recover all the so-called “T” bill moneys stolen in the past,

and return that money to this account,

with income taxes I want from Europe and Japan

that we spent to restore those nations after 1948.

Note, the European Union has no idea it should repay us,

big surprises coming to them


President Bush wanted to change Social Security so they never have to repay those “T” Bills back to Social Security.

While our government has spent all that money, on favors to “buddies”.


Today’s Presidential candidates, Republican or Democrat all claim,

we have to do something about Social Security before all the Baby Boomers start to collect retirement.


But they don’t plan to do anything other than refuse to give you what they promised,

close the Social Security offices, and tell you to go home, sorry.


Actuarial tables list 50% of men are dead before age 48.

What percentage of women also die before retirement age?

That cuts way down on those who actually get retirement pay.


Notice how more, and more businesses demand that you give them your Social Security number for almost everything anymore,

so your government can add that to your file on your life,

and even more detailed records for government control in the future. 

What does your phone bill have to do with Social Security,

yet the phone company demands you give them your SS number, or no phone service,

or no Drivers License HMMMM. 

What Social Security Numbers do the Illegal's give them?

Your Social Security Numbers, of course”

Go back to the beginning of this website and look at Video # 1 again.

View about the end of the video about RFID chips they may insert into our money

or other coding that our government may use to track all financial transactions you make.

Read on:


Social Security is really three parts,

#1. Paying support to the surviving children of a parent

who is covered by Social Security,

and dies before the children are 18 years old.


#2. Supporting those on disability before the age of retirement.

How does President Bush’s plan cover that? It doesn’t.


#3. The normal SS retirement after age 62. The President doesn’t retire on Social Security.

At the present time, Presidents retire on $400,000/year, ($33.333/Mo) paid for by US. 

Let’s retire the Presidents on Social Security.

If “I” decide they really need the money.

How would have President Bush’s idea of you gambling on the stock market

support the numbers 1, and 2 functions, in his program?


See http://www.bushwatch.com/socialsecurity.htm