I will stop “ALL” payments of Supplemental Security income to all ALIEN’S,

legal, or otherwise, who are receiving that income.

They come to America after they became elderly, to live off of our nation.

If these elderly immigrants have not worked under Social Security

as required by our own citizens there will be absolutely

“NO Supplemental Income”

for them, at any time, period.

We have citizens, who often worked in low paying jobs,

who do not get this income, while we give it to poor immigrants,

(even non-citizens)

this is wrong.

I will tighten up all of the support to immigrants,

back to the system where someone here must be responsible

to support an immigrant for “at least” 10 years,

no welfare for any immigrant, until they’ve been here 20 years.


In some cases, the homeless/indigent are paid Supplemental Security Income,

those persons must pass a monthly drug/alcohol test in order to be paid, no excuses.

Time to clean up their act.