33. PAY FOR Congress, and the Senate:

We voters must decide on the pay level for Congress, Senate, and Judges in this country.

Right now “they” vote on “their” own pay, not us.


From now on Congress, and the Senate will only be paid for travel between Washington DC,

and their home location at tourist class, “not first class”.

Our government must economize from now on;

no more taxpayer financed free ride for the politician.

They have a habit of living like royalty on your money,

paying themselves wages they vote for themselves.


They take trips at your expense living in only First Class accommodations,

(how could you expect them to exist otherwise?)

They claim they are on “fact finding missions,

I’ll “fact find them”, that gravy train is over.

If they want facts they can come visit me,

I’ll give them facts.


Congress, and the Senate have given themselves about a 4% raise every year

from $89,000 in 1990, to a pay of $174,000 in 2009.

That by the way is $14,666/mo. I want to cut their pay to $5000/mo.

I want them to feel the financial pinch all the rest of us feel.


One new Congressman found when he started in Washington, DC,

and tried to be an honest politician,

that in his attempt to save Americans some money,

he/she was informed by one of the old timer Congressman

that if he/she wanted to get anywhere in Congress

to keep his hand out of that Congressman’s pocket,

in other words, play along with this graft, or you will get nowhere.


How can I respect that type of behavior,

I’m sure that is the normal practice in Washington.


If these poor politicians can’t live on $5,000/month

then we need new blood in Washington.


I will demand that Congress and the Senate members retire on Social Security,

watch a big change right away to save SS.


To help them live in Washington DC I plan to build a residence hall,

so they will have a small place to sleep, while they are away from home.

No excuse that they need $500 a day per diem.

Elected to serve Constituents not Lobbyists.

Big changes are coming to our elected elite.

I’m sure we can find some civic-minded people to fill their positions in each community.

It would be an interesting change in our nations business.