Yes I’m prejudice, against anyone who tells me certain civil misbehavior is their “right”,

because that’s how they do things where they come from, or how they have to live,

or based upon their ethnicity.

“Bull”, any criminal behavior that terrorizes our citizens, is wrong.


We have had gangs in America starting about 1820 in NY,

and other large cities in the east as immigrants came in large numbers,

overwhelming communities, as the immigrants tried to fight for survival,

Boston, and other cities that had large numbers of one common ancestry immigrants

were little ethnic communities that invited some bonding as gangs

to fight to gain acceptance in the community.

But constant gang activity destroys the peace and security for all residents in those areas.

We have always been fighting these gangs,

and we must break up this threat in our nation.

Now we have gangs with nationwide connections, not just the local community.

This must end, we will all be afraid to go anywhere if we don’t crack down on this problem.


Gangs brag this is “their” neighborhood, and you had better stay out.

The gang shootings of other gangs, with innocent people being shot,

and citizens who fear going out of their homes because of the gangs.

I will invoke the  “Racketeering Act” so that if “one” gang member commits a crime,

all members of that gang will be arrested, let them brag, and mark their gang symbols all over,

it will be that much easier to know who belongs to what gang.

No more 18th Street Gang, no more MS 13 gangs from El Salvador.


We must stop the gang control of our cities; this will no longer be tolerated.

“Any” arrest for gang criminal activity will bring a full 10-year sentence at hard labor,

and I do mean “Hard Labor” at least 16/hours a day.

This will stop, and stop now.

I want citizens in any neighborhood to feel that it’s safe to walk in their community,

that the children can play or walk to the library, store or to visit friends, day or night,

and to be safe to do so. If you are a gang member, your days are numbered.

Our communities will be safe again.


When we attempted to visit New Orleans a few years ago (1997), we were advised at the “Tourist Center” east of town

that for our own safely while visiting that city, to be sure to not leave anything in our car, or in our hotel room,

and to lock our belongings in the hotel safe, or we can be sure it will be stolen.

My wife, and I only wanted to visit Bourbon Street for about an hour's walk at about 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon

as we went through town.

I thought, “Well! If we park in an upscale hotel parking area, our belongings would be safe”.

The hotel parking attendant (an African American) told me I could not park there if I had luggage, and belongings in my car,

as even in their hotel my belongings “would” be stolen. What kind of life is this?


We were warned that if you walk the streets in New Orleans with a camera hanging around your neck,

you can be sure to be mugged, because the criminal figures even if they are caught,

you will not be there when the trial comes up, and the case will be dismissed.

This is not the America I want you to live in; we will fix this situation.

The gangs will cease to exist, or else.


A similar event happened to me one evening in Detroit (1977)

as I visited a museum in the downtown area on Woodward Ave.

I was informed that “I was not safe to be there after dark”,

and to go a certain path when I left, to get on the freeway as soon as possible,

and out of the downtown area.

I had no idea this existed, I grew up in Detroit,

I couldn’t imagine what I was being told,

I was never afraid to walk anywhere in Detroit at any hour as a kid.

I’m afraid this is the situation in too many American cities.

I hadn’t considered that because I was White, that I wasn’t safe in Detroit.