It is now a law that you can be sued, or arrested for uttering any speech, or profanity

that puts anyone down for any reason,

Race, Religion, Color, etc.

In other words shut up if you donít like the behavior of anyone,

you may not say anything against him/or her, or your government.



That will cease. If profanity is OK in the Oval office then itís OK other places.



A lady was recently arrested because when her toilet overflowed in her apartment, she used some profanity

in her own apartment, the cop who lived next door was offended, and arrested her for using profanity!

ďPolice-stateĒ coming to you already.

Donít offend the police, or you are in trouble.


The first amendment to the Constitution gives us the right to express our displeasure about anyone, or anything.

There are people, and things that ďare objectionable to meĒ,

and we have the right to say what we want about that person, or persons, as long as it is truthful.

Iím sorry, there are some people I donít like, and I donít mind telling them so.


My office may have a lot of ďExpletives DeletedĒ when I start dealing with Americaís problems.

Some heads are going to roll, as I clean up our government.


Sorry, but unless you use some profanity, sometimes for some situations,

some people donít believe you mean it, they laugh at you, and ignore you.

Iím tired of our citizens being screwed.

If you donít use profanity thatís fine, but donít tell me what I can say.

Being nice only goes so far, and there are limits in my world.


Iím going to run a tight ship, and if someone screws up,

he or she/ are going to know it. I will call what I believe, what I want.


If someone is offended, great, thatís why Iíd make some statement.

I will protect your rights to do the same.

That Bill of Rights gives you Free Speech, and Iíll defend that right for every American.