The Post Office enforces that other shippers, such as United Parcel, and FedEx

“must” charge “more” that the Post Office charges for shipping. I will end this practice.


We are held hostage by an out dated Postal System, this unfairly cost citizens more for shipping

if they want to use other safer, or unique methods for shipping.


If United Parcel, or FedEx promises next day arrival for your package they can be held to that promise.

The Post Office tells you, they are not responsible if they fail to do what they have charged you extra to do.


Our rates keep going up, and quality of operation continues to go down.


You can’t sue the Post Office for failure to perform, typical government operation.

When we have paid the Post Office for delivery, that alone should be a guarantee that such will be done,

why should we have to pay extra for insurance to ensure they will deliver what we have paid, to have delivered?

Does your boss have to pay you extra to make sure you do the work you’re being paid to do?

Insure your package!

Try to collect if the package is lost.

Unless your shipment was new product, there is no insurance coverage; the Post Office will deny your claim.


I’ve been burning for years when I heard that the “restroom” in the Postmaster General’s office

was updated some years ago, at the expense of $50 million, unbelievable rip-off of we citizens.


In the last 30 years, new neighborhood mailboxes have popped up, originally used in apartment buildings of necessity,

now more and more new neighborhoods find their mail is delivered at the end of the street,

or a community location.

Buyers of new $500,000 (and up) homes find there is no local home delivery anymore.


Postal rates keep climbing, but service declines.


Homeowners now find they have to drive or walk to a distribution center to get their mail,

that may be OK for the majority of healthy people,

but what about the physically handicapped person?, a person in a wheelchair?,

or worse. Imagine a mother with small children, having to load the children in the car

to go get the mail since she can’t leave the children alone for that 3 to 5 minute trip to get the mail.

Or a person may find getting the daily mail an extreme disadvantage, or impossible.

I believe such citizens; upon request to the post office should receive front door home delivery of their mail.

Just imagine its 10 below zero, two foot of snow on the ground, or it’s pouring down rain,

so that handicapped person cannot get the mail.

This is totally wrong. I will see that this is established when I’m elected.

Home delivery to return.