I will reduce the land owned by the Federal Government in the individual states,

and return it to the control of the states.


In the last few years, citizens have been told that before you drive in to Federal Forest Lands

that the visitor must first “find” a Federal Office, to get a permit even for one minute, or one day.

Even if you just stop your car for any reason, without a permit you will be fined.

We already pay federal taxes to support these lands, and parks.


Unless you're planning to camp, or use some other special services there should be no charge,

but if so, being charged for this, it should be “on location”, not up to 60 miles away.

This charge should in no way exceed what you would be charged at any major Federal Parks,

and the Golden Age Passport should be sufficient for all locations.

Hey, Taxpayer money paid for all of that to begin with.


Federal land is OUR land, for our use, we are the government. Aren’t we?


The Federal Government tells us straight out, that if they want your land, they will make you an offer,

and if you do not accept their offer, then they will just confiscate your land, and take it from you.


View this Land Confiscation video link. Then raise hell to Congress to stop this.