I will control Welfare, and the single parent with children,

to make both parents of the children support their families.


While I believe the children need to be supported,

it is not American Taxpayer that should support these children.

Parents must be involved, and must do their part in the families.

I know we have some policies in effect already,

but we must not be doing enough.

Our families need help to return to decent lives.

Here again, many family problems are money problems caused by loss of jobs in America.

Money problems are the cause of 50% of the divorces in America.


Unless a woman has been raped, and this has been reported as a crime,

that woman is equally responsible for the support of the children.

Our children need more help in these families;

they should not have to suffer because the parents act like idiots.


Women must be more responsible for pregnancy, and the future care of the children they bear.

No more expecting Welfare to support women who bear children out of wedlock.

If they can’t support the children then they must “NOT” get pregnant.

We have 3rd generation families on Welfare, from grandparent to granddaughter each on Welfare.

This must stop. Men! Start being responsible, you are responsible,

there is no excuse for women having children,

by you, that you don’t support.


I will establish more day care centers, “not free”, so single family women

can have gainful employment,

“If” the condition of needing monetary help is not one of “negligent” behavior.


There is “no free lunch”, somebody is paying for everything,

it shouldn’t be society, if you’re irresponsible, you pay, not us.


There are too many families broken up by violence, and marital misbehavior,

on the part of “both parents”

We really need to counsel these parents/partners to improve family life for the children.


Responsible behavior must be our future. 

This also means that men, and women must learn to be more evenly responsible

in relationships, so as to not drive the man, or women to leave the relationship.

Being parents is a hard job, a total commitment that must be made to raise these children.

Become responsible parents, or don’t have children.


This is not meant to punish conditions where one parent has died,

or citizens who become, and/or are physically, or mentally handicapped

that has caused the financial condition.

There are citizens who are truly in need of help from society;

they will not be ignored. See the next item # 40.