It’s very simple, the 14th Amendment needs correction,

I will demand that children born to immigrants,

are Citizens of their parent’s country at birth,

not automatic American Citizens, “NOT” eligible for

“Aid for Dependant Children”.

We have women coming to America to give birth to anchor babies,

who immediately become eligible for welfare.

These woman claim they cannot be forced to leave America since their child is a citizen,

“AN anchor Baby”.

This must stop, NOW.

(We have aliens come to America to get free medical care,

and expensive surgery that Americans can’t afford for themselves; this will stop).

So then the mother wants the baby’s father to be allowed to immigrate to join the family,

of course, then soon other siblings, grand parents, and other family members.


Non-stop followers/invaders?

NO WAY, anymore.


Unless one of the parents is an American citizen,

or that one of the parents has been in the United States legally at least 5 years,

and has met the requirements to become a citizen,


has applied for citizenship, and until the parent actually becomes a citizen,

the child will not be an American citizen. 

Until the child is an American citizen, it “will not” be eligible for Welfare aid, too bad.


We have made mistakes before with an Amendment,

and realized we had to back up and rescind what seemed good at the time,

now is the time, stop the Anchor baby problem, or we will lose America.


I have been screaming to Congress for 40 years

to end this automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens,

to no avail.

Congress isn’t interested.

Screw the citizens of America.

Hail to the Illegal’s.

We must change, or end the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, enough already.