I am saddened about abortion,

that is my moral feeling about this problem,

not my legal opinion.

However the taxpayers will no longer support these families.


2019 New claim, partial birth murder of a child is OK.

Not in my book. What is happening to children, if

you don't want a child, don't get pregnant.


Men must stop impregnating women,

when they have no intention to support the resulting children.


Women: “Don’t get pregnant if you can’t support the child”,

we citizens don’t want to support you.


I will aggressively force the men to support the children they bring in to this world.

There are birth control methods, “use them”.

The health of women obtaining abortions is also negatively affected.


Don’t tell us that your life style is none of societies business,

if you’re asking society to finance your offspring, and life style.


I cannot support “partial birth abortion”;

the entire idea sickens me, how cruel have we became?


When women really face Abortion,

I’d hope they might consider having the child, and putting that child up for adoption.

We have American citizens who want to adopt a child,

and resort to adopting a child from a foreign country since they can’t find an American child to adopt.

Please reconsider. Some of us love Children.


For those citizens, who can’t have their own child,

a child available from Adoption is a gift of life, available in no other way.

I have two children, my wife and I adopted, so I know where as I speak.