42. GLOBAL WARMING: Bah Humbug!

This is only the New World Order plan to shut down the use

of Hydro-Carbonís in America.

Global Warming/Global Cooling scientifically has been going

on since the beginning of this planet.

The government tells us, Global Warming is causing areas to get Colder.

Generating Energy caused Global Warming so you must be controlled,

to control Global Warming to save the earth.

How to do that? TAXES,

Only the Wealthy deserve to use Energy,

so price energy out of your budget.


The heat output of our Sun varies over and over,

99% of all scientists agree that Global Warming

is a scam on our citizens.

CO2 is heavier than air; so all CO2 is at the lowest ground level possible.

Test: Blow up a balloon with your breath, does it float up in the air?

Why not, because your breath is CO2 and CO2 is heavier than air.


an article by Wes Vernon, Washington DC correspondent


The CO2 content of our atmosphere ďwas about 250 parts per MILLIONĒ.

Now itís about 400 parts per MILLION.

Thatís about ONE part in 4000, vs.: (ONE part in 2857 parts)/ per million.

Now thatís Parts per Million, Nitrogen is 780,000 parts per Million,

Oxygen is 209,000 parts per million.

Remember thatís the amount of CO2is at ground level,

since CO2 is heavier than Nitrogen, and Oxygen,

so what is the amount of CO2 at let's say 10,000 ft. altitude?


What is the consensus of where the Oil we drill for comes from,

"decayed vegetation" OK explain how we find OIL in the ARCTIC.

Global Warming WHEN?


CARBON TAX, is just that ďOne more new taxĒ,

you will buy (pay) a permit to create CARBON POLLUTION,

not end pollution (a word I cringe at because this is all scam)

but just one more way to get money from all citizens,

for something that is a normal world occurrence.


I want to stress that CO2 is such a minute a part of the atmosphere,

that itís contribution to so called Global Warming is near Zero.

All humans breathe in Oxygen and of course Nitrogen,

and all the other gasses in the atmosphere,

but we exhale CO2 with every breath.

Trees on the other hand absorb CO2, and the leaves release Oxygen.

If there were no CO2, plants would not grow.

This is part of our scientific fact of life on this planet.


Now if we would just shut down our nation,

stop using all energy from Hydro-Carbons,

so China and India can expand their pollution without any restrictions,

the United Nations would love that.

America has been too powerful, and America needs to be shut down.

A report by Judy Cross on Global Warming, Vs: Sovereignty of America.


Cooperate with the Shut-down America plan,

and welcome the NEW WORLD ORDER,

youíll love living under a Dictatorial Regime,

you wonít even be bothered having to vote anymore.


We have been enjoying life too much,

using up Oxygen needed by the extremely rich.

Oh Well.

If you believe this Global Warming scandal

youíll believe anything the government tells you.


Remember in the 1400ís they were farming on southern Greenland.

Now ďitís too cold to farm thereĒ.


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