There is much fraud for Medicare billing.

I will demand that every Medicare patient receive a monthly statement

of billing to their account, so fraudulent billing can be brought to attention of Medicare officials.

With computers we can trigger unusual amounts of costs.


The expense of Medicare had grown out of control.

It’s estimated that there is at least 25% fraud in billings,

I’d bet more on the fraud being up to 50%,

not just in fictitious non-existing patients,

but billing for procedures “not done”, or remember those $18 aspirins?


This must be controlled so our money can help the truly needy patients.

This is where computers will help the government trace,

and convict in these fraud cases.

Cases of doctors reporting that they have treated 50 patients in one day,

lead to “how could that actually be true”, an indication of probable fraud.


For the homeless citizens, we need to establish

a General Delivery address for each homeless person,

so they can at least receive some mail for legal assistance.


What will happen now with Obama’s medical plan?

First the cut of $600 Billion from Medicare,

of course that won’t affect elderly people who have as Obama says:

Already lived a full life.

Obama’s now 50, in another 20 years he will be 70,

but: He won’t need Medicare, we are paying him $400,000 a year,

that “even after he retires”. WE will continue to pay him $400,000 for the rest of his life.


You on the other hand have probably lived a full life (45 or older),

so why should we waste money for medical care for you?

After all, we must start giving health care to the poor people of other nations;

America has lived too well, for too long, we must stop wasting money on the elderly.


One possible idea we might consider is:

Start including younger citizens in Medicare, say those 60-64 in 2018,

55-59 in 2019, 50-54 in 2020, etcetera,

until we get to those younger and younger, that way,

we can slowly include all Americans

and see of our Medical budget can afford this plan.

I want very tight controls on Medicare Fraud.