Do you want Regular Gas $1.29/gal. 

Or gasoline: 18 cents/gallon!

You “CAN” buy 1 gallon of gasoline

for “25 cents right now, + taxes

IF you have Silver coins”.

Got silver? Our Silver Coins, a $1’s worth of coins,

contained about .90oz of Silver at 92 cents/oz,

(now our coins are copper nickel),

Silver Quarters are worth about $4.00 for Silver value,

our phony Quarters are worth about 2 cents metal value.


In (May 2014) Regular Gas is $4.39 gal (in Calif.),

that means you could buy gas for about 27 cents a gallon in Silver coin,

Silver coins our government melted down to sell to you for $15 ounce.

Oil in America? More than you would ever believe, log in to USGS.Gov survey.


Some other nations already Tax Fuel as much as $5/gal.

Our government really plans to soak it to you, in sewer water, not gasoline.

In the plans for America is to raise the Federal gas tax from 18 cents a gallon

to 50 cents or up to $1.00/gal “or more” to urge you to use less, or to enact Rationing.

California raised the state tax from 18.6 cents per gallon, to 54 cents per gallon

with no message to the motorists, other than a small statement on the gas pump.

California then without notice added another 12 cents tax in 2016

Californians then pay Sales Tax on the cost of Gasoline "and the TAX per gallon"


The next year when you buy Gasoline in excess of $5.00 gallon,

think about what and why this is happening to our nation.


Do you think your employer is going to give you a 300% raise

so you can afford the coming inflation?

If so, I think you are going to need something stronger to smoke,

to fool yourself into believing our Politicians are running this nation

with your best interests in mind.

Just buy your gasoline with Silver Quarters.


Do we have to start some level of rationing, say 10 gallons/week at $4.29/gal,

the next 10 gallons at $5.89/gal for passenger vehicles.

Diesel at $1.29/gal. for any quantity.


I will start off immediately, to give you gasoline for that $1.29/gallon,

(that may take up to 6 months),

and then work to make that permanent for at least the next 8 years

that I’ll be in office,

and hopefully we will be energy independent enough following 2028

 that maybe we will be able to continue with no more than 5% a year inflation.


Starting in 1974 OPEC raised the price up to $38/barrel,

so our price went from 31¢/gal to 89¢ in a few weeks,

after the gas stations limited selling gas on ODD/EVEN days

and other limitations for us to refuel.

That was an immediate 300% increase right then,

and all of our costs went up correspondently.

Now we are at that point again, and I’m not backing down.

Let's stop this destruction of our nation. Americans back to work.

I want you to realize that Oil is now again at $64/barrel,

and we are paying $4/gal. (In California)


I want our politician in Washington to use a shuttle bus around Washington DC.

I will insist, “No personal cars for the politicians be used to get to and from work”.

They have met their match.

My congressman told me that this inflation did not affect me,

since I got raised in pay to offset that,

yeah, but there was a time lag of about 20 years

for that to happen,

and gas has continued to increase way above any raises I ever got.

I was living a lot better life 33 years ago than I am now. How about you?


On 14th June, 2008, Oil was at $148/barrel, headed up as high as $200/barrel.

What will you do when gasoline is $8/gal? $10/gal? or $12/gal?

“or” Rationed? I’ll stop this crap.

In WW II, most citizens were limited to 4 gallons a week

(“A” sticker), are you ready for that in today’s world?


In October 09, gas is down in some parts of our nation

to under $2.65, on the west coast it was down to around $2.99.

But each April when the oil companies tell us as usual,

that now that they are not making heating oil,

they are reconfiguring to produce gasoline,

so prices just have to go up.


The practice is to go HIGH, and let you suffer,

scream, and threaten,

then next fall, prices back down to $4.50/gal.,

and you will think “What a relief, only $4.50 a gallon at last.


Or it may not come back down from $6.00/gal. if at all.

The antitrust laws do not operate anymore.

The Sherman Antitrust laws used against Standard Oil in the 1890’s

stopped the oil companies manipulating gasoline prices.

What is interesting is:

I’m related to people involved in the Sherman Trust issue.


But I guess the oil companies can skirt around the laws now,

and claim, the prices are controlled by OPEC,

and they have nothing to do about prices.

Do you want to bet American oil producers

are charging us OPEC prices for oil drilled in America?


Yes we have free enterprise, but also collusion,

and there are some very rich people of course who run this whole show,

and now they can make even more money. Welcome to the New World.

(Now, interesting side note, one of the operating corporate runners

of Standard Oil was Henry Huttleston Rogers, a relative of mine,

and the Sherman’s were also related to us from the early 1600’s.)

Gasoline $4.00/gal! No! $6.00/gal. and UP.

Remember the shock when gasoline went from 29 cents/gallon, to 89 cents.

But Congress hopped right in and made sure we all got a 300% raise, didn’t they?

NO! Guess they didn’t.

Will they help us NOW? No, guess not.

Just have to live with it, or die.

Are you ready for that?

Wake up Americans.


That’s why I’m claiming, and will give you: “GAS @ $1.29/gal.”

The cost of gas affects the price of everything

that requires energy to produce and ship.

We will build refineries in America ourselves “Citizen owned”,

if the major oil companies won’t do it.


Our farmers need fuel to operate all their tractors,

combines, harvesters, and to delivery to market.

What are you going to do when food goes up 300%?

Milk $2/quart, Bread $5 loaf, Cereals $10 box, and up.

Hamburger $4.00lb, and other foods follow this price inflation,

then our government will tax you more,

so we can send food to starving nations.


Farm employees will need wage increases

to afford to live, so up goes more inflation.


Wake up Americans.

I remember about 1970 when Peaches were 5 cents/lb,

Tomato’s were about 5 cents/lb.

Wheat was $7/bushel last year, now it’s $27/bushel.


The cost of fuel for our airlines is raising the price of airfare 300%,

while report’s of failure of at least 3 airlines is predicted.


So we should drill for more oil in Alaska? Why?

I’m bothered by fact that our politicians “sell our oil from Alaska to Japan”.

Alaskan oil is not brought to the lower 48 states for our use;

with the explanation "that the north Alaskan oil has high sulfur content",

and West Coast American refineries are not prepared to handle that.

So, why do more drilling in Alaska?

We must do something about this, and do it in the next year.


We are told, we take the Japanese money,

and buy oil from Columbia, and Venezuela,

so we can deliver that oil to Texas refineries.

If we have to build new refineries on the West Coast, we will.

We must.


Now let's understand some critical problem:

Since our oil from Alaska is sold to Japan,

with the idea that we sell it to them,

and then we buy oil from the Middle East in exchange

so they have that oil on the East Coast. How stupid is that?

Then they ship refined gasoline to the west coast

and we pay up to 25% more than Middle America prices.


Japan is our friend now?

But America still comes first,

I want that oil coming to the West Coast for our use.

Then we must start an immediate exploration

of Gasification from Coal,

and reclaiming oil from the Shale rock

which oil workers claim can be recovered for about $20 a barrel.

Then on to the OPEC nations to have some hard talks,

first talks, then action if they refuse to sell us oil for $20/barrel.


Because I’m going to kick some butts, and set them straight

to understand where we are coming from,

no Mr. Nice Guy, our politicians have caved in to these people far too long.

I won’t take no for an answer, I’ll tell them how it’s going to work,

and if they say NO, that’s their big mistake.

Then we will march forward with plan TWO.

“Taking the OIL”.

With Oil at $20/barrel we can have gasoline for $1.29.


Let me inject another tragedy here, our Federal Government

wants to give the United Nations

control of all “off-shore-oil”.

So we could not drill for any oil off our own shores,

while China is now drilling for oil

in the Caribbean. Tragic! Don’t you love Congress?

Then China ships the oil to China through the Chinese controlled Panama Canal.

Do you see something wrong going on in American politics?


What about the fuel we need on the west coast of America,

where we are paying 20 to 25% more for Gas and Diesel,

supposedly because it has to be shipped from the east coast to the west.


Then there are those who do not want more drilling in America at all.

Well! Where then do you want our fuel to come from?

We must be practical, and honest.

Our cars run on gasoline now, and we can’t afford to replace

all of our transportation with new vehicles, especially in today’s economy,

if ever.


How are they going to generate that electricity you want to plug in to,

to charge your electric car?

Does your Congressperson drive an electric vehicle?

Check that out.


Now the price of oil products is only part of the problem.

The price of OIL has nothing to do with the cost of Natural Gas.

So why is Natural Gas going up correspondingly?

Natural Gas is used in many communities to generate electricity.


You want electricity? Where is it going to come from?

Electricity does not appear in that plug on the wall by a miracle, it has to be generated.

We have people who swear we must remove all the Dams built to control water flow,

turn off the generators, but don’t turn off the power to their homes.

That electricity has to come from somewhere, and be generated.

If you want to cut the use of fossil fuel, to aid the environment,

then we must look towards using Nuclear power.

While early usage was threatened by failures,

the technology has increased 1000%,

and can be as safe as any other form of power generation.

While Wind Power, and Thermal energy can provide some generation,

that will not suffice America’s “needs of power 24/7,

today, and tomorrow” and the future.


Our airlines are in a panic.

How much will you fly if airfares go up 300%?

If you stop flying, the failure of the airlines is even more likely.

But airlines are going to have to consider only flights with a full load.

Reduce the number of flights, and passengers

are going to have to consider if they really need to fly,

is this trip really necessary.


Our nationwide truckers can’t continue to operate at these costs for fuel.

There is no reason for OPEC to change.

China and India want to buy the same oil,

and we are spending our money outsourcing to India,

and buying as much as China can produce.

So India and China can outbid us for the Oil we need for our nation.

Treason, or stupidity or both in Washington DC? You bet.

Truckers join with me and spread the word,

Don Cordell for President.


In June 08 gas was up to $5.11/gal in San Mateo, CA and up.

Oil was up to $148/barrel,

Goldman-Sachs predict oil could rise to $150 to $200/barrel in the next two years,

I believed it will be sooner than that.

That would lead to Gasoline at $8 to $10 a gallon,

it’s “going to be” $8 to $10/ gal.

What will that do to your budget?

Remember everything you buy, is shipped by truck from somewhere,

that has to affect the price of everything else,

even if shipping is only 10% of the product cost.

That’s OK, your pay raises will cover this inflation. Right?

What pay raises, you are out of work, you have been laid off.

What are you going to do?

Well you won’t have to worry about driving to work anymore.


The rising demand from India and China fuels this increase,

as their economy is fueled by our outsourcing,

and buying from these nations.

So while we are being laid off in America,

our dollars are being pumped in to the economy of these nations

now competing with us for Oil.

 Isn’t that smart?

Why have our politicians pushed to raise the living standard for the rest of the world,

so they could compete with our standard of living and loving.


The price of oil is the main thing that now causes America’s inflation.  

We must control the Oil industry that takes “our” national resource,

and sells it to the citizens making 300%+ profit.


Since our middle class jobs are disappearing,

how will you be able to afford gasoline on your downsized income?


You will not be able to afford to drive anymore if you elect anyone, except Me


Our national security depends upon having Oil and Gasoline

to operate our Military vehicles.

We will do so. We must hurry to do this; our nation is in a panic over these prices.


Civilization now runs on oil, and gasoline,

other power sources are not easy to establish,

the last 100 years of using oil derivatives for transportation

has been an economical life style

that is now about to change.

If I have to take over the refineries, to control this, I will do so.

We have been held hostage long enough, and it’s time for CHANGE,

as Obama keeps saying: This is a national emergency,

it’s time we recognize this and take control for our nation.


Do you believe American oil producers are selling us American oil for less money?

HA! fat chance.

You can be sure that American oil is priced the same as OPEC charges.

Some day though the OPEC nations will also run out of oil.


If we blockade those countries, and refuse to sell anything to them

after the oil runs out, justice will be served.

Right now many of those nations use that Oil money to invest in American companies,

so some day they can take over America?

The Vietnam war was all about Oil,

now that oil from those American companies that were in Vietnam;

is sold to China.


“I know we will run out of oil in the future”,

I know we really must start conserving more NOW.

Even if we find other fuels for our vehicles in the future,

we still need oil for lubrication purposes.

We must recycle “all” oil.

It is not an endless resource.

While gasoline comes from OIL,

there are many other products produced from oil,

we need oil for lubrication,

and other things other than gasoline.


I want to stop the use of any motor fuel for stationary uses.

We must preserve all the fuel for cars and trucks that have to use fuel to be mobile;

other fuels will have to be found for stationary uses.

The hardest oil to recover seems to be from the shale in Colorado area,

 that’s estimated to be recoverable for about $20/barrel.

We can do it America, if you elect someone who will push for this to happen.

We need to drill off our coasts, and in the Alaska wilderness,

or just shut down all forms of energy, turn off the lights and walk everywhere.

Is that what you want for the future of our nation?

Now like it or not, unless you want to turn off the lights,

we have to explore Solar generation of electricity, thermo generation,

and other sources of generating electricity, and do it now.

It is way past time for action.


For many decades the oil drillers

have burned off Natural Gas at the “wellhead”

to get rid of it,

now they claim there is a shortage.

In California, 1971>2004 Natural Gas went up 400%,

and from “2005-2006” the price went up 40% more.

If your gas bill in 1971 was $40/mo, in 2005 that would have cost you $160/mo,

and then in 2006 it cost you $224. Do you see what is wrong here?


What we have in California, is the “Interstate Commerce Commission”,

and “The California Public Utilities Commission”, 

that are supposed to control this rip off,

those gas company suppliers in Texas

are President Bush’s buddies; need I say more?

These agencies certainly are not controlling anything,

but they sure collect their handsome paychecks.


So do we institute rationing?

Many of us remember Gas Rationing during WW II, I do.

Those with an “A” sticker on our Window were limited to 4 gallons a week;

even businesses were limited to fuel.

We might actually have to do some kind of Rationing,

limiting even the very rich, who don’t deserve anymore gas than the rest of the population of America.

Rationing only for “American citizens”.

But folks we have to do something, and do it NOW.

Our politicians have sat on their behinds and let this escalate to a dangerous situation.

Uncontrolled imports and they have more and more planned to shut down America.


Well it’s time for all good citizens to come to the aid of our nation. Let's Roll.


WE will run out of oil, then what?

I believe very small nuclear generators

can be designed to supply power for the needs in the future.

We put one of those power supplies on the moon, on one of those trips to the moon,

so that it sends back to earth information about moonquakes.

While that may seem expensive,

in the future mass production of something like that

could supply the power for our vehicles.


We were finding oil everywhere in the 1920’s,

now we are extending our search more and more remote.

We can engineer Silicon Oil for lubrication,

and we can use renewable fuel for vehicles,

but again at what expense.


Hybrid vehicles can get better mileage if the engine to generate that power

 is run at the most efficient speed,

it’s the variable speed now used that is inefficient,

valve timing, and fuel injection can be designed

for maximum efficiency,

can generate the electricity,

 with battery backup to give the driver

maximum miles per gallon of any kind of fuel.


Lead/acid batteries are some-what cheap, but not long enough life,

if we use industrial Nickel Cadmium batteries

we can expect them to still be good 50 years from now,

recyclable as cars are retired.

More research in this field is needed.

I will be involved in this research to change the ways of engineering our cars.


Our use of vehicles for any driving in the future is going to change.

We have to change our usage, and start now.

We have excessive use of plastics that are made from petroleum.

WE must stop being a throw a way society.

Recycling, reducing trash, cleaning up contamination, will have to be our future.

Many areas of our nation;

now are burning the daily trash collected to generate electrical power.

Running trash dumps to bury our trash has been a terrific waste.

I’m aware of what we can do, and must do, for a better future.

I see the usage of too many throwaway plastics,

it’s time to stop this and do 100% recycling of all plastics.

Stop throwing away plastics, recover every ounce, clean up our environment.


I believe all ships now spanning our world should be run by nuclear power.

How many gallons of fuel are used to fly our planes?

A 747 flying from Los Angeles, CA to Brazil uses 50,000 gallons for one trip.

We need to start looking at: “Is this trip necessary?”


We have become wasteful, because it was affordable, now that has to change.

The type of fuel for flights has to have so much energy per gallon based

upon how much fuel can be carried, to complete the flight.

There are limits; we must start now to make changes in our usage of fuel,

so that each flight is profitable to the max.

Is that trip really necessary?