Tax. Tax. Tax. Ever ending taxes.

Our politicians have never seen a tax they didn’t love.

They keep inventing more and more ways to swindle taxpayers out of money.

We must get our nation on a sound financial status,

yet cut taxes that strangle the workers need to support their families, and businesses.


There is one simple method used by governments to get taxes.

Start the tax at some very small level, that only affects a small minority of tax payers,

 then after the tax is established, keep increasing the amount, and “those who must pay”, so it is accepted,

and never/ever rescind any tax once it had been instituted. “Always” claim it’s for the “children”,

that’s the easy way to sucker in the taxpayer, how could we not want to do something “for the children”?


If you want a great eye opener go online to search Google,

and enter with quotes “temporary tax increase”

look at how many entries there are for this fairy tale.

Over, and over our politicians explain we just need extra money for a “few years”.


So now you will hear about new systems of taxation, the Fair Tax, the User Tax,

no more IRS, HA, HA, HA, HA.

See more in item #48 below

Do you really think that our government is going to save us money?

How long have you been having these delusions?

Have you been to therapy?

No! Well what they are planning, are new ways to take more of your money behind your back,

so that you think that you are paying less taxes.


Get ready for huge new taxes, as the government explains 45% of Americans never pay any tax.

That means that if you do not make enough money, so that you do not owe any taxes

under the current tax schedule, things must change so they get some tax from everyone.

With the new Medical Care program, that you are going to pay for,

they explain it will still take government money to pay for this. WHY?

You buy Medical Insurance, and the government needs more taxes to run this system.

In other nations they have this thing called Value Added Tax,

in other words a Sales Tax collected on every step of production.

 The farmer pays a tax on seeds, the baker pays sales tax on the wheat,

the retail store pays a tax on the baked goods, and you pay a tax when you buy the product.

They start out at 1%, then it’s 2%, on up, that in some nations,

the VAT is up to 20%, plus the regular state sales tax added on top of that.

They tell you this will eventually allow the end of Income Taxes.

Don’t believe this, this will be a tax on top of all other taxes,

because the government will keep telling you,

they need the money for some reason.


You don’t really think the government is going to cut spending do you?

So they still need just as much of your money,

in fact they will be trying to get more of your money,

just so you don’t feel cheated.

Pay all at once, you have an idea how much it cost you,

hidden taxes and you lose track of how much they skimmed from you.

Sucker.  More below.



Since you pay in to Social Security based upon Gross income,

you will still have to file some tax papers to verify that income,

then there is State Income taxes, and in some areas,

local City or County income taxes, and disability tax.

No end to having to file some income papers to someone.

Discussion about how much Fair Tax, they talk about it being 23%

when in reality it’s 28.9%, trickier double talk.

Typical government lies.

Then they say they will send each of us a check each month

 to cover the expenses for some of us, up to some point.

Yeah sure they will; can you imagine that financial mess?


Don’t fall for this fairy tale either.

There will always be some new need, 28.9% today, 29.9% tomorrow, 31.9% next year,

after all it’s only an extra dollar or so on your purchase for items,

“PLUS a tax on Services”. $300 to fix your car, plus 28.9% tax =$86.70,

and of course our states will Sales tax us on $386.70, at 8%

that’s $69.36 total now $456.06 Simple huh? $300 now became $456.06

just $156 tax, how does that calculate? 65% tax,

amazing what our government is capable isn’t it?


Budget? Well our government system, is they decide how much they need,

and to tax us to get that much, except they still spend more than we pay.

Solution? Cut spending, gosh, is that hard to figure out,

we citizens discover that early in life,

you can’t continue to spend more than you make.


The government must stop spending more than they have.

When “we” do that we are bankrupt, so is our government!

Maybe we should all start printing our own money,

like the government does.

It would be worth just about as much.

We have had 1200% inflation since 1964.

Let me tell you, in 1964 the Mustang came out, with a 6 cylinder engine, no radio, $1999.00

compare that to a new car today.


So every man, women, and child right now owes the government about $140,000/each

to balance the budget. Guess what? You’re broke. America is broke.