450 Mayors Petition Obama To Adopt Broad Gun Reform

          By David S. Fallis Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, October 3, 2009

A new report from a national coalition of mayors urges President Obama to adopt dozens of reforms to help curb gun violence, including steps to crack down on problems at gun shows and the creation of a federal interstate firearms trafficking unit.

The "Blueprint for Federal Action on Illegal Guns," a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, presents 40 recommendations that "would dramatically improve law enforcement's ability to keep guns out of the hands of criminals -- and, in doing so, save innocent lives."

The strategies outlined by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a bipartisan group of about 450 mayors nationwide, focus on the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The agency, which has been sent a copy of the report, declined to comment.

"Implementing these recommendations would achieve a goal that all participants in the gun debate support: enforcing laws already on the books," says an accompanying letter signed by the coalition's co-chairmen, Mayors Thomas M. Menino (D) of Boston and Michael R. Bloomberg (I) of New York.

According to the report, hard work by ATF field agents has "been undermined by congressional restrictions, inadequate resources, and a lack of leadership from federal officials in Washington."

The proposed changes could be accomplished within existing laws through agency reforms, regulatory moves and better funding, the report said. The strategies grew out of academic and government research, an analysis of firearms prosecutions and talks with government and law enforcement officials.

"The mayor's coalition created this document for policy discussion," said Jason Post, a spokesman for Bloomberg's office. There are no plans for public release of the document, which is being distributed to key members of Obama's administration and agencies affected by the recommendations.

The 51-page document suggests a handful of strategies that would tighten ATF oversight of thousands of gun shows held annually. The study noted that a 2007 inspector general's probe concluded the "ATF does not have a formal gun show enforcement program."

ATF agents should have greater discretion to conduct criminal investigations at gun shows identified as sources of firearms later seized in crimes, the report states, noting that "criminal activity endemic to some gun shows goes unchecked."

Agents at gun shows should "develop undercover integrity tests" to determine whether felons or out-of-state residents are making illegal purchases.

The report also calls for a better approach to crime gun tracing, the process that tracks a seized weapon back to its first retail sale. The ATF lacks the structure or resources to "fully realize its power," the report says, and information is not regularly shared with field offices, and state and local law enforcement.

To this end, the study wants ATF to be funded to create a new "Office of Tactical Trace Analysis," which would replace the current crime gun analysis branch.

Because serial numbers are sometimes obliterated on crime guns, the study also wants ATF to require that manufacturers stamp new guns with a second, hidden serial number.

Another recommendation calls for the FBI to notify local and state law enforcement every time a person attempts to buy a gun, but does not pass the background check.

"Federal law enforcement should communicate that red flag to the state and local authorities that may be best positioned to address the threat," the report says, suggesting the use of e-mail alerts.

And federal prosecutors should more aggressively prosecute people who fail the background check, the study says. In 2005, the FBI referred 67,713 cases to the ATF, but federal prosecutors pursued only 135 of those cases.

Proposed changes urge that the ATF be given additional manpower. The agency has about 2,500 agents spread among 22 field divisions, the study says, and lacks resources to effectively police gun trafficking across state and national borders.

The report wants money for a "Interstate Firearms Trafficking Unit," to better coordinate ATF investigations. Former ATF officials, according to the report, say it is common for agents to fail to reach out to their counterparts in different states. Without such coordination, investigations "may be compromised by regional ATF offices and joint task forces working at cross-purposes."

The ATF also needs $53 million to hire more field inspectors to ensure compliance by gun dealers, the report said. At the current pace, dealers are inspected once every 11 years, instead of the agency's goal of once every three years, according to the report.


Comment by: Christian Patriot
   Entered on: 2009-10-03 12:16:42
The Feds can only legally and constitutionally regulate foreign commerce and foreign wars between nations, and commercial laws between all 50 states.  So any laws that affect the Sovereign States as individual states and Sovereign Individuals,  as individuals, like from Fed to me, cannot be done legally or constitutionally.

We the People as Sovereign Individuals gave some of our Sovereign power to our State legislators and Representatives, who in turn gave some of their Sovereign State powers to the Federal Government Representatives, which were 17 enumerated, limited and listed powers in the US Constitution specifically, and they were very limited in scope and in power. 

We gave some, but not all of our delegated authority and power, which powers can be revoked by any such an individuals or States, that all such powers, like self defense, were given to them by God Himself. After the US Constitution was written and signed in 1787, amended such ten years later by the 10th Amendment to be sure the Federal government did not ever, even after control the purse was stolen from them by the private, foreign banksters, called the Federal Reserve Board and controlled by the Council of Foreign Affairs, attempt to usurp the power of the Sovereign States and Individuals, by again reinforcing the Statess and Individuals rights over the Feds.

So that no government, US or other; like the UN, WHO, or proposed NAU, has the power regulate or legislate: how I defend myself, to put a number on it, to register it, or to tell me if I can or cannot own such a weapon, or designate which weapon or ammo I can own. 

Consider that all elected officials, every enlisted man and officer, the FBI, take an oath that says I, “do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”.  This oath is for life.

We can improvise weapons to defend our lives, freedoms, independence and way of live without permission or control of a federal, state or local government as our Sovereign Individual rights come from God and not from man, banksters, politicians or government. 

We are not your slaves, banksters, think again.  There are 330 million of us and only 650,00 of you and you are surrounded and out-manned 5000 to one.  Your laws and armies to protect your lives, gold and assets, and to take ours away can and will be defended against and will result in your demise.  I guarrantee it and so does the US Constitution.

None of the scoundrel Banksters and politicians of the UN, WHO or One World Government, have the right to regulate how I heat my home, go to work, where I go, generate my power sources, like cap and trade forcing me to use expensive natural gas instead of coal against my will by means of illegal taxation or strong-armed robbery, or force me to contract for medical insurance under your terms, who are not a party to the agreement for which there was no agreement on my part, i.e., meaning the Universal Health Care Plan, in order to rob me of my health and cash by rationing and/or death panels, to send my kids to public school in order to brain wash them to your political beliefs that teach them about diversity such as the Muslim religion, how homosexuality is normal or natural, and how God is no longer worth learning, but instead teach them of Darwin's Theory, or to protect my health or my family's health by mandatory vaccinations more poisonous than the man-made flu virus, that has not killed me yet, which are not tested on animals, using known toxins, poisons, live viruses from animal products and aborted fetuses, and cannot force me to be their test animal or kill myself with their fatal shots, absent use of such on themselves first. 

What you think is good for me, will even be better on yourself, I would gladly accept your health plan and avoid the Universal Health Care Rationing Plan, and not using the fatal vaccines as you do.  If they must kill us all meaning 95% of the world 6.77 billion populace, please be the first to do so as a political, financial or military leader.  I will eat from trash cans before I eat, drink, or ingest your poisons from canned, jarred and bottled toxins for food or water or take your untested and poisonous shots.

Real leaders do not sit behind desks ordering men into battle, when they themselves are not battle tested, nor have never even been a soldier, like our imposter & traitorous president, the chief of the UN, WHO, DHS, and other so-thought, better-than-thou, politicians, CEOs, CFOs and banksters.  I was a veteran of 10 years and I am done taking your orders and rule myself.

They also do not have the legal authority to use my sons or daughters or foreigners from the UN against me as soldier to kill me, put me in prison, absent insurrection, to follow laws not enacted by the citizens or legally elected representatives, but by banksters in control our our federal government, paid for by the private, foreign banksters under the orders of the Federal Reserve Board, under the order of the Council of Foreign Relations billionaires, under the order of the Rothschild's Illuminati Banksters, that control the Round Table, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR, who chose and paid for the elections of imposter politicians, that pretend to represent us, but in reality represent the Banksters' corporations for their profit, bottom line, and the American citizens detriment, disease and deaths, thereby violating our civil liberties, rights, and freedoms, which have been cut to shreds by the foreign treaties - of the UN, World Health Organization, World Court, World Bank, International Money Fund; executive orders - public, signed, secret and unsigned; presidential signing statements; presidential and national directives - 50 and 21, in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence from Britain the earlier form of Bankster Corporation, and the Articles of Confederation. 

I do not have to obey such dictatorial decree’s by despots, banksters and kings, and will fight you, tooth and nail, to the bone, if you try to do unconstitutional or illegal things involving me or mine.  God put me here and gave me life, not you, to live as He pleases.

You can try to kill me if you so wish, better dead than your slave or test animal for flu vaccines, which can change my DNA, sterilize me against my will, make me sick so I cannot defend myself, my family or my rights, or kill me for your plan of Sustainable Development, that is to make the rich fat cats richer at my expense by my enslavement or demise and that of all but 350 million fat cats. 

Apparently, killing me by our chemical trails in the air, chlorinated (which lowers your pH factor to enable bacteria and viruses to live inside you, ruining your immune system with salt and sugar and other secret food additives) and fluoridated (which pacifies men and emasculates them making them mental and emotional zombies against government take-over, discovered by the Nazis that you have become and the US is the only country to use this now) water (what good are white teeth, when fluoride is a poison rated between lead and arsenic, which will put you six feet under), and toxin and poisons in my canned, bottled, and jarred foods were not quick enough to kill me for your satisfaction, so that you now resort to man-made diseases such as flu.  When that did not work to your satisfaction, our population rate exceeded your death rates desired, you patented the flu vaccinations two years before the pandemic, to weaken our immune systems, sterilize us, cause us fatal diseases.  Forced vaccinations, restricted travel, no government benefits or entrance to government offices, and requiring RFID bracelets on our walking corpses to ID our bodies when dead, as there will be so many laying around as to make ID'ing us difficult or impossible, and to control and locate us within 3 feet, without our knowledge or permission.  What happened to the 4th Amendment right to privacy of person, papers and affairs?  Why would any government need such control unless you planned on making us slaves or killing us?

Controlling me is not an option, as I will not give you this option.

This will stop of you elect http://www.DonCordellforPresident.com