During WW II, we had a tax on what were called Luxuries;

Telephone’s, Theater tickets, amusement parks,

and many items like that were taxed,

we were told that money was needed for the War effort.

After WW II those taxes changed the name to

Excise Taxes”,

and we are still paying these taxes.


Excise Tax means “We couldn’t figure any other way to get more money,

so let's call it an Excise Tax, the public won’t question that, they just pay it”


When you buy tires for your car, you are paying an Excise tax, why?

When our government wants to tax something without a real good reason,

they just name it an excise tax,

and add it to the cost of the item you are buying, or using.

Right now they have added an excise tax

to support you getting rid of electronic items.

A disposal fee, since you are not paying for trash collection,

that makes sense.


You are paying for trash collection!

Well welcome to our government system, of figuring out how to tax you more.

Don’t you remember voting for this tax? NO,

well isn’t our government innovative to get more of your money?

Excise Taxes were started, to support

the Spanish American War in 1898.


I will end Excise Taxes. 

Why do we still have Excise Taxes? 

Have you ever asked?

Just one more hidden tax that we pay, without question.

Time to stop this.


The only legal taxes according to the Constitution are Import Taxes.

Lets return to the taxes our founders claimed were needed to run the government,

and let the government live on that amount.