Some politician’s are now trying to establish a “National Sales Tax”,

 instead of “Income Taxes” called the Fair Tax.

How much of your income do you spend?

Versus some very rich people who spend maybe .1% of their income.

This again is a huge tax break for the very rich.

I’m not trying to pick on the very rich,

(those making more than say $1 Million a year),

Usually that person is grossly overpaid,

then I would allow a 10-year averaging on that income,

since some jobs, such as Movie, and Sports people

have inconsistent income.


The National Sales Tax is wrong.

If you’re living on Social Security

you will no longer have a deduction for taxes already paid

on your Social Security contributions for the last 50 years.

 Local, and state sales taxes would still be collected on the entire purchase,

so you could expect paying from 22 to 31% Federal tax on all purchases.

Now the Federal Government is considering an additional 10% Sales Tax

to finance Free Medical Care.

So lets see, a 28% Fair Tax, a 10% Medical Care Tax,

a State 10% State Sales Tax, Excise Taxes, Gas Taxes, Carbon Taxes,

now we are at about 60% taxation,

why even bother to work, just go on Welfare,

or leave the United States.

But to where?


In California for gasoline we pay 36 cents state tax,

and 18 cents federal tax/per gallon,

then 8% sales tax on that 54 cents tax too,

they of course would add that 17% to 28.9% federal sales tax on top of that too,

Then California adds sales tax on the total taxes.

Believe me additional taxes will still be charged in some way,

to enhance our politician’s ability to spend.

Our politicians are real cute to figure out how to steal your money.

Example Gas $2.99/gal, + 36¢ state + 18 ¢ federal = $3.54 X 17%

(to 28.9% federal fair tax)= .94 cents now $4.30 X 8.25% sales tax = $4.64/gal.

So gas at $2.99 gal is now $4.64/gal, understand taxes?

Looks like 50% taxation to me.

California is great to add taxes on taxes.

Now add that new 10% Medical Care Tax,

and we are on our way to the poor house.


There is also talk of having a Flat Income Tax,

where you just automatically pay 28.9% of your income.

Well that sounds great except how do businesses calculate income?

Based on profit?

After “what” deductions, for “what expenses”?

The citizens working for a paycheck will pay taxes on all of their income

with no deductions for anything.

There is not one government unit in this nation that isn’t planning

on how to get more of your money, by any scheme possible.

I would stop “all taxes” on LOTTERY WINNINGS,



One other tax that really offends me is the Occupation Tax

charged on Hotel, and Motel rates.

Voted on by local governments, not by the traveler.

I propose that only citizens in that local voting area

who register in those Hotels, and Motels can be charged that tax.

The hotel, motel owners don’t care, it’s just passed on to the traveler,

who can’t fight back, as they don’t live in that area.


The hotel/motel already pays property taxes on that location,

and other local taxes, this is “Taxation without representation”,

what my ancestors started the American Revolution about.

Same as with some sales taxes charged to citizens visiting from other states.


Business license = tax, taxes on Utilities,

business income tax, a tax “on your business equipment”,

“tax on your inventory”,

unemployment tax to cover your employees,

now a Health tax to support medical care for employees.

Disability Tax.

Then State and Federal income taxes,

and other innovative ways our government bleeds us to pay.

If you do not pay enough Income Tax,

then there is an excess income tax,

to make sure you pay more.

Very innovative taxation. This must end.


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