The IRS, of course this has to be in RED,

to represent the Blood money taken from us by the IRS.

I will end all Income taxes on earned income, days after elected.


Well where do we start, I’ll tell you where.

First our government wants more of your money.

They actually want all of your money, so it’s a struggle,

to limit what you pay, and what the government wants from us every second.



The IRS is coming, The IRS is coming, The IRS is coming, The IRS is coming,

The IRS is coming,

Are you afraid of the IRS?

Of course you are, so what are you going to do,

then they demand you surrender your financial records.

The IRS Goons break into your homes and businesses,

demand tribute to the glorious leader.

We have a Terrorist Extreme in America,

who are not responsible to anyone.

Shoot first and ask questions later.

They are the Threat to our Freedom,

as they operate outside of the law.

Everyone is afraid of the IRS, because the IRS can claim you owe money,

and even if you do not, you are not allowed any justice

to prove you are right.

You must surrender to these Goons,

while they can confiscate any of your property,

put you in jail, and make your life HELL


This is no April fool joke, this is a real TREASON against the American people,

as the Terrorist in the Internal Revenue Service,

demand illegally that by this date April 15th that you surrender your money: 

For the Government to play games with, to break us financially


“NO more INCOME TAXES?”< Listen to every word in this video.


I want you to listen at 1:21:00 when a citizen attempts to order a Pizza

with our new Government

Medical Plan “to protect our health”.

This is our New America, “to protect you”.

I want you to listen when the Jury decided:

“There is no law” that you have to file a 1040,

and the Judge goes ballistic.

Listen to the IRS commit perjury in court when confronted

with testimony against citizen Mr. Harrell.


I promise you: NO Income Taxes on Earned Wages!

There is “NO law” that says, you must file a 1040.

There is “no law” that says; “you have to pay a tax on earned income”.

Income” taxes are illegal”.<Study every word of this document.

The Supreme Court said so:(1920) Aaron Russo killed by CIA!

The 16th Amendment DID NOT give the government any NEW taxation rights.


The IRS director said: “The Supreme Court

will not tell them ”WHAT TO TAX”.

“Do you expect “us” to honor a ruling of the Supreme Court

made as far back as 1920”?

““WELL: YES!””

I guess, “I do”, how about you?

I expect government leaders to honor our laws, from 1787, don’t you?


April 15th Voluntary tax collection day, Voluntary as long as you pay, otherwise,

it’s a visit from the Terrorist IRS gangsters.

Aren’t you glad our government is controlled by the Constitution!


It just makes me sick.

(It’s very simple: Fuck the IRS.)

(Is the IRS a separate non-government Crime Lord?)


I was somewhat under the opinion that if you made more money,

you could pay more taxes.

So you are laid off from your middle class job, and now make half as much,

since you still have the same deductions, so you pay even a lot less taxes.

I am offended when I hear some politician claim

that giving citizens a reduction in taxes,

they claim it would cost the government X number of dollars to do so.

Cost the government?

Of your money?


Do I trust the IRS? Of course not.

About 1997 the IRS decided that almost every taxpayer would pay up more money

if they were threatened that they owed an additional $2000.

Many paid under fear, that the IRS must know,

and feared confronting the IRS, that they would probably lose anyway.

My own niece and her husband were confronted with this and paid.

I didn’t get any such letter, because my income was only from Social Security.

What’s to lie about.


However a few years back, my taxable income was under the required

YOU must file if you make more than this amount. I didn’t file.

I then got a letter from the IRS that said, even if I made less than that amount,

I still had to file an 1040, or else. I filed. F----K the IRS.


Right off the top, I will reinstate deducting the tax you pay on gasoline.

The idea that you should pay one tax

and then have to pay income taxes on any other tax

is against American principals.

Fair taxation, and not being screwed by your government.

I and all citizens need to review our taxation boondoggle,

our taxes need to reflect our economy,

we are all struggling,

we are sinking,

but, there is hope “if” I’m elected.


Now that you earn less money, the government still needs the same amount of income,

so now you earn “less money”, you are going to pay as much taxes as before,

because the government still needs the same amount of taxes.

So instead of paying about 15%, you will now pay 30%,

or more of your smaller income.


This is our new government plan? It sucks.

Our government still demands more and more to spend on Pork,

to make you think they are all heart.

Yeah, Heart, as they squeeze more blood out of you.

These Republicans and Democrats are certainly not worried about you.

Are you happy?

Want more?

Keep electing Democrats and Republicans and you will end up in the poor house.

Remember, we use to actually have Poor Houses before Welfare became available.


If you want to “pay less taxes” then “ask less from your government”.

We must lower government spending.

Income Tax History. US government, interesting reading. Take a tranquilizer first.



So, should the rich citizens pay more income taxes because they can afford to pay more,


If you the citizen: work extra hard to make more money,

why is that automatically a reason

that you should pay a bigger percentage of taxes.

People who make more money have worked hard,

taken risks to earn that income,

so why should they be fined for being successful?

Even if they make millions per/year, (excluding politicians)

that is no reason they should have to pay any larger “percentage”

than any of the rest of us, up to a point it’s all about percentage.


As above, there are so many hidden taxes that have to be stopped,

what we pay for something has many taxes already paid on those items

by the time we purchase them.


The “Value Added Tax” is used in some countries,

there is talk about starting a “hidden Value Added Tax”, in America,

we actually already have that, each item is taxed somewhere along the way,

as "each company" has to add the taxes they pay to the cost of the item

that goes on to the next step in production.

That includes property taxes, income taxes, business taxes, unemployment taxes,

and Social Security contribution for employees.


There is talk about maybe a 23% Fair Tax

on all purchases of “goods and services”,

note Services means all that you pay taxes for “LABOR”.

Now for the tricky part.

They explain that if you buy an item that was $77,

and add $23 now it will cost you $100, a $23 tax.

Sorry but that is 29.8% on my calculator.


Double talk as usual by our politicians.

Then you add, the state sales taxes on top of that,

and of course California taxes “taxes”.

So you will end up paying $ 108.25 for that $77.00 item.

That is now 23% + 8.25% = $31.25 tax on $77,

that looks like a 40% tax to me.


My contention is to continue our Income tax system,

as you will still have to file a tax return every year anyway for things like FICA,

and I’m sure other taxes they will invent that you need to account for.

What happens in those states that have State Income Tax,

you will not be able to deduct the Federal Tax you are now paying, so more State Tax?


Remember Income Taxes are ILLEGAL

If we have to continue Income Taxes to support our Government

What will I do?

First no income taxes for a single person who makes less than $20,000,

married couples earning less than $40,000, plus a $10,000 deduction for each child, under 18,

or up to age 24 if enrolled in additional education, with “passing grades”.

Then no more than 15% on additional income up to $300,000.

20% above $300,000 to $500,000. 30% above $500,000.

You should also “only” have to pay taxes on interest earned,

that exceeds “7%/year” inflation.