5. CRIMINALS in MEXICO: Many Hispanics have committed crimes in America, and then go to Mexico.

Mexico refuses to extradite those criminals back to America.


We are told there is no way to force Mexico to return these criminals.        Wrong,


I will just “totally” shut down the borders of Mexico until those criminals are returned to us for prosecution,

and sentencing if the criminal’s location is known.


“No” travel, or business, “to, or from” Mexico, or any other country who offers

to shield any criminal wanted by the United States,

NO amnesty will be allowed for anyone, for any means,

until the criminal’s are returned to America for prosecution.


No flights to/or from Mexico will be allowed, period. Mexico will get the message quickly.


Do you think in the New “North American Union”

that we will be able to enter Mexican territory with our law enforcement,

to look for those criminals?

No way, this border situation will only be for Hispanics

 to enter what use to be the United States of America, not the other way around.


Now you can have nice Hispanic criminal gangs

protecting your neighborhoods,

better not be in the wrong neighborhood,

or you will be shot.

When they ask “Where you from Bro?”

you better be running, SCARED.

Or Hasta Lavista Buddy.

Of course I’d be just as scared to drive through New Orleans,

or Los Angeles as to drive through Mexico City.