If you own stock in companies,

Taxes have already been paid on the companyís profits,

(if the company had paid any taxes at all).

Then, when you get your Dividends

you are taxed again on that money as Personal Income.


Purchasing stock makes you an owner of that company,

so those business taxes are already paid, by you.

This must stop, our government confiscates way too much of our money.


Income tax is a Voluntary Contribution, HA.

Try telling the government you have decided not to contribute.

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again right near the beginning.


The government now wants the citizens to invest in the stock market

for their future retirement, so the stock brokers will make money when you buy stock,

then make more money when you sell the stock,

and the government will now also tax you on the ďso called profitĒ

you may make on these investments IF the stock is still worth anything

when youíre ready to retire.

Itís a win-win situation for the government,

and a gamble on your part.

Most are sure to lose, and the government will claim itís your fault.

While they laugh all the way to the bank.


Since July 2008, the Dow went from 14,000 down to now 10,300,

so you invested $10,000, and now itís worth about $10,300,

Now 2019 the Dow is at 26,000 for how long?

and on top of that now you are lucky to get 1.5% interest.

What do you do, when your investment goes totally Zero?

Well you can deduct your losses up to $3000/yr on your income taxes on Zero income.

Thatís our future.


When the CEOís of these companies pay themselves multimillion-dollar incomes

they bleed the profit of that company, leaving less for the stockholders.

Stockholders must be more aggressive about the pay

given to the executives of those companies.

That pay must be public record, to inform the stockholders

who is ripping off the profits of the company.

Stockholders should vote for how much executives are paid

in the companies they own stock in.

One tricky stunt pulled by large companies, is for someone to own 51%,

which negates any desires of those stockholders with less than 51%

to control the operation of the company.

Now Iím for less government control,

but Iím 100% for the stockholders

to have more power in the operation of your investment.


Get aggressive about how the company is run, to protect your investments.