What this actually is, is when someone works for a company,

then after a very short time, or any minor length of time,

they leave the company,

and are paid a huge parting gift,

such as $45 million,

or $400million.

This is a rape of the finances of a company that deprives the stockowners

of the rightful profit of the company.


I will establish that person may be paid up to one months pay (per years/of employment)

as a parting gift “Maximum” (still taxable), and not to exceed 25 times

the pay/(per monthly income @ 40hr/week, that would still be about $125/hr)

received by the lowest paid employee.

Above that, I will tax those individuals super aggressively,

until they stop stealing what belongs to the  


to end the stealing of the stockholders money.


Wednesday Jan 24, 2007 San Francisco: GAP Inc. was struggling financially,

so in Sept.2002 the company hired Mr. Paul Pressler as CEO,

but since Mr. Pressler did not perform,

 “The GAP”

decided to let Mr. Pressler go (fired).

Mr. Pressler, and The GAP,

mutually agreed to end his employment.

Mr. Pressler received a parting GIFT of $14 Million.

How many of you citizens can expect that kind of parting gift

when you are FIRED?

What about the stockholders for that company?

A company already in financial stress,

and they pay $14 Million of the stockholders money to some one they are firing.


This is just one of thousands of such common events in Corporate America.


September 10, 2010: Take a lesson from Hurd:

It pays to break the rules when you're the boss

Hurd scored $34 million for his bad behavior at HP;

now he's nabbed a high-profile gig at Oracle.

What's the message here?


In Los Angeles this last year, the Los Angeles Unified School District

had hired a Superintendent to run the entire school district.

He was not able to do so, because the District blocked changes he wanted to make,

so they fired him,

well NO, actually they gave him $500,000 to quit,

after only 2 years of employment.

Your money, citizens of Los Angeles.


Now your government wants YOU to invest in the stock market, for your retirement,

instead of relying on Social Security.

Your government loves you, don’t they?

The Gap’s Mr. Pressler (above) previously worked for Disney Corp.

I wonder how much Disney Corp. paid him to leave?

These are the millionaires that elect your politicians.

Had enough of this?

This happens all the time, enough is enough.

A number of the more than 100 CEO-pay proposals on ballots

at shareholder meetings this year are likely to pass,

he said. There is a lot of interest this year, he added,

largely because of such well-publicized cases as Lee Raymond,

chairman of Exxon Mobil,

"who got a $400 million package"

 heading into retirement.


None of the compensation packages in the Toledo region

is even close the $249 million of Richard Fairbank, of Capital One Financial Corp.,

or $133 million for Henry Silverman, of Cendant Corp.



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