There has been considerable debate on this situation,

where does it make sense that if you have been successful,

and made a lot of money that when you die,

"the government should inherit your money"?

That is exactly what they are doing.

You work hard, take risks to earn lots of money,

then when you die, the government says:

“to hell with your family

that you’d like to leave all this money to”,

they want that money,

after all they have more needs for that money

than your family.


While there was some reprieve on this until 2010,

it reverted back to the old tax basis after that date.

You have paid taxes on earning that money all these years,

in some states even paid more taxes

on what you had saved in the bank,

or whatever investment.

While the government now wants to confiscate what you leave after death.


It used to be fantastic to live in a million dollar home,

right now (2008) in Lost Angeles the average family home

was selling for $400,000 to $500,000.

That same home in 1970 would have sold for about $25,000.

We are talking about a home of 1800-2200 square feet of space, a modest home at best.

That would seem like you’re rich,

NO not in today’s inflation.

By 2020 those homes will cost at least a Million dollars.

I’ve seen 300% inflation on home prices in just 10 years in California.


That raises tax income for the state, increases the income of our politicians,

and the Real Estate agents love the increase in income.

You by the way are going broke, and too many of you now are in foreclosure.

That average home in Lost Angeles is now selling in 2013 for $150,000 if you are lucky.

With 10 % of the homes in foreclosure Real Estate is going begging.


So when you die, your kids sell the family home,

and have to give 50% of that sale price above $600,000 to the government, 

“That’s WRONG”,

I will permanently end the Death Tax upon the citizens’ death.


I’m telling you that our government is going to spend a lot less money if I’m your president.

I’m a bargain shopper, and yet I insist on Quality when I buy something.

If our present financial controllers can’t do the job,

I’ll find those who can. 

Even toilet paper has to have a certain quality, to do the job you bought it to do.

I consider myself as being Frugal,

others say I’m Cheap, HA.


The government has just been confiscating this money as “Their Due”.

“NO WAY” anymore.

Remember that old saying

“You can’t fight City Hall”

Yes you can, do it. I’ll help you.