In California in 1977 the citizens passed the Proposition 13

that limited the property tax to 1% of the assessed value,

and increases to be no more than 2% a year.


That Proposition limit needs to be implemented in ALL the states.


Right now in Los Angeles, the Hispanic mayor decided he wanted more money,

telling home owners

that he was adding $18/mo to the charge for “Trash Collection”,

(Not voted on by the taxpayers)

so he could hire 1000 more police, great,

but he only hired 500 police officers (Hispanics of course).


He got away with that for a few months, and took in some $136 million,

so what happened to the extra money?

Well raises for some city employees, then feeling empowered,

he now plans to raise the Trash collection fee to about $45/mo.

In 2003 the fee was about $6/mo.

I’m glad I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore.


These taxes were not voted on by the citizens;

just a backdoor stealing from the citizens.

If I still lived in Los Angeles,

I’d let my trash build up on the curb, or dump it on the City Hall lawn.

Americans we just have to fight back to these typical politicians.


Property taxes were suppose to pay for civic expenses that you need.

Notice the taxes add many hidden items the Government decided you need.

Right now in most cases when you buy a home,

and make payments on a 30 year plan,

by the end of the 30 years when you pay off the home,

the Property Taxes are equal to what your monthly payment were for the “loan and taxes”

at the time or the original purchase.

However that “1% only” related to the tax on the assessed value,

not on other Voted Indebtedness’s,

which in California is over half of our tax bill,

so we are still seeing larger increase each year than that 1% figure.


My taxes are about $625 in 2007, then in 2008, $1462,

the additional assessments are $700, and rising every year.

So I paid $1860/yr in 2019 because I’m a senior,

if I were younger, or an new home buyer

I’d be paying about $6000/yr taxes,

about $30/week just in property taxes.

Recently the city informed us our property taxes

we use to pay for the street lights,

"but now" that will be an additional $80/yr.

How did we vote on that?, we were mailed a letter,

and if we didn’t respond to say NO; the tax was passed.

While our taxes paid for those lights before,

now we have a tax increase.

There was no real vote to see if we approved in the increase,

we were just told if we didn’t approve to pay more,

the lights would be turned off.

Tax increases like this happen all over our nation,

hidden from the citizens,

and enacted by some very innovative politicians.


There are 13 additional taxes added on to my property tax.

Above and beyond what my already property tax was suppose to pay for. 


We have a law in California that to pass some new law

the vote has to be approved by more than 67% of the voters;

only recently they are telling us if a tax is considered an emergency,

then only 50.1% is needed to pass the bill.

Guess how many bills will be considered Emergency taxes?

You know the answer.


In California they decided homeowners would pay $92/yr additional tax

to support Emergency Hospitals in the state,

unfortunately 72 of those hospitals have closed

because the care given to illegal aliens has bankrupt the hospitals.


Over, and over the taxpayer is screwed.

This must also end.

I will bring this property tax control to all the citizens.

I want “you” to control your property taxes,

and will help all of you in each state come up with a plan to do this.

If you are renting, as half our citizens do,

then the property owner must reduce your rent

minus the property tax they are no longer paying.

Then let's only tax income, earned in that state,

so that when someone votes for some state or local funded project

that everyone can see that it is going to cost them money to receive that benefit.


Right now renters think more schools, great; more welfare, great;

more anything that only the homeowner pays.

Let's be realistic, in many areas the owner of property for rent

is restricted to raising rents, while all other costs of ownership go up.


While each state has control of this tax,

I will inform you citizens of the importance of this tax program

so voters can enable tax control in their own states. 

It’s time for the taxpayer to revolt.

We need to reduce the salary of our elected officials.

They are paid way too much.

Of course we are told:

That "we have to pay good wages to get good help".

I’d like to hear from you citizens

as to where any government employee sitting on their behind,

is worth more than $80,000/yr.

Congress and the Senate are paid $14,600/month,

do they feel our pain, of course not.

Do you feel the pain of inflation? Sure you do.

Remember IF you do not pay taxes,

the Government will take your property.


YOU do not own your home,

you are only leasing the home from the Government.

Don't pay TAX! the Government takes your home.