We have given away the rights to the Panama Canal,

which is now controlled by China.

I will rescind that order to protect our national interests.

We will retake the Panama Canal to be American controlled.

Our ancestorís taxes, and lives paid for that canal, itís ours.

Vital to the security of America.


The Panama Canal was engineered and constructed by the United States;

after France attempted and failed,

American engineers were successful.

Back then the Canal was important for shipments

from our east to west coast, to save shipping cargo around Cape Horn,

a very dangerous area to travel.

The contract was for the United States to build, own,

and operate the Canal for 100 years, which ended in 1998.

Our nation could not have anticipated what our needs would be by 1998,

for the safety of our nation for military purposes.

So with great ceremony in 1998 we released our control of the Canal locks,

and returned this to the now citizens of what is called Panama,

land that was originally taken from Columbia, when the Canal was being built.

So who operates the Canal now? China.

A no longer needed Navy base on land in Long Beach, CA

turned over to the Chinese government,

Why? What is happening in America?