Too many countries owe America money,

I’m sorry that was not a gift from American taxpayers.

I want that money back, or else.

The only way we can bring our country to financial solvency

is to collect on these debts.


Defense starts right here in America,

we must have a hard nose attitude in the future to this problem,

I will bring that to a solution. I “will” collect what is owed to us.

America with the WTO recently decided to forgive some African,

and “some Central American” nations of $89,000,000,000,

(yes Billions)

 in Aid loaned to them, now claiming those nations just couldn’t afford

to pay us back. Try that when you owe the government.


We are about Bankrupt, about $56 Trillion bankrupt. What are we going to do?


WE must stop buying, we must stop spending.

What do you do at home when you are bankrupt?

America is spending too much on foreign products.

That includes OIL too.

America has to make some big changes,

if foreign nations call our debt,

we have been taken over,

without a battle. 56 Trillion.

That’s $56 Million Million. In Real money.