Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays,

While there are many different religions,

many would be offended if other religious symbols were used

in or on government buildings,

such as the Jewish “Star of David”,

the Turkish “Crescent”,

and Statue’s of Buddha etc.


We are a nation of many beliefs,

with each citizen welcome to worship, as they desire.

Our citizens of  “any faith” deserve justice in our courts,

to imply that “only” Christian’s deserve justice,

is not how our nation was founded.


The Bill of Rights did not state “we had separation of Church and State”.


It is the I. R. S. that decided for the government,

that you lose your Non Profit Status for a religion

IF you discuss any politics with religious members.

So you can preach politics if you want to pay taxes

on the income from your members, as you practice your religion.

Does the IRS run America?


But, if we are not going to put the Star of David,

or any other religious emblem,

on our buildings then we are not going to put the Christian Cross

on any government building.


Do you want, “Pray to Allah” on our paper money? Why not?


That was why in 1776 the founding fathers realized

our nation was founded by those of many religious beliefs,

and didn’t want a government-sponsored religion

as what is the correct belief.


Now I had some ancestors fined for refusing to pay tithes,

who were whipped for being Quakers,

who were locked in prison for being Quakers.

They did not get religious freedom,

from my Pilgrim ancestors,

who came here for religious freedom!

and insisted everyone believe as they did.


You bet. Let me correct that, it was not the Pilgrims that controlled the Plymouth colony,

it was the Puritans that came from England later 1621,

to control those escaping Pilgrims,

to make sure the new colony was run according to English rule.


Other Religions do not change anything of their dogma,

so as to not offend Christians,

why should we Christians be afraid we might offend non-Christians?

So Merry Christmas it is for me.

I will respect all persons of any religion or no religion,

as they are Free Americans to believe any way they want.



Shall all citizens be taxed to support all churches?

Shall citizens be fined, and even placed in stocks

for not attending church?

See already you now believe differently

than what laws were enforced in the Massachusetts Colonies in the early 1600’s.

That is exactly why we have freedom “of/and from” religion

as established by the Bill of Rights.


What if you would refuse to swear on the Christian Bible in court,

since that is not your religion,

should you be denied your rights to a fair trial?

Of course not.

Do you want to swear on the Koran?

So help me God?


Suppose we establish that the Catholic religion is the correct religion,

and that all children must carry Rosary Beads, and start each day in school,

(as I experienced in my childhood,

 and since I refused to participate, of course I was picked on),

with a prayer to the Virgin Mary, nothing wrong with that, Right?

Of course NOT.

Any forced religion in any school is wrong,

based upon our Bill of Rights

that forbid any establishment of any particular Religion.


All businesses have the right to be open, or closed

on whatever days they wish if you don’t like it, don’t shop with them.

If you want the Commandments in force in our buildings,

take the print of that with you on your person, and in your heart.

Now I’m pretty fair about any worship any human being wants to practice,

it makes no difference to me,

as long as NO ONE tries to force their beliefs on me.


Would you want your child to be forced to pray on the Koran?

Or any other forced particular religion? “NO?”

So we have the freedom to choose

which religion we want to embrace,

and to guide your children to your believe,

“in YOUR Home and Church”.


There are an estimated 50 Million Muslims in Europe,

and their birth rate greatly exceeds the birth of non-Muslims in the communities.

The Muslims are demanding that their laws are above the laws

of the other European communities,

that they have a right to kill non-conforming women,

who refuse to follow Shari Law.

Anyone who complains about this is threatened with Death.

We must not allow this to happen in America.

Still do not believe we must eliminate all Muslims in the world?

The Muslims demand that the Muslim diet must be served in the local schools,

so now Non-Muslim children are being fed the same diet

to appease the Muslims,

that is already happening in the United States in California.

Enough of this!


Want us to follow the 10 Commandments?

Then shall we close all business on the “Sabbath?”

which day is the “Sabbath?” Saturday, or Sunday?

Well let’s recognize both days considered to be the Sabbath,

and to be fair to all,

should we force all businesses to close on both days?

Of course not.

The 11th Commandment jokingly is

“In God we trust, all others pay cash”,

that one everyone believes in.


Too many religious persons consider “their religion” is the correct version,

and if only everyone believed in “their” version, life would be perfect.

Sorry, this is a nation of many people with various beliefs,

and each of us has a “right” to our own beliefs “in private”.


Now should we convict, and punish anyone "who covets thy neighbor’s house or wife"?

Half of us would be in jail.

Or “you shall have no other gods before me”

just how would you enforce that upon our citizens of different beliefs.


What about

“If you have looked at someone in lust, you have already sinned”

not part of the 10 Commandments, but still in the bible.

We cannot force all citizens in this nation

to adhere to some of your beliefs.

That’s why the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights,

and was included for good reason

to allow all of us to worship and believe as we wish.

FREE as you believe.


Shall we remove all statues everywhere in the nation?

As stated in the Second commandment.

The 10 Commandments contain items that are specifically Religious rules,

and as such not all laws should command all citizens

of different religions to honor those commandments.


As late as the 1930’s in some states, it was illegal for a man to get a vasectomy,

or for a woman to have her tubes tied as a means of birth control.

It was illegal in Conn., and Mass. to buy birth control devices.

This was for religious reasons, forced upon other citizens

who may not agree with that religion.

This is wrong. I remember in Michigan in the 1930’s

buying Condoms was a hush hush item.


I was told in 1967 in a drug store in Dallas, TX

that I could not buy razor blades on Sunday.

I promised the clerk,

that “Either he accepted my money for this purchase,

or I’d walk out with them, without paying”, he took my money.

This is forced religion again. WRONG.

No so called Blue Laws” Worship your God in your way,

and let others worship their God or not, in their way.